Put It In Drive!

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While I was sitting in the driveway waiting for one of my five kids  to hurry-it-up-already, I accidentally stomped down on the accelerator. Thank God the vehicle was still in “park!”  
My focus narrowed to the revving engine. . . AND the fact that I could have sent myself crashing through the newly painted garage door into all my husband’s power tools and exercise equipment!  Yikes!
POWER! All the power of that engine was available.  The depressed throttle caused the engine to race.  My heart pounded all the way up to my ears!
Massive horsepower at my command!   Yet, I hadn’t moved an inch!  
I forgot all about waiting impatiently in the heat. Spiritual analogies began to come at me –  with high-speed intensity!
“That’s right – engage the power!”   “  You gotta put it in drive!”
“Afterall,  God’s Word isn’t automatic.”
The words of my earlier prayers seemed so childish now.
Obviously, I could see that there was God’s part. He created everything, didn’t HE? 
Understanding inched over my thoughts. 

I have a part too. God’s done His part.   His power is always “on.”  His mercies are renewed every morning.  I had just read that, but did I really think it applied to ME?

I sat in a running car.  That car was ON, but I wasn’t moving. So simplistic;  now that’s the Holy Spirit for you!
Cloudiness thoughts dissipated. I had read many promises from the Bible that day.

I used to think that because something was in the Bible, it was going to automatically hop out of the pages, get on me and the come to pass!   

It was all on God!  
Right!   I get it now!    God’s Word isn’t Automatic.  He said I have a MORE SURE WORD than if an angel spoke to me.  Why oh why didn’t I get that concept sooner?
A friend once told me that she believed that her kids would automatically turn to God, since they were being raised in a Christian home.   A kind of “osmosis”, I guess.   Well, I can tell you now, THAT didn’t happen!
The Word of God is full of Power, but one thing becomes more and more clear.   Unless it gets in my mouth and in my heart …and I begin speaking it, it will remain static and totally unengaged.
Over time, I had become a confident driver.  I learned what-was-what, and how to engage the engine’s power to get myself around safely. Speaking God’s word out of my mouth, equates to “putting it in drive!” That’s the Holy Spirit’s lesson to me.
Above my children’s room, I tacked Bible verses.  I looked at them so often, and read them out loud, that they are now a viable part of me.  Even though the kids are older, it’s not hard for me to pray over my children and believe God to bring HIS Word to pass!
One daughter still quotes her verse –   “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal faithfully are His delight”. 
She got that one at an early age!  My gut wriggles and rolls with suppressed laughter when I hear her admonishing younger members of the family with it. 
She told me that because I spoke it to her SO much,  SHE began saying it. It is now indelibly imprinted in her heart.  It worked too!  Of all the kids, she never became adept at lying.  Her conscious bothered her so badly; she’d fess up in a heartbeat!   Now I am a spectator to her exercise of faith a she embarks on her own journey in life.  Amazing fruit!
Engage God’s power for your own life.  His Word will not return void (empty), but it will accomplish what He intended it to accomplish.
The Life’s-lesson?  PUT IT IN DRIVE!

One thought on “Put It In Drive!

  1. “Put it in drive”! I don't know of one fellow brother or sister that doesn't need to be reminded of that. We have forgot to “draw nigh unto Him.” What a shame we have so much power in God at our need and never get out of the spiritual garage.
    That was an awesome analogy! Thanks for the inspiring post.


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