Make Those Philistines Jealous!

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“….And…just what kind of service vehicle would you like –  A Ford Aerostar, a Chevy Astro, or a Ford F150?”   
( The Ford F150, of course)
“…How about the new laptop computer?  Would you like that to come with DVD?” 
( You bet!!!)
“…Would a Nextel phone do?  How about a 401K?”  ( Why not?)
These were a few of the questions that a corporate man from a well-known drug store chain queried my husband today!  The God that IS “More Than Enough” brought my husband’s perfect job! After a 10+ month long  “dry spell”,  these words resounded like fresh rain on parched soil!   Faith had brought forth substance!
Mental battles, where accusations punctured my soul, were well-timed when it came to paying bills or buying food.  Only The Word of God could silence those accusations.  I poured that Living Word into my mind freely, and then spoke (no, yelled)  it out loud – back to God, the angels and any demons listening.
“I am the head and NOT the tail. I am above and NOT beneath!  I am before and NOT behind.  God has not left me or forsaken me and it is not His will that I come behind in any good thing.” 
To me, that meant a place to live and food to eat and a few clothes to wear!  We had liquidated stocks, savings, and many personal possessions to survive.
In the midst of ridiculous mental onslaughts, the enemy-of-our-souls conveniently forgot to report to us that a well-known company was planning to expand its service base in our area!   

Everything looked dry, but a well was being unstopped while we exercised faith in our Creator to sustain us and bring us into a better place.

A new service depot for this company’s field techs was to be constructed 5 miles away from our home.  My husband would be the primary over that depot.
Everyone told us that there were no jobs like what he needed in our area, and that my husband would probably have to travel over 50 miles to find one.
“Liar, liar, pants on fire!”  The only thing the devil can do is lie. That old liar somehow managed to hide the fact that there WAS a job right up my husband’s avenue of expertise, and it was right here in our valley!  Even my husband’s new partner was a dedicated Christian. Hallelujah!
During our “dry spell”, I had been meditating on Genesis 26:1-33. The Bible recounts the story of Isaac, a time of famine and the fact that no one else BUT Isaac prospered during this famine. This made the Philistines jealous!
They had hoped the monotheistic faith preached by Abraham had passed with him, but NOW they had Isaac to deal with!  Abraham’s philosophy, sustained through Isaac, was blatantly in-their-faces! The corrupt Philistines eventually stopped striving with him and came to respect his wealth!    I read that, “He called out in God’s name.”  What a great example he was for me to stay in faith during hard times.
For me, steadfastness took over early on. Times were skinny and lots of things changed, but we didn’t really feel like we were suffering. Our needs were met in so many unexpected ways.  My heart remains humble and thankful for what was done in us!
We gave, we lent, we sowed time, and spent time on others.  Most of all, we stayed put and daily called upon God’s name to see what we should be doing.  He spoke to us through His Everlasting Word!  He did! 
Just when we thought we were out of options, the perfect job arrived. Deep in my spirit, God spoke…”You’re going to make the Philistines jealous!”   The poem that follows was a result of that inspiration:
We sowed in time of famine,
The faith our Father gave us
With Isaac, our example
We believed our God could save us
We dug our well and found there
 “Living Waters”!  Effervescence!  
We checked our contract daily
Surrounded by His Presence
We barely noticed adversity
Though continually it battered!
Rooted and grounded in God’s Love
Was all we knew that mattered!
Now it’s time to tend the harvest
Our spirits ever zealous!
We’ll continue our expansion
And make those Philistines jealous!
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4 thoughts on “Make Those Philistines Jealous!

  1. Praise God! Thanks for sharing your the personal story of God's perfect will for your life. It's easy to act and sound like a grounded Christian in good times, these times reveal the true nature of our heart. May God continue to bless you, your husband, and your entire family. You guys did good. What an example. Nothing better than real life stories about the sovereignty of God over all things, big and small.


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