Swinging Contest

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Our granddaughter, Hannah, is visiting!  Since we hadn’t seen her for quite some time, we couldn’t believe how she had changed so quickly into such a sweet young lady. 
Hannah is a whole 11 years old, but she is taller than me; I’m 5’3!”  
For fun, we took her shopping for some sandals. The ones she found were not what I expected.  She liked the ones with sparkles and higher heels that I thought she should wear. She looks so much older! What happened to my baby?
After dinner, Randy and I introduced Hannah to our lovely 1.5 mile evening walk along the levee.   Strolling on the levee is a wonderful place to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.   
Two HUGE white owls startled us by crashing through the trees! Along with cranes and hawks, the owls hunted high above ground.   A group of sheep gathered peacefully at the river’s edge.  In the near distance, the coyotes howled.  We grabbed our walking sticks and picked up our return pace.  Ain’t nature grand?
Tonight, we took Hannah to a large park with lots of space so Papa could teach her  to ride the electric scooter.  It about got away from her several times, leaving her wide-eyed.  What a good laugh that gave us all!  Just a little balance issue – that’s all!   
The evening ended with a swinging contest!  To see who could pump the highest and maintain the longest was our goal!

Us old folks did pretty well!  Hannah asked why she went faster and I replied that we were heavier.

Heavier, maybe, but we didn’t tire easily!  Building up strength and momentum from walking the levee every evening for the past few weeks had paid off. Trudging the uneven ground trained all of our muscles.
It was a great feeling to realize the incredible adaptability build into our bodies by our Creator.  If only we’d remember to tap into the potential!
All we had to do was get up and get moving and STAY committed! Muscle-building and endurance were the rewards allowing us to swing fast and high!
Tapping into our spiritual potential is an exercise all it’s own! 
There is so much more to God that we can KNOW if we will only we will, first, make a daily effort to walk with Him!  Once we’ve attained endurance He can trust,  we can “swing” with Him to higher places!

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2 thoughts on “Swinging Contest

  1. My how the time flies… Good for you getting to spend time with your granddaughter. I use to love to swing as high as I could and then lean all the way back with my face looking at the ground and close my eyes. It tickled my stomach! Usually shortly thereafter I'd be at full speed and swing and bail out of the seat at it's highest forward point. No wonder my knees are shot…
    Thanks for the sound advice off endurance for not only exercise, but more importantly the things of God.


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