What God Did (repost)

All that He conceived
God gave to us
It was His Love, all
Wrapped up in Jesus

God smiles to us and

Gives us His hand
He is more to us than
We’ll understand

Gentle His touch, yet

Powerfully strong
He rejoices o’er us with
Beautiful song

Sheer bliss is ours when

Yielded to Him
Heaven’s secrets are ours when
His Word we attend!
Nancy Kehr 
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“The Good-Christian-Shoulds”

Should Have or Not ??

I opened my e-mail, surprised to find this message:
“You words had perfect timing. I was doing some serious battling in my mind this morning. Thoughts of a particular person kept popping up, and I was being attacked with feelings of being worthless and no good. I had to speak your prayer out loud and put some praise music on, then everything quieted down.
You see, for a long time, I’ve been trying to help someone through some stuff, and have now found myself conflicted. One part of me says to just throw my hands up, but the other part says I should hang in there.  As a Christian, I feel I should exercise patience and understanding, and try to continue to help them through their struggle.  I feel like they need guidance, and must have been placed in my life for a reason. They come to me for everything and I don’t want to let them down – –  but I’m getting worn out!  I feel bad that I haven’t been able to lead them to Christ.  I thought if they saw my example, they would want what I have, but things continue to go downhill. 
I could hear my friend’s anguish, and I understood that scenario all too well. It was a bad case of the “Shoulds.”
I had learned a lot about “Laying down ones life,”  but it wasn’t at all balanced. 
One pastor even told me that I “Should never say NO to the Pastor or any other elder that asks you to do something.”  
While few people in the church actually heeded that bit of advice, I took it seriously.  I felt that a good Christian should be willing to set aside their personal wants and desires in order to “Serve the Lord” properly – and “Serve” I did !   Soon I had more jobs than I could manage well. People knew to whom they could come for help or a favor.  Even if it inconvenienced my family and me, I could rarely refuse, because it was “my duty” as a Christian, and I should not complain.
Boundary-less!  Yes that was me. I was a person who failed to draw boundaries, but I didn’t know it.  Realizing that I could not do it all, or that I was unable to rescue everybody, came hard for me.  When my efforts failed, they blamed me for their outcome or for abandoning them in their time of need, and that really hurt!  I didn’t get it.
I never dreamed of taking God’s place in anyone else’s life!  Yet, in delivering them from their own difficulties time after time, I had done just that.  Not only was I aiding and abetting rotten, dependent behavior, but I had become the one to whom they looked for help –  instead of them going to God for themselves.
The Mercy gift within me ached to reach out to others to ameliorate, encourage and rescue.  While this is not totally wrong, discernment is important. When The Holy Spirit is displaced, the other person becomes dependent on flesh.  Although it seems good and right for the moment, the base for the motivation is wrong, and soundly enables someone else’s lack of faith.
On the flip side, other people’s “Curses” can attach themselves to our souls and weigh us down and depleting our power for daily living.  We continually “Leak” power and don’t even know it.   Ownership and responsibility have become confused. Taking responsibility for others wears out a good-intentioned person.
Other people’s deficits are their responsibility.  Who is it that distorts reality?  That’s right, it is Satan!   He tells us, “A good Christian should”  do this, be this, or act like this. 
By the time we recognize what has gone on, our own souls are weak.  Our own resources have been poured out, and not replenished.  There is no more to give.  We feel inadequate and guilty because we cannot seem to pick ourselves up one more time, let alone help anyone else. 
Refreshing and rebuilding ourselves takes time.  We suffered from “TGCS” and now we need to allow time for our own healing.
The Word of God is the ONLY lifeline that can completely restore our inner man from daily wearying and hurts of life.  The Word can draw lines for us and totally excise,  “The-Good-Christian-Shoulds” from us forever!

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Don’t Slack NOW!
Steadfast…Immovable….always abounding.
Your Rock is His Word!

Grace with out limit, ever astounding,
His Voice you have heard!

Unwaveringly patient, ever expounding
God’s strength is transferred. . .

Obedience enforces the enemy’s confounding
The lines are not blurred!

On you, His presence always surrounding
His ability, conferred.

Day, by day God’s love is resounding
From your heart, undeterred!

“Now go out and Rock your World!”

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A Fresh “Amen”

~ Sometimes we need to rethink ~
. . .       Get a fresh paradigm.
. . .       Step away from conventional thought
. . .       Stop trying to change where we’re at
. . .       Quit wishing for something different

~ Without proper eyes to “see” ~
. . .       All we will see is the same old life
. . .       The same old job, same old people
. . .       Living from sensation to sensation
. . .       Stale discontentment fueling unrest

~ God set out guidelines but ~
. . .       We fret; eyes full of greener grass
. . .       Ears listening for better opportunities
. . .       Flesh itches –  Desire increases – Contentment flees
. . .       Searching becomes addiction 

~ Not all roads lead to completion ~
. . .       To satisfaction or even to peace
. . .       God has provided for ebb and flow
. . .       Of people and situations, but
. . .       Some are gone before we catch on

~ Perhaps the opportunity ~
. . .       Didn’t match our idea of what it should be
. . .       It didn’t fit our mold –  our preconceived ideas
. . .       We await the fresh, and when it comes
. . .       It slips from our hands, unrecognized.

~ Only God can give us ~
. . .       Fresh sight – bright with His  vision
. . .       Fresh hearing – a clear understanding of His Voice
. . .       Fresh discipline – obedience channeled in His direction
. . .       Fresh fulfillment – His  approval which brings our delight!

And to all that, I say a “Fresh Amen!”

Fresh fields to sow and gather
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Chained and Held Captive

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Broken bones?  Not me! 
Cuts, sprains and dislocations?  I have had more than my share of those. 
For some reason, my childhood years were beset by a lot of small injuries, most of which I incurred by just going everywhere too fast!  My poor little feet were injured more than once from stepping on nails!   Ankle sprains seemed common place. 
My adult years have seen some serious slippin ‘n sliddin’ and fallin’.  Once during a hike, my boots hit sand on the rock.  I pivoted and I fell, landing hands-and-knees down, on some jagged rocks below. That really hurt – for along time afterward. Besides the permanent injuries I sustained, I think I gave myself whiplash trying to recover!  
Then there was the time someone moved my ladder while I was trimming our large tree. I kissed the ground hard!  Blunt force trauma struck my hands once again.
“Stars and Tweety birds” ran around my head when a baseball slammed into my face. And, while few people have been Karate-kicked by accident, I can tell you just how that feels.  Of everything I can remember; the oddest physical injuries seemed to occur while I was trying to avoid tripping over a child, a toy or one of the animals.  There have been so many, I’ve lost count!
I’ve never had to wear a cast, but splints, braces, tape, and bandages have placed plenty of restriction on the free exercise of many body parts. No fun!
I hate being fettered.  Being confined so that something can heal is hard.
I was considering some of these things in my past and thanking God for His protection when thoughts of the Apostle Paul crossed my mind.  He was held captive – fettered – chained to a Roman soldier. That could not have been very convenient.
BUT….the Roman soldier was ALSO captive.  He was chained to Paul.  How lucky for HIM!
Certainly,  they must have talked.  Think about it.  When Paul had visitors, that soldier was privy to everything that was shared.
Perhaps the guard changed regularly.  Maybe there was a particular group of guards assigned to “watch” over Paul.  They were stuck with him…  Lucky them!
I heard a famous preacher relate an incident in which his airline seating had changed a couple of times until he found himself in first-class, next to well-known celebrity.  The celebrity promptly informed him that he (the preacher) was “lucky” to be able to sit by him.  The Preacher turned to the actor and said, “Oh no, YOU are the lucky one – to be sitting by a Man of God, especially if this plane goes down.”   Comical, but true!
Paul was definitely chained, but he was not bound, nor was he held captive.  He just continued living, writing and speaking the Word of God in his circumstance.  He knew that The Word was NOT bound. 
I had asked God for a New Year’s directive and there it was – just like that! 
I believe The Holy Spirit is directing us as God’s kids to look past obvious impediments and DO what our hands find to DO!  Perhaps it’s not a worldwide ministry!  Whatever the impossibility we are tied to – that very impossibility might just be the avenue of liberation!
Look again!   Take the limits off! You are NOT stuck to a situation, a problem, or an impossibility!  It’s stuck to you!  And – – – ?    
YOU have the Words of Life!  God is energizing you, right where you are, in whatever HE directs you to do!  Consider HIM!
So yank that chain!  Bow, bend, or break – whatever’s on the other end has to follow YOU!

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