Recover What is Rightfully Yours

Dear Special One, Today A Word For YOU From God:
Not to be intrusive, but I want you to know that God is leading me to speak to you today.
I pray that you are strengthened in the Power of His Might, that you will know and understand how to put on the whole armor of God. That armor is prayer armor!
God knows what you need and plans to help you recover everything that has declined, faded, decreased or been stolen by the enemy of your soul!   This covers your dreams, hopes, peace, joy, strength, health, wealth or ____________ ( you fill in the blank).
You have asked of God and He is showing Himself strong in your behalf.
Speak that word out loud so your own ears can hears it:   “ Father God, You ARE showing Yourself STRONG in MY behalf!”  Say it out loud again.  Keep saying it and then thank Him.
Keep your focus – Do NOT look around for affirmation from anywhere else. You will be distracted.  Only God can affirm you. 
Yes, He does use others who hear from Him, but be careful, because not everyone who says, “Thus saith the Lord” is actually from God.
The Lord is surrounding you with those who will build you up and NOT tear you down.  Pay no attention to other voices.  Do not consider the past. Those who have stabbed you in the back will ultimately just fade away.   You will look for them and you will not find them.
Lean the whole of your personality on God.  Proverbs. 3:5-6 is your key. If you do not, this will be the result, for the opposite of those verses goes something like this, paraphrased:
            If I don’t trust in the Lord with all my heart
            But I lean to my OWN understanding
            In all my ways I will not be able to acknowledge God,
            So. . .HE cannot possibly direct my path!!   (Don’t let this happen!)
God’s Word is His will – it is His measuring stick for you.  Get the level of your JOY up.   God’s Joy in you is strength. 
Put your patience to work, and while you are waiting, get busy and be a blessing to someone else – on PURPOSE!   Out of your hurt or out of your own need, ask God what to do and who to bless.  Set your mind and DO the DOING. 
Father God is drawing you deeper into relationship with Him.  He will be tightening your walk.
Suddenly, things that seemed okay at one time will no longer be okay.
Some of your old ways of thinking about your walk with God are changing. How?  The Light of His Truth is shining on them and they are conforming to His will. 
You ARE a NEW CREATION IN Christ Jesus. Act like one. You are continually being renewed in the spirit of your mind.  New resolve is settling in and Revelation knowledge is now rising up!
His Peace is enlightening your inner man, even now as you read. Understanding is coming to you.  The direction you need is in The Word.
When God instructed you to work out our own Salvation, He simply meant for you to apply the things of the Spirit to the physical walk.
He meant that the Salvation which is in your inner being must be worked out – from the inside to the outside.
One more thing –  if you have any concern about your children – whether young or old – remember that  “all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. “
Your own composure is now rebounding and strength is flowing!
Close your eyes and be quiet.  Sit at His feet for a while. Be made clean by the washing of the Water of The Word.  Any form of disquiet has to cease in Jesus’ Name.
Receive and recover what is rightfully yours.  Jesus bought and paid for it with His precious Blood and it IS part of your Salvation – right now – right here – in this time.   Amen.

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It happens regularly….another private note on Facebook.  This one poured forth emotion, and I could hear her crying out for someone to come along side.  As always, the Holy Spirit helped us to be instant in season.  Speaking of  ‘season’,  here it is a few days before Christmas and my friend’s whole family was faced with unexpected calamity and pressure.
“Nancy. . . My mom had a major brain bleed yesterday and is in the hospital!
It is so hard writing this, so hard to see her dying—-that’s all she is able to do now – die as peacefully and comfortably as possible. The doc said it will be sooner than later -a matter of days at the most…..She is showing signs of labored, slowing respiration….and is asleep most of the time.  She has moments of wakefulness and alertness, and looks around the hospital room— and at us—and tries to speak. It’s heartbreaking! I can’t believe she won’t be coming home.
There is only “comfort care”, —- no food or water, no intervention, no monitors – they just check her pulse and BP every few hours.  It seems so cruel, not ‘comfort’, to deny her water.  I even asked for an IV, but the Doc said patients who are this way usually drown from an IV, which is a worse way to go.  She and my dad had both signed Advanced Directives about no intervention and no resuscitation for end of life.
She still looks so pretty, and her skin is still rosy— and she never did look like she’s 87.

Yesterday I was alone with her and was able to tell her everything I wanted to say, I prayed that on some level, she understood me. I told her she was going to a beautiful place to be with her husband, mother and sisters and brothers—-and brought over photo of her with my boys when they were babies, and one of her with my Dad in Yosemite, and a little Nativity scene to show her. She loved Christmas. Please keep us in your prayers.

As soon as opportunity is presented, we need to jump on it. Instead of just ‘saying’ I would pray, I decided to do it right then and there.
My dear special friend, I am going to write as I pray:

“Father God, You are Lord, and there is none else beside You! You are the creator of heaven and earth, and You lovingly created all of us. It is not your will that any should perish but that they should come to everlasting life. Thank you for the time you have given R’s mother in this life. Strengthen those who love her and will hurt so upon her departure.

In those hours where Mom mom doesn’t seem to making any contact with the outside world, be her Comfort and speak to her in her heart, as only You can. We thank You that you will take her by the hand and lead her home where she will be totally healed and restored.

Let no evil come near her and let it be so that she doesn’t experience any pain or discomfort. Let her hear the angel choirs and let her see Your loving face as she enters Heaven’s gates. Thank you that you have made a way through Jesus, Your son, by which all of us can be assured that we will come to you. Jesus said that he was The Way, The Truth and The Life and no man comes to The Father but by Him. Let R’s mom grasp hold of that Promise and Truth in this final part of her journey.  Enter this situation and  work things out Your way.  We love you Lord and give you praise!  In Jesus Name, Amen.

After I pray, I often find myself aflutter with questions? Does prayer matter?  Did it do any good?  Does God really care?  Quell all those nagging thoughts!
So what WAS the outcome?  
Nancy,  thank you for that lovely and powerful prayer.
My mom was taken home today by ambulance at 5pm and will have home hospice care. She has a hospital bed and is in the same room my Dad was in.
We arranged all the framed family photos on the dresser near her bed, and my brother in law brought over some flowers and a Poinsettia, which she always loved at Christmas. The hospice nurse came tonight but I’d left to go home; my mom’s caregiver will be there tonight with her, and I’ll be going over tomorrow.
 I am so glad she is back in her home. She looks comfortable and peaceful. Thank you for the sweet song; I love you too~
I am also so appreciative to God for His loving mercy.  The mother is in God’s hands,  and although it looks like she is probably going to move to heaven, at least she is now in the comfort of her own home where her children and grandchildren can surround her with ease.  God knows and He does care. 
Thank You Lord God for small miracles.
Merry Christmas.

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Wednesday Internet Cafe Devotions

The Land of Fret

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The Land of Fret
Once upon a time, far back, in the land of Fret
People scurried to and fro… trying not to forget
They never seemed quite settled, at any given time
Only one emotion, theirs: they fretted on a dime!
Deception was their Mayor, he underwrote the laws
Fear of torment, their jailer; punishing without cause.
Life was short In Fret; they lived on borrowed time
They fretted and frittered life away, rarely reaching prime
Even on vacation, Fret was close at hand.
He brought along his cousin; “Worry” was The Man!
With Fret and Worry everywhere, and people never sure
Of how to find Peace of Mind; they stayed so insecure.
Someone finally told them, “Fret is not your friend.”
“He’ll just keep you churning, on that you can depend.”
Tired of going round and round, with no resolution
People began moving out – it seemed the best solution.
Another town was born, where people felt the change
Assurance grew up strong; they felt so safe and sane.~~~
Living with Assurance, gave people Hope again.
Taking back their lives, they saw where they had been.
Assurance, bold in Jesus –  Sweet emancipation
Restored their Peace and dignity, with gleeful liberation.
Now if you’re ever tempted, to visit the Land of Fret
Take a pass and you will find, you’re left with no regret!
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You Can’t keep Me Down!

You Can’t keep Me Down!
There’s a gift from The Father
For His people to share
He’s The Spirit, The Comforter
And He’s always there!
He’s whatever I need, and
His fellowship imparts
Words of Truth, Life within,
Conviction of heart!
Speaking out loud, I say
“I’m glad YOU’RE my guide”
“Help me stay close to you”
“Deal with my pride.”
Struggles of life, they come.
The fight takes its toll,
They seek to imprison me
In battles of soul.
My flesh is no match again
For spiritual attack
My Rearguard enables me
He’s got my back!
Trip and fall down, I might
But I won’t be destroyed
My Holy Protector
Has filled in the void!
What a Companion, true
And, I often neglect
His Honor and Wisdom
That graces my neck.
Thank you Father for the Gift of Your Son and
The Precious Holy Spirit!
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What God Did


    What God Did!   Repost

All that He conceived
God gave to us
It was His Love, all

Wrapped up in Jesus

God smiles to us and
Gives us His hand
He is more to us than

We’ll understand

Gentle His touch, yet
Powerfully strong
He rejoices o’er us with

Beautiful song

Sheer bliss is ours when
Yielded to Him
Heaven’s secrets are ours when

His Word we attend!

That’s what God did! 

…and that puts the “Merry” in Christmas 

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While I Slept I Had a Dream

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While I Slept  I Had a Dream
While I slept  I had a dream
I saw your face so clear
We were in a courtroom,
A verdict drawing near.
As I watched, you were in shock
The judge about to rule
Your cries and pleadings were ignored
I thought it was so cruel.
The judge spoke out, ” You had a chance
To set the world aside,
Now the world condemns you
With it’s arrogance and pride.”
Then slowly rose your Counselor
He said, “I’ll take her place,”
“My life for hers, if she’ll consent,”
“Release her by My Grace!”
The judge considered long and hard
And then his gavel struck
“Done”, He said. “Take him away”
You could not believe your luck.
It wasn’t “luck,” I’ll tell you
LOVE-in-action brought
Freedom with it’s Mercy,
And your Salvation bought!
Now you’re free, what will you do?
New life has come to stay,
Others need to hear there’s hope

Now, you show them The Way!

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