A Gut Punch!

Believing for a Miracle
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A Gut Punch!

Prayer takes on a different meaning almost every time I get down to business.
Today it was “ Oh-h-h-h-hph!”  I felt like the wind was knocked out of me while I was praying in behalf of various people. So many issues. . . so many doubts . . . so many hurts . . .
In the middle of it all, the message that rang loud and clear was this:
God is NOT done!   Again – God is NOT done!  That is what He keeps telling me.  He has the final say, not circumstances. 
There is power in agreement and I am at your service to agree with YOU right now.  Go ahead and hook up with me as I pray over you!
Father in, Jesus Name, I say that YOU are LORD and there in NONE ELSE.
I continue with my agreement in behalf of the needs of Your children.
I plead the Blood of Jesus over their minds, that they will NOT accept any foul thought-attacks as being the final word.
You are Higher than high!  YOU know all things, Precious Lord.

Calm and soothe these Righteous hearts.   Re-establish Your perfect Peace within.

Now move in them so that they will be able to LET the Peace that passes all understanding, rule their minds and hearts at this very moment.  Fear, release your grip on these minds, in Jesus Name.
YOU are The Provider! YOU are LORD!
YOU are Almighty in this situation. Thanks for Your leading and for giving them wisdom and instruction on what to do next.  Open their hearing for Your Divine direction. 
Thank You for Your tender love and mercy as it begins to flow inward and your children are washed by the Water of the Word.   Peace . . . peace . . . peace.

 In Jesus’ Name…Amen

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Deliverance is Flowing


Deliverance is Flowing

Deliverance is Flowing
Bondage is going
For I have chosen
To let Christ Live
Assurance is growing
My body is knowing
The Father is present to give!

You Are the God of Israel
And YOU are the God of me
I’m holding forth
The Word of Life
I’m laying every weight aside
Until I see my victory!

Deliverance is Flowing
Bondage is going
For I have chosen
To let Christ Live
Assurance is growing
My body is knowing
The Father is present to give!

 N. Kehr

Note:  This now has a slow, beautiful , powerful tune!

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Your Coat or Your Character?

Meandering in a way that no one had planned, circumstances apparently had control over Joseph’s life – or was it the circumstances?
First his brothers stripped him of his gorgeous coat and threw him into a pit.   I can hear them now,
“You little brat!   You hear that, Joseph, you’re a brat and we are going to leave you here!”
“No, please…”  shouts Joseph.  “No…no – what have I done now,” he yells, writhing and trying to evade their grasp.  They can’t be serious, can they? 
Emotions flared!  More irritated than ever, the brothers just wanted him out of their sight!
It seems they wanted to give him a good scare. Once their irritation subsided, they probably planned to go back, pull him up and take him home.
While the brothers were squabbling and making wisecracks about selling him, something unexpected occurred.  The Midianites found him and saw dollar signs!
What a nice, young strapping lad, sitting there, helpless.   They removed Joseph from the pit, and sold him to the Ishmaelites who carried him all the way into Egypt.

Upon discovering that Joseph was missing, Reuben’s reaction was one of total horror. He then ‘returns’ to his brothers. This shows that they were not at the scene either. And what happens?  They react in total panic. 

Yes, they had considered selling Joseph, but they had also contemplated murdering him, and thought better of it. Now matters had been taken out of their hands altogether.

The Midianites sold Joseph to Potiphar as a slave. In Potiphar’s house, he managed to work his way into the head steward’s position only to be lied about by the owner’s wife.
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He wasn’t guilty of anything except protecting and respecting his master’s belongings –   including the wife. 

When no one was around, wifey-poo got her hands on Joseph’s coat.  She wanted him bad.  She grabbed and held on! 
In a moment, RIGHT made for flight! Joseph whipped around, pealing himself out of the coat, leaving it empty in her hands.  He fled!  She lied.  Another coat lost, and on to another pit (prison). No Fun!  
Although hard work bought him the favor of the Prison-Keeper, Joseph was still locked up.  Interpreting dreams for some of the Pharaoh’s employees should have had a better, speedier outcome, but more time passed.  Of course, we know the end of the story for Joseph.  Joseph stayed true and God gave him favor all the way to the top!
The importance of staying true and upright in the world today cannot be stressed enough. Temptations are many.
Things may occur, even in church, where standing up for what is right makes for isolation or loneliness. 
Several years ago, rejection and rending heartache gripped my husband and me. 
For one year, we had prayed and waited patiently over a certain situation at church to correct itself.  Suddenly, the Holy Spirit was adamant.  It was time to confront the Pastor. 
Unmarried couples who were living together were being allowed to teach the children’s Sunday school classes.  Another incident concerned the pastor’s own son and the son’s unsaved girlfriend.  They were a bad example and an unduly influence on the teen group given into their charge.  It could not be ignored.  It was hurting the church.
In humility, I laid out the issues.  Right away the Pastor bristled – so did his wife. It didn’t go well from there, and the Pastor basically showed us the door.  They told us that they were trying to win these people by “showing God’s love.”   We were heartbroken.  Sin is never justified. 
All of our children understood the problem, and they also left the church when we did. Such a sad day for all of us, and a rip-off for all those to whom we regularly ministered.  The ripple effect was huge.  Even the Spanish service found itself without a guitarist and worship leader. 
Finding a new church was rough.  Losing all our friends was even harder. The hurt continued to scream and thoughts raged.  We were the odd balls.  We were the “bad guys.”  It wasn’t fair! There was no way to vindicate ourselves in anyone’s eyes.
I cried out to God and He brought the lesson home.  He let me know,
            “Joseph  made a Resolute Choice – – 
             He may have lost his coat – – –
             BUT  – – – he kept his character !
             You might have ‘lost your coat’, but you kept your character.
            You are accountable to ME, and I will keep you!” 
That was enough for me.
Billy Graham said it this way,
            When wealth is lost, nothing is lost;
            when health is lost, something is lost;
            when character is lost, all is lost.”
I didn’t like losing my coat, but thank God, all was NOT lost!
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A Word From God – – For You

A Word From God – – For You – – Right Here!
Ready for God to Share something special with you today?   I hope so because here it comes!
My prayer for you is that you will be strengthened in the Power of His Might; that you will know and understand how to put on the whole armor of God.
That armor is prayer armor!  Yes – you have to wear it.  Your clothes don’t jump right out of the closet and get on you each day, right?  Neither will your prayer armor – so start with the Helmet of Salvation and get dressed!
You have asked of God,  and He is showing Himself strong in your behalf.
Focus!  You must keep your focus!  Don’t look around for affirmation anywhere else.
Only God can affirm you.
God will use others who hear from Him, but be careful, because not everyone who says, “thus saith the Lord” is actually from God.
The Lord will surround you with those who will build you up and NOT tear you
down.  Pay no attention to those nay-sayers.  Those who have stabbed you in the back will ultimately just fade away.  You will look for them and you will not find them.
Lean the whole of your personality on God.  Proverbs 3:5-6 will be your key.  Otherwise, think of it like this……
            If I don’t trust in the Lord with all my heart
            But I choose to lean to my OWN understanding
            Then in all my ways I won’t acknowledge God, so . . . .
          HE can’t possibly direct my path!!           
Stuck on “pause?”  Rewind and get back into trust. Now move forward and let the Peace that passes all understanding rule your mind and your heart! That Peace will enlighten your inner man and you will know what to do in every circumstance and in every situation.
God’s Word is His will – it is His measuring stick for us.   Take the plunge – go for “Immersion Therapy”.  A little dunk now and then won’t help much.
He is drawing you deeper into relationship with Him.  Oh yes . . He will be tightening your walk too.  Suddenly, things that seemed okay at one time, will no longer be okay for you.  Just shake them off and run from anything that tries to trap you.
You ARE a NEW CREATION IN Christ Jesus.  Old things have passed away and all things are getting changed around, making room for new thoughts, ideas and actions.  You won’t be able to take credit for any of this because it will all be initiated by The Holy Spirit. The crooked places will line up and be made straight – your knees won’t get out of joint.
Old ways of thinking and responding will dissipate.  Expect it.  This happens when the light of His truth shines.  Others may think you odd and not agree with you any longer.  That’s alright as long as you are in agreement with The God of your Salvation, you’ll stay confident.  You will be the one who receives answers to prayer, while others are just ‘a wishin’ and ‘a hopin’.
When He told you to work out  your own Salvation, He simply meant for you to apply the things of the Spirit to the physical. That Salvation is in your inner being and you are to work at it – from the inside to the outside.
You will breathe a lot easier in the days to come.  Your composure will essentially rebound and you will be strengthened.  Why, you may ask?  Because you have purposed that your mouth will not transgress.  By the words of your lips, YOU will keep yourself from the path of the destroyer.  It is a process, so don’t turn back!
Finally . . . as you endeavor to keep your eyes, heart and thoughts on God, you will realize that He is already satisfying you with the fruit of Righteous living.
 Amen – So be it!
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Fill Me Up On the Inside – repost

Fill Me Up – Oh Holy Spirit


Fill Me Up On the Inside by Nancy Kehr
Fill me up on the inside
Help me to give up control
Restore the fellowship I lost
Spirit, and body and soul.
Lord I need You to Help me
Think on the things that are true
In my own strength I can’t make it
Help me draw closer to YOU!
Holy Spirit please guide me
To a place that is higher than me
I need Your faithful protection
As I walk toward my victory
I will be quiet and listen
Your word will clean out all the dross
Your Healing and Your restoration
Will lessen this burden of loss
Jesus You gave me so much
When You gave me new life and new birth
I’m trusting you now with my whole self
In You I have purpose and worth!
Nancy Kehr  2-16-11
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Out of Work – Need a Job?

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Times are challenging! 
People are unemployed or under-employed!  Many are even over-employed because they have taken on the job of two people as their company downsized or made adjustments.  This happened to my husband.  His territory increased times three.

Stressed-out people are flooding the emergency rooms. One doctor mentioned to a friend of mine that their doctors are suffering the most; there are fewer doctors to cover more hours and rotate through more areas in the hospital.

All in all, stressed-out people seem to come my way.
I purposefully  give them an ear and as I do, I pray. At the end, I always have options to offer.  Whether or not they choose to be encouraged and employ the options offered or not, makes all the difference in the world.  Things may NEVER be the same again, and that is a tough concept for most.
Consider some of the following:

Perhaps a company has downsized.  They might be  willing to hire someone back as an independent contractor…Don’t dismiss the thought. 

My feeling is that one should do what it takes to get in business for themselves; visit other companies of like nature to see if work can be obtained.

A resume can be listed everywhere!   Check out Monster.com  Career Builder.com, CoolWorks.com ,  Indeed.com. just to name a few.
LinkedIn can be used as a way to network…..  Network?  Yes, network!
Twitter is a wonderful tool!  Put yourself out there on Twitter and hook up with like minded peeps.  Why not set up an automatic follow-up for people and companies who do what you do?

All social media is at you command……….BUT don’t wear out your welcome on Facebook!  The key is to make a Fan page for yourself,  and your skill sets. 
When you visit job Blogs, enter a link-back to your fan page. That will buy you some free-exposure.  Free is free!  A little effort is all that’s needed.

Noses out of the air! Be willing to work at various things until something that “fits” presents itself. 

“We’ve always done it this way,” no longer works.  Breaking old habits is tough, but people need to re-invent themselves. Willingness to do continuing education can add value. Sure, it may not be convenient, but everything is ultimately a trade-off anyway, right?

Keeping up with technology in one’s line of work is hugely important.  I’ve had people tell me, “Oh , I’m just not computer savvy. ”   So what?  Do the hard thing, then. Quit the excuses and get savvy!

Volunteering for additional jobs, as one can manage,  is also prime.

For example, my daughter’s fiancé not only does computer-tech stuff for the school district, but now he helps them with the audio/video stuff and actually helps make instructional DVD’s for the teachers.  They love him. His job is very secure. 

When a person is hired to manage – then he needs to  manage!  A manager cannot be everybody’s friend when it comes right down to it.  He is  accountable for the processes,  and to the higher ups!  It is a fine line for sure. Pray for wisdom and favor.

When my husband’s wages were cut because of a company buy-out, over 85% of the employees were actually let go.  Various written and verbal tests had been  administered to the technical employees.  That feeling of something hanging over one’s head pervaded his thoughts. He maintained a good attitude and ultimately managed to be one of the employees who was kept on.  He still had a job! Yay!  

Not so fast though.  Numerous changes effected his pay rate downward.  Overall, the cut equaled out to about $10/hour.   OUCH! … big time for us!  It is a good thing our jobs are NOT our Source. 

As for me, I have a rather new venture – a small hands-on dental assisting school.  The school, not always as regular with sign-ups as I’d like, is being challenged again.  We suddenly lost our lease.  This time,  a move to a different city is essentially like starting all over again. 

Yes, my emotions waver, but I choose to let the Peace that passes all understanding rule my mind and heart. In the end, I’m okay.  

People shy away from doing something unfamiliar.  Stop it!

DO something unfamiliar!   We did.  I think “avenues-of-revenue” are in order. It may not be overnight, but “slow and steady wins the race.”

We set up an E-Bay store and are beginning to market used jeans, toner cartridges, and other things we have found here and there.  It is moving along slowly but it takes time to get going.  I Next, I will be working on getting some of my greetings cards listed.

Sure there is a learning curve and frustration to manage, but it can be done!  Wisdom calls to her children.  Are they listening?

The bottom line? 

Just never give up!  Keep swimming upstream!  God is on your side!  Give Him something to work with!

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My Prayer of Intercession Over YOU!

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My Prayer of Intercession Over YOU!

Father God….in Jesus Name I come to You on behalf of my friend,

First of all, I acknowledge that YOU alone are God, and there is none else besides YOU!  There is none like You and You alone are greatly to be praised.

I DO give You praise and honor.  To YOU be the Glory.  All Power is Yours!

You arranged for a great price to be paid so that we can be free.  This price was already paid by Your precious Son, Jesus.

His blood flowed, and He was wounded for our transgressions, and He was bruised for our iniquities.

The chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and with HIS Stripes we are healed.

I plead the Blood of Jesus over my Friend – right now!

I thank YOU, Father, that The Blood of Jesus works.
The Name of Jesus works!

I thank YOU that the Word works the first time. 
I thank YOU that prayer is NOT the last resort.

I bind the spirit of infirmity and tell it to cease its maneuvers against my friend.

Father, I ask your Holy Spirit to reveal anything that might be amiss; 
To restore and bring peace to mind and body.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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