Come On In!

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Come On In!

Come on in, take a chair
Here’s a place for you;   I want you there!
Friends are here- you know them, too
They arrived with Grace, and are waiting for you!
Relax a bit,  rest your heart
Release every care;  let worry depart
Peace and Joy, inside my home
Brought Comfort along; we’re never alone.
Faithfulness has made the tea
Meekness will serve you, the banquet is free
Come on in; let’s celebrate!
Gentleness will guide you to the dinner plate
So many friends, the Heavenly kind
They’re Strength and Hope and Peace-of-Mind
In your mouth, Praise so sweet
With upraised hands, The Son you’ll greet
Grateful heart, assurance clear
Stirs your worship for He is near
…and the BEST part?
His loving arms will pull you in
“Come back here soon,” He’ll say with a grin.
So, come on in, take a chair
Here’s a place for you;   I want you there!
Nancy Kehr   11-28-11
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Fill me up on the inside (Repost)

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Fill me up on the inside

Fill me up on the inside
Help me to give up control
Restore the fellowship I lost
Spirit, and body and soul.
Lord I need You to Help me
Think on the things that are true
In my own strength I can’t make it
Help me draw closer to YOU!
Holy Spirit please guide me
To a place that is higher than me
I need Your faithful protection
As I walk toward my victory
I will be quiet and listen
Your word will clean out all the dross
Your Healing and Your restoration
Will lessen this burden of loss
Jesus You gave me so much
When You gave me new life and new birth
I’m trusting you now with my whole self
In You I have purpose and worth!
Nancy Kehr  2-16-11
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The “I’ s” Have it!

(Or, I Want it, and I Want it all NOW!)

Her voice squealed with excited chatter.
“Holy moly!   My boyfriend just got a check from his insurance company for $4947.98, but it’s only going to cost $3300 to fix his car.
This means I can get my iPad and a gold designer cover for it.”  
A couple of days later, the follow-up to that story was that since she couldn’t decide which cover to get, my little friend got both the gold and red covers.  In the getting, there was also a new iPhone and special designer covers for it too!!  
Between the iPad, the smart phone, and $128 a pop for those designer covers, the car repair reimbursement was exhausted.  I wondered if her boyfriend might not wished he could have applied the excess toward tools, or some electronics HE wanted.   After all, it was HIS car.
As the conversation went, the girlfriend thought it was funny and mentioned that she didn’t care what HE wanted.  If HE wanted to keep HER, this was how it was going to be!  Imagine that – – –
A few days later…” I can’t believe it; my boyfriend misplaced both of my $128 designer iPad covers!  Can’t find them anywhere. I’m off to the store to buy another one!
I secretly wondered if he may have hidden them on purpose! 
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“I . . . I . . . I !”  
Avarice, arrogance and greedy expectation – that’s what I call it.

Her parents spent her childhood trying to placate her, and now it appears they have crippled her for life.  

This woman still has no job because she refused to start at the bottom in a local office.  Without considering the employer’s needs, she expressed her expectations and then fussed because they told her they needed her to work one Saturday a month.
Almost thirty and still at home, this Diva looks and acts like she’s a millionaire.
Why her parents don’t toss her out the door, I’ll never know. For both parents and boyfriend, she is expensive to upkeep.  She spends money faster than they can make it.

Inflated sense of worth is a trick straight from the pit of hell. 

Of course, “having it all” cannot wait either.  Images of desire are everywhere, but emotional intelligence, delayed gratification and adaptability are sadly lacking.

How will we cope when times get harder?

Entitlement is not limited to the young. “Get mine and get out, “Is prevalent in all ages, comically evidenced by the bumper-sticker, “I’m spending my children’s inheritance.” 

Recently,  I was praying with someone who has been a Christian a long time. What I heard was whining.  That’s right, whining!

 “God, where’s mine?  It isn’t fair.”

I wanted to give her C.S. Lewis’ book, The Problem of Pain.

We are definitely creatures in need of alteration. 

If I were God and had to deal with a bunch of whiny, sassy, ungrateful, selfish, shortcut-taking children, I would see to it that they got spanked!

Well, I’m not God and it’s probably a good thing.  I’d have to spank myself a time or two!

I am thankful that God is a faithful and loving Father who knows what we need at all times.  He is to be praised for His mercy and grace. 

I am thankful that He hasn’t given me everything I thought I wanted or needed.  In hindsight, some of those things would NOT have been very beneficial in terms of where my life was headed.

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Making adjustments is a constant way of life for me.  Considering natural tendencies, my focus is to make sure that it is “not I, but Christ who lives in me”.

 Everything else will follow.  

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Cordless, Not Wireless!

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A techie family member is staying with us for a few months until he can complete a work contract in San Francisco.

I had been doing some ironing.  (Who in the real world does that anymore? I think I’m the only one who still irons.)   
He asked me to leave the iron on so he could press some of his shirts before packing for a trip. Not a problem.
In and out of the room, I noted his diligent efforts at shirt pressing.  I must admit, I had never seen some of these unique methods for ironing – not  in my whole life.
For instance, I thought that the square part of the ironing board was where the iron should sit.  Not him.   That is where he had placed the shoulders and back of his shirts. The iron sat at the pointy part.
It really made me chuckle. 
Now this guy is savvy to the max.  His laptop was poised so he could see it and his phone was busy receiving text messages.  Since it was his on-call week for the hospital, his work phone interrupted regularly.  Tech-speak could be heard throughout my living room.  Oh, the wonders of wireless technology!
On one of my trips through the house, he mentioned that my iron was acting funny.  I told him to check the plug as it sometimes falls from the outlet.  He did and since it was partly dislodged, he re-seated it. Not too technical.
A bit later, I noticed he was a little flustered.  Very intent, pressing down hard on the material, he sawed back-and-forth on his shirt.  Still wrinkled.
When I inquired whether or nor not everything was okay, he looked puzzled.
“I think this thing is broken”.
The iron was just sitting there, so I checked the plug.  A laughter-burst made me suck in air and then snort unexpectedly!  Oops!
His eyebrows knit together, he asked what I thought was so funny!
“Ha ha ha ha  –  It’s cordless, NOT wireless!” I guffawed.
Oh my, I found this extremely amusing!  With all his know-how, he had missed one small point about this appliance. 
This particular iron is great.   It’s ease-of-use is that there is no cord attached to the iron itself.   It sits on a special base, and that base is plugged into the wall. 
The iron MUST be replaced on the base in order to keep it hot.
The look on his face was priceless and he broke out laughing too!
It seems we get so used to things operating or working on a certain levels that we often forget that there may be different rules for different things.
The Holy Spirit made a good lesson of this for me, immediately.
How often have I presumed upon God and expected HIM to miraculously keep me fervent and hot….  endued with “power from above” and then got upset because nothing was working!!!
All the while  – – –    It was ME that was “off base”.

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I Thought He Was Killing Her!

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Proverbs 22:24 Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man thou shalt not go:

My mother was choking and there was nothing I could do!
Screaming and commotion caught my ears, and I jetted into the house from the outside!  Arriving in time to see my father holding my diminutive mother against the wall by her throat, her feet dangling, I joined the rest of the kids yelling and pleading,
“Let her down  . . . stop it….let go of her . . . please….Daddy don’t hurt her!”
We all screamed and cried at the top of our voices, but he seemed not to notice.  His jaw was set, teeth clenched, with eyes revealing the epitome of rage! He pressed in harder toward the wall.
“Need a knife!  The kitchen!  Can’t leave her!”   My thoughts flashed.
I’m not sure what finally broke the trance or caused him to release her, but I remember attacking him with all my might just before he did.  I didn’t care for myself and knew there might be retribution later. 
Overall, what a horrible, horrible sight for a child to have to see! 
My mother had been ill most of my young life and now that I was thirteen, she was exceptionally weak and fragile.  Her story was a bit like the woman in the Bible who had suffered treatment at many physicians’ hands, where nothing worked but she only grew worse.  My mother had been a guinea pig for the medical community, for sure.
Evidentially, life, as my father had planned, had not gone as he expected.  There were always hospital bills, and bills for medications.  Four young children and a sick wife needed his care.  All of us suffered – not just him, but the smallest thing could activate his fury.  He was gone most of the time, but when he was at home, we all walked on eggshells. 
His favorite expression was “You worthless kids…” , and then he would go off on some tangent about how we never took care of anything.
Things happen in a household.   Things break.  Cheap things are just that.  Cheap they were, and they fell apart easily, yet we were made to feel like ungrateful dogs. 
Trust?  I didn’t trust him or anyone else.  Although he had his good side and was even loving and kind at times, when irrational behavior struck, it was like a Tsunami.  These days, the medical community would classify it as Bi-polar and put him on meds!
Extended family was always a mystery to me.  We were kept away from any who tried to intervene and help.  In recent years, I became acquainted with an uncle who told stories of their own father’s untamable rage.  Apparently his dad practiced tying some of his sons to a chair in their barn and left them there for long stretches of time.  Periodically, he’d return to whip on them like a crazy man.  
That was my father’s father!  Eventually, that man, my grandfather, was crushed by a reaper on his farm – paralyzed – never to regain health or work the farm again.  He died younger that necessary and all of his sons did their best to leave the farm.
That generational curse plagued my father.   Over the years, the image of my mother held, in a choke-hold against the wall, helpless to deliver herself, has haunted me. 
When challenges arose, I would see myself pinned against the wall – helpless and hopeless.  What was the point?  Although I didn’t understand it at the time, rejection had projected a tap root deep into my heart and was sucking the life out of me!
Inescapably, like a thick, disturbing murkiness, foreboding hovered over me throughout my childhood.
Did I understand oppression or depression?  Not at all, but I knew something was amiss.
As a kid, my breathing was always abated and my neck ached.  At times, I couldn’t think or concentrate. I remained “on-guard”, always.  No wonder it was so hard to trust God!

Yet, when I cried out to Him, He intervened. 
Expecting that He was the only ONE who could get to the mess and DO something, I kept throwing myself on His mercy!  I didn’t know much, but at least I didn’t run from Him.
Through the years, it has been one-foot-in-front-of-the-other.  That’s called “walking”.  That’s what we do, walk, and NOT draw back. 
There is only ONE cure for the type of junk that the enemy throws our way!   It is called Immersion.  Immersion in The Word.  I chose to jump in and haven’t looked back since.  Not all of my siblings were so fortunate, but I can say that they had the same opportunities I did. 
My image of hanging helpless in life has now been replaced by that of my Jesus!  He hung, nailed and tortured, and died in my behalf.  Then – – He rose!  Alive, He had conquered sin and the grave.
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There’s a song that says, “Mighty Warrior, dressed for battle…Holy Lord of all is HE!  Commander-in-Chief, bring us to attention; lead us into battle to crush the enemy!  For he has no authority here in this place – – “
Power, might and dominion are mine because of JESUS!
Because of Him, it is my absolute pleasure to present myself for duty; to tear down the evil strongholds that hold others captive.  I delight in doing my part as an intercessor.  
Not limited to the prayer realm, intercessors can take to the streets too!  As God directs and equips, His children can reach in and pull people out their hellholes.  Hallelujah!
If you’re “hanging around helpless,” feet dangling, make an exchange.  Do it now!
I John 4:17 defines us. As Jesus Christ is, so are we in this world.  You have been empowered and energized.   Arise!
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I know that devil hates it
the moment you wake up
I know he even hates the
very coffee in your cup!
He doesn’t like the smile you
have upon your face
And you irritate him always,
because you walk in Grace
He hates it ‘cause you know just
exactly who you are
A Son of God and righteous,
a bright and shining star
You’re not the normal person who
lets the devil be
You use the Word of God and
the devil has to flee!
Your heart sings out a Praise song
a warrior’s mighty cry
The devil has an earache
you won’t listen to his lie
All day long you hold fast
and drive the devil back
No wonder he’s glad to see it
when you finally hit the sack!
Nancy Kehr 11 03 11
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