God wants to Paint a Picture of His Power

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(Letter to a Hurting, Young Person)

I am so sorry you are hurting.  I hate it that our world is so broken.  It is broken.
From the way God originally made it, this world and everything attached to and living in it, has become severely skewed and twisted.
Life is tough. Only God can support us through all its disappointments and sorrows.
Sometimes the normal, everyday things of life just fade into the background. They might even stop altogether for a little while when certain things happen, or when circumstances are thrown into our path.
Sometimes it gets so bad that is hard just to keep standing.  I know….

Heavy, hurtful emotions clog up the normal workings of body and mind. When understanding is lacking, worry, anger, fear, rage, depression or stress kick in.
Life is not fair. It never seems fair that some live while others die.
This world is full of many joys and surprises but . .  there is a level of frustration that surrounds it. Illness and natural disasters plague our planet and our lives. We see untimely deaths and gross injustice.
Romans 8:20 tells what happened. Our world has “been subjected to frustration” because of mankind’s sinfulness. Adam’s sin affected the whole human race. It also affected the environment because he had been given stewardship over planet earth.   The way people think and the way they act, or react, are no longer perfect, either.  Everything in this world is messed up!
So when we see calamity, what do we do? We groan inside. It is hard to bear.  We want God’s plan of restoration. That day is coming. God promised!
In the meantime, we have to remember that the god of this world is Satan, and he is always up to something to destroy God’s kids.
However, God is not willing that we BE destroyed. He sent his Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself so that no matter what short-circuits in their lives, people will be protected with eternal life.
While we are here, His angels have charge over us. His Mercy surrounds us.
Staying close to Jesus’ examples in the Bible will keep us out of some of the trouble that others go through.  That might mean staying away from compromising situations and questionable places  even though your friends don’t see anything wrong with them.

God sent His Word, His Name, and His Blood as tools to use against the enemy.
He told us in John 10:10 that He came to give us Life.  That Life is a higher kind of living than the “normal” everyday things we are used to. He is not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance. 
He said, in His Word, that TODAY is the day of Salvation.

In the Bible, a man named Job suffered tremendously. He lost everything and had no comfort from all his friends. When he complained to God, God listened.
God revealed Himself and showed Job his true standing before his awesome, holy and powerful God.
God wants to paint a picture of His power in your life. He wants to show Himself STRONG in your behalf.

You are going to come out on the other side. When you do, you will know that it is GOD who got you through it. It is God who comforted and established you.
You will know that you can trust Him in anything. You will be at peace. You will know you are secure.

Life isn’t fair.
BUT God IS there, always . . . with His Love ♥

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The Road is Closed! Here’s Your Sign!

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Let’s Go to Reno!  To many, these words indicate joyful abandon to a gilded, carefree world of sparkles and thrills! 

No matter the conditions, opportunity for escape from the daily grind, beckons travelers like the bewitching song of the Sea Sirens,
The morning news featured weather-related travel reports.  A newscaster interviewed several people who were stuck overnight in a small Northern California town.  Cal-Trans halted traffic at the Nevada state line; it was too perilous to travel.
One woman’s sarcastic tone was apparently aimed at the Cal-Trans people.  Never mind the huge storm that had barraged the area, she couldn’t’ understand why “they” hadn’t cleared the roads!   
My response – – Duuuuuhhhh !!
Moderately miffed, another man exclaimed disappointment that he wasn’t able to celebrate his birthday, as planned, in Reno.   What would normally have been a two-and-a-half hour trip had stretched into twelve!  Did he actually say “planned?”  
Another driver’s impulsive road trip made no provision for food or shelter, and now they were really stuck. They didn’t bring enough money for gas, and couldn’t go forward, OR return home.  Imagine that lack of foresight.  We‘re not talking about kids, here, either!
The camera panned elsewhere. This picture punched my funny button, and I laughed out loud!  Typical Californian!  Ornate flip-flops were hardly what I’d call protection from the snow.  An obvious shortage of awareness plagued one young woman as she struggled to put on her chains while her feet froze!
It was all there, though.  The news was fraught with information!
“Avoid the area” – – – “Poor road conditions!”  An online road advisory noted that because of mountainous terrain and climate, “it is wise to be informed about both highway conditions and weather before venturing far.”  Ya think?
Warnings cautioned travelers about high winds, storms and snow slides.  On-going reports of multiple spinouts, zero visibility, and avalanche-control filled TV and radio newsrooms.  Webcams furnished a clear view of the hazards.  What more could be needed?
My mind was boggled!  Just how tough is that to understand?   Where in the world do people get the idea that those instructions are for someone else?
How could so many people be caught off guard, and why, suddenly, was the lack of preparation on the part of these people, the burden and responsibility of someone else?  They inconvenienced themselves by their own shortsightedness and failure to prepare!
Could Cal-Trans be expected to affect the visibility issue?  How about an avalanche?  Could they dial-down the precipitation simply because the driving public thought they should?
My thoughts churned. How many people really live in this type of a mindless bubble?   I think we are insulated by the fact that most of us are used to doing just about whatever, whenever!  In fact, it seems that we’ve learned to be a flippant lot!  Arrogance supersedes practicality.  Short-sighted, insensitive, spoiled, and deaf we are.  And – -.we have delusions of self-importance.
Once that “Me” bubble gets squeezed by the unpredictable….or even bursts – – people’s reactions vary.  Either they suddenly returned to their senses, or they aggravated blame an outside or innocent factor.
Perhaps scores of things have become just a little too easy for us so that we do not seriously heed warnings!  My thoughts flashed to the guy who some time back lost his life in the tsunami at Crescent City, CA. 
Back to the TV. Stranded motorists blamed Cal-Trans, or the weather.  Seriously?  Granted, some people seem to have more common sense about them than others, but whatever happened to ownership of consequences for one’s own actions?
The popular saying, “You gotta follow your heart,” is overrated – on so many levels!   A friend’s e-mail nearly pushed me over the edge of incredulity.  (Now bear with me for a little longer – I’m not ranting, really I’m not!)
She wrote, “I don’t care that the roads are still bad.  We are going to tackle the mountains and go meet our new granddaughter.  Can’t wait.”
The weather forecast predicted clear travel in a couple of days.  Given any weird twist of fate and weather, I wondered if my friend could become a statistic.
A later post revealed that a 3-hour trip stretched to over 8 hours,  and incorporated both car and road problems.  While assisting them, AAA had an accident.  Had she even considered possibilities, or was she simply guided by heady desire?  What was wrong with waiting to make sure of safe arrival?
We’re fatter by the minute, dying while trying to live, unsettled, can’t sleep, lack peace, have less joy and are self-absorbed.
Our microwave mentality can only deal with the 5-second sound byte, Reality TV, tweeting 140 characters, Fun-With-Face Book, Farmville, pre-occupation with gaming, or dumbed-down education.  Our culture now breeds the “blame game.”  Someone or something is always at fault for our actions or mishaps. Strength of character is waning.
The signs are all here now!  The world is slipping and sliding, erupting, storming, overflowing, flooding, and burning. God said it would.  It’s overspent and overindulged.  Mired in mindlessness and struggling to survive, it is toxic to our souls!
Look out!  Be sober!  Be vigilant!
I can’t help but wonder where we are placing our expectations – in false reality, or in Truth?  Cocooned in a myopic and naïve world view, we suffer from attention deficit!   Yes, the signs are all there, and that brings HOPE. But, what will we do with them?
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Here’s your sign! 
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I Knew I Was as Good as Dead

I had an odd dream.  Out of nowhere it came!  

Dinner had been light, so it couldn’t have been anything I ate. No television or news items had crossed my eyes in days, so it couldn’t have been that either.

In fact, my day was fairly calm.

I was waiting for some guidance from above on a couple of issues.  I had really had been struggling not to react to a couple of situations that had presented themselves.  Instead, I was concentrating on holding myself quiet so I could stay in a position of faith. 

The accuser had been in my ear all day long.  Yackety-yak-yak!  The Word of God kept rising up to greet his attacks. God had my back and I knew it!  Still, it gets wearying.  One situation, in particular, was like the “Two-steps-forward-five-steps-back” type of situation.  Over time, it has returned repeatedly.  And?   You know, it  just  gets  old . . .

Well….back to the dream.  

Although I was quite a ways from the shore, I still had a good view of it.  I found myself on the deck of some sort of small craft, no bigger than a sport fishing vessel.  The boat was not moving, but lazily rocked back and forth in the sun and breeze.  Such peace.

Surrounding the boat were other people who were also just relaxing, and having fun in the perfect weather.  A sense of familiarity engulfed me as I recognized different ones here and there.  

Then it struck me!  

Most of these people were NOT in boats.  They were soaking up the sun, sprawled on inflatable mattresses, as if they were in a swimming pool. Now, I can’t exactly say why, but that bothered me a little.   After all, this was the ocean!

I was alert and walking around the deck.  As I kept a look-out, I noticed most of the people were rather laid back, just floating along. The gentle rocking action of the water lulled many to sleep.

Uneasiness stirred in my gut even though things seemed perfect. 

Feeling pressed to start for shore,  I called out to different ones.  Some laughed and went back to sleep. I kept calling.  Others just looked annoyed and rolled over.   Still others opened their eyes lazily, gazed around at the others, then shook their heads “no” and reclined once again.

My life jacket was a bit loose, so I tightened it about me and made preparations to leave.  As I got underway, I noticed something dark, rolling toward us in the distance.   By now, I was headed toward shore, asking God to get me there safely.

Traveling steadily, I made progress and felt confident, but suddenly, without any warning, huge swells began!  

I continued ahead as fast as I could, but conditions were getting choppy, and the sun seemed to have gone behind a cloud.

Looking back to check the rest of the group, I found myself faced with a high wall of water. My heart lurched!   Following the wall with my eyes, my head snapped upward! 

How?  Where?

Oh dear!!!   Cresting high over me, a fierce 50-foot wave began to bear down and curl on top of me.   Fear tried to take hold.   What could I do?   I wasn’t that strong of a swimmer.  How could I survive this?  I knew I was as good as dead.

The wave started to collapse. I stared up into what seemed to be a hollow spot.  Like reverberating thunder, the roaring increased and I could barely hear myself as I cried out,

“Father Help!  Father, I’m going to get through this.  I’m going to come up once that wave subsides.  Show me Lord; show me how to do it.”  

Amazingly enough, I felt that I should push away from the boat, into the wave.  As the wave engulfed me with a great force, I closed my eyes, grabbed my head and curled into a ball.  It was if I was “pushed” into some sort of hollow pocket of airspace inside the wave. 

The deafening noise ceased but the tossing was horrible.  Moment by moment, I asked God to show me what to do and how to react. 

Initially, I started to flail around and my heart raced.  Respiration increased with the onset of panic. 

I felt God tell me to quiet myself, and breath slowly so I didn’t use up all the air in the “bubble” before the wave played out. 

Trusting God, I concentrated on calming myself.  With effort, I got my breathing under control. 

I don’t know why I could see through the top of the wave, but I could.  Still, I was several feet under water, and moving ahead rapidly.

All I remember saying over and over was, “Okay, Father, I will come up through there, soon.”

Then everything went dark.  Still, I was aware of constant motion. I was waiting… just waiting.

As the wave broke and went on into the shore, I shot out of the water gasping for air!

Fully aware that no calamity had overtaken me, I saw that I was within a safe distance of the shore. Breathlessly, I praised God over and over!   I was going to be fine. 

Then my thoughts turned.  Where were the others?  What had happened to them?  I was almost to shore and when some familiar rubber boats caught my attention.  They had ended up on the nearby rocks. 

SUDDENLY, I WOKE UP!     No my eyes didn’t open, but I knew I was awake. I didn’t move.

Next to me, softly stroking my arm was my husband, propped up on one elbow. I was aware, but couldn’t speak.  In the morning, he told me that my “funny breathing” had awakened him, so he watched over me to make sure I was okay and that things returned to normal.

He said that, at one point, I was pulling in short, soft halting breaths – randomly at first, and then more frequent.  Then he mentioned that I calmed down completely, so he went back to sleep.

Though I’m not exactly sure how long it was but, sometime later, I was wide awake!  The night was still pitch dark. Things were churning on my insides. A song rose up from deep within!  Quietly at first, but then these words thundered:

“Like a mighty sea!  Like a mighty sea, comes the love of Jesus, sweeping over me!  The waves of glory roll. The Savior to extol, Comes the love of Jesus, sweeping o’er my soul.”

It wouldn’t leave.  Louder and louder it echoed until I got up!

Downstairs I looked at the clock.  Three a.m.  What?  On a Saturday?

My insides were still shaking.  I paced a bit, got some hot chocolate, and put on a Bible DVD to get The Word into my ears. 

What was THAT all about, anyway?  I felt like I had exercised for hours.

I settled in on the sofa with a blanket and listened to the Bible.  Prayer overtook me and I yielded.  People I hadn’t thought of in a long time crossed my thoughts.  Odd situations with family flashed!  I prayed, I interceded !!

The first indication of morning light peeped through the shades.  It was cold.  I got another blanket, turned off the TV and managed to drift off for a couple of hours.

A little tired, but extremely peaceful, I came to, clutching my blanket. The realization that a battle had been won, washed gently over me.  I bathed in it. 

Whether or not I saw anything with my eyes, was irrelevant.  It was settled.  I had my course.   What was meant for my demise was ultimately my salvation.

My confidence is in the Lord – no matter what. 

Later on in the morning, I opened to Psalms 65 and this is part of what I read:

5 By terrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us,O God of our salvation;
Who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth,And of them that afar off upon the sea:
6. Which by His strength setteth fast the mountains; Being girded with power:
7. Which stilleth the noise of the seas, 
The noise of their waves, and the tumult of the people.

Coincidence?  I think not.   Reassurance and confirmation?  Yes, indeed.

God is God.   He is in the business of speaking to His children and delivering them.  Though there is more than one lesson I can take away from my dream, I know this:

No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come night my dwelling. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  

I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.  (Yawn…)
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Can’t Remember Where I put it!

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 This is a Repost
My day hadn’t been going particularly well and I felt very behind in terms of accomplishment. Some days are just better than others!
It is during those times that it never ceases to amaze me how I can lose something on my desk, right in front of my face!  Yes! Right in front of my own face!  Yet, I can’t remember where I put it !!
Some of these little nuances of habit just drive me nuts.  My forté is organization, and I hate it when my own little bit of sloppiness gets me in trouble!  Such a time-waster!
Over the years, I have learned NOT to do certain things while talking on the phone.  The reason?  I end up with segmented memories that won’t allow me to put my finger on where I might have “filed” something.  It could be anything, but my rings are a good example!  My rule is to never take off my rings while I’m on the phone, especially if I am walking around.  Who knows where they’ll end up? 
This time it was my checkbook, and a supply list.  I had just handled both items, so where could they be??  I needed that checkbook! 
Because I know myself, I have created a few “neutral” areas in my office and home where I can dump things, and still be sure to find them later.  While this usually works out well, it was not working today.  I checked all my spots – nothing!
My doorbell had been busy all morning.  In the middle of all my searching, these interruptions tend to make me fretful when I need to concentrate on something.
Then there was the phone. The phone was another story!  This particular morning held the record for the world’s best-and-brightest asking dim-witted questions, and then calling back again because they didn’t listen the first time. 
I was in a snit and knew it. 
Honestly, I have asked God to help me recognize when things are off- kilter so I don’t sit in a pit for very long.  I picked up the signal!  It was time to back off and give things a prayer break.
No sooner had I finished than the phone range again.
I answered my phone, “National School of Dental Assisting.”
The guy on the other end says, “Is this the Rollin Dough Pizza?”
Annoyance tried to creep up my back. 
“No sir.” I replied.   “This is the National School of Dental Assisting,”  I said, in the nicest voice I could muster.
He hung up.
A few minutes later, he called again and asked the same question.  I guess he couldn’t hear or wasn’t paying attention ….twice!  He sounded a little miffed, like it was MY fault that HE did not reach the correct number.
My phone rang again. I noticed it was the same number.  This time I was ready.  I answered with my usual greeting, and he asked about Rollin’ Dough once more.
I told him this was not the number he wanted, but that I had a number for him.
The internet is such a lovely research tool!   I had already looked up the pizza place and pulled up the website with all the information.
He burst out laughing – – and so did I! 
Once I gave him the number, he thanked me profusely.  I was no longer feeling overwrought, nor was I the least bit irritated by the interruption.  In fact, I was feeling rather liberated.   No circumstance was going to hold me hostage.
As I was sharing with a few friends, one mentioned that I had provided a lot better service than 411. 
Another said, “You’re always there to help someone out!”
Still another mentioned, “That is such a “Nancy” thing to do! You are ALWAYS SO kind to others.”
After hearing these comments, for just a moment, I felt a little guilty because I knew how I had initially reacted, and it wasn’t so wonderful or kind!
My daughter responded, “That’s my Mama…always prepared.  That guy will always remember the dental lady connecting him with the pizza number”
I hope he does.  He must have reached the pizza place because he didn’t call again.
There is a proverb that talks about a person who shows mercy.  It says that mercy will also be shown to that person.  I know I need mercy … and lots of it. In fact, I cannot do without it!  God has certainly been merciful to my ignorance and stubbornness, and I want to be sure to extend it to others.
“Please Lord – – help me, I can’t remember where I put my checkbook.”
Well, I finally found my checkbook.  It was right there on my desk all the time, hidden by a skewed piece of paper.  Even though I could have sworn that I searched everywhere, it suddenly became visible.  I decided not to contemplate that any further.
Thank God for prayer, and for a change of heart.  
Maybe all that was a test?  Maybe it was!
I think I passed.
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Coffee Break, Cold Water and Bob (Repost)

Rushing in the door, immediately on the lookout for my husband Randy, my daughter, pushed past me because something was wrong with her car!

She had come to pick up the grandkids – two precocious 10 year olds – but half way to our house, her car began making a loud knocking noise!   

I was ready for everyone to be gone!  For a myriad of reasons, getting to my work while these two were here was next to impossible!  At least I had the evening to catch up.
“Rocker arm’s loose,” was Randy’s diagnosis.  “She can’t drive it home…we’ll have to take them home to Modesto.”
Poof!  There went all our plans for that evening!   Seems like whenever we have a boatload of stuff to accomplish, it often takes second place to something like this!  Well it couldn’t be helped, and they had to get home.  I would have to be up early the next day to drive one car while Randy tried to drive hers to the auto shop.  Hadn’t we had just done this for her in February?
Everyone loaded up into the big truck and we made the trip to Modesto.  It was already getting late so only one of our errands could be accomplished.  The car was filled up but our stomachs were on empty! 

On the trip home, Starbucks beckoned from the freeway. It was not our usual store, but we decided to make a bit of a “date-night” anyway! 

Date-night.  That’s where we kick back; forget everything but each other, talk, sit close, talk, hold hands and talk.  Yes, that’s what we’d do!

There it sat!  I noticed it as we scouted the place for a good out-of-the-way place to sit. Had the Gideon’s been there?  We eyed a Bible at one of the empty tables.   No one was there so, the Book marked our spot!
An UPS man arrived at the counter about the same time as I did.  He deferred to me to order first.  I thanked him; we made small talk.  Meanwhile, Randy headed for “the spot”.  Order complete, I headed there too.  Behind me was the UPS man.  Randy picked up the Bible, while I got comfortable.
 “Oh, that’s mine,” said a deep voice.  A look up revealed the UPS man.
We told him we had been meaning to read Psalms 27 all day, and he motioned for us to continue.   Randy read the whole chapter out loud.  I prayed while Randy continued to
talk, as he shared the Word with related stories. This tired fellow seemed to enjoy the unexpected twist in his evening. 
His practice was to save up all his breaks until the end of the day, and then finish paperwork, and unwind at Starbucks before heading home. 
Upon parting, I commented that he probably never expected to spend his break with fanatics!  He laughed and remarked that he needed it, emphasizing that he was there every evening at the same time!
His name was Bob.  Funny how we thought we were just getting ourselves some coffee.  Instead, we were sent to bring him a cup of cold water!
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Crippled by The Ripple

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Crippled by The Ripple
Crushed in spirit, a head hangs down
Self esteem is shattered
Future relations will be impaired –
They couldn’t see what mattered.

Attitudes will, when left unchecked,
Foster thoughtless living
A child turned inward, torn apart
Some words are unforgiving.

Generations of gloom and doom –
It’s hard to break that curse
The burdened soul, it longs to fly
Sad hearts just makes things worse.

Toss a pebble into a pond
There’s definitely a ripple
Tsunami’s travel the world around
And with their waves, they cripple.

Those crashing waves on distant shore
Are hundreds of miles away
So words, injurious, make a wound
Cruel actions cause dismay.

Interesting,  it is to see
How far those ripples travel
The effects, of which, time will tell
As temperaments unravel.

Everything we do and say
Makes a ripple, good or grim
Only God, can healing bring
The curse will end with HIM!
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Red Boxers and a Belly Laugh!

Belly-laughing, Pants-dropping Moments  (Repost)

You know how some days you just need some form of comedic relief? Well, yesterday was one of those days for me!

My husband, home sick with a cough and scratchy voice, needed my attention now and again. He is never really very demanding, but I wanted to make sure he had plenty of fluids and soup, and was comfortable. Up and down those stairs I dashed – probably a good 30 times.

 Now, the next session of the dental assisting school is about to begin in Mid April. My ads are online and in the papers; the phone WAS busy.

 Repeating answers to the same questions over and over, I talked to a lot of people.

 A sense of intensity seemed to preoccupy many of the callers. Some were tenuous about the things going on in the world. Awareness of a need for a significant change in their lives occupied the conversations of others. For a few, their world was in a tizzy. Past opportunities had slipped away because of unforeseen circumstances they could never have anticipated. Some of the stories I heard were almost mind-boggling.

 I found myself in a familiar role once again – one of Life’s cheerleaders! After a time, I just needed a break!

Brochures and outgoing mail in hand, I raced across the driveway in the rain. Throwing everything in the car, I headed for the post office. A couple of overnight packages from students were waiting. Okay. That was uneventful.

A sudden urge to swing by Starbucks engulfed me. I resisted, telling myself I really didn’t need Mocha. Besides, it was out of my way.  The urge seemed to take on a different tone – more than just picking up coffee. I finally capitulated!

A white mocha for my honey; that would be a surprise! Approaching the pick-up window, the son of a friend greeted me. His hair was bright red today, but his usual bright personality and smile seemed strained. He was pleasant enough but out of sorts.

 I thanked him for such good service and then asked him, directly,

 “How are you Matt? What’s going on?”

 His eyes filled with tears.

 “It’s been a bad weekend” he said in a quiet, halting voice.

 In short, his girlfriend had gone in for some simple surgery. She was ready to be sent home and she complained that she didn’t feel well. The complaint was ignored as they readied her for transport. Staff shrugged it off as “normal”.

Prior to being released she protested strongly. He relayed that an MRI revealed profuse abdominal bleeding and she was whisked away to emergency.

At one point, the doctor came to the family to let them know he didn’t know if she would make it! Matt’s face scrunched as he spoke,

“I didn’t know what to do!” he mumbled. “She’s still there, and it doesn’t look good”

My heart skipped and I could see this boy was is much need of encouragement, so I spent the time it took to lift his spirits. . There were no cars behind me and they were not busy.

I asked her name. Funny, it was one of my old nick-names, so that would be easy to remember. I pulled out of the drive-thru slowly, pondering my decision to stop for coffee. No, I don’t believe in accidents. I am glad I responded to that inner gut-level feeling.

My mood was somber as I turned down one of the more “country” roads in town! From a distance I spotted a guy on the side of the road struggling with the back of his vehicle in the rain. His old van was parked on a slight slope, with the vehicle’s hatch a little farther from the ground than normal.

What a dufus! The rain pelted his shirtless body as he tried to slam down the hatch. Part of his long scruffy hair blew in the rain while the rest just stuck to his back. Obviously he was trying to hurry. The heavy van door sprung right back up! With a knee-jerk reaction, this fellow lunged upward to catch it.

At the same moment, his loosely slung pants dropped to his knees revealing bright red, patterned boxers! That van hatch popped up, and the look on his face was absolutely incredible!

One hand clutching pants, one hand clutching at the leather strap of the hatch, he froze while the rain suddenly increased in its intensity! Such Slap-shtick!

I burst out laughing so hard that I cried. I couldn’t help myself! He saw me laughing. I saw him see me. I laughed harder,  and he started laughing too.   Oh my stomach!

Yes, I needed a mental break. I got one.

 Life is unpredictable. It can be a grind. At times, it comes with a tsunami.

I never want to forget to be thankful. I never want to ignore those inner-promptings. I do want to continue to be there for those who need a little support now and then – even when it is inconvenient or out of my way. Who knows, I may be on the receiving end one day, myself. Then it will be there for me!

In the meantime, I will look for those belly-laugh, pants-dropping kind of moments to keep me refreshed. God looked down and sent that one…just for me! 
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