Jesus the Word, born Christmas Day

God’s Word in a body, as a baby He lay.

So small in a manger, the Life-force of God

His gift to the world, so clumsily shod!

Jesus The Word – My Celebration!

Jesus The Light – My Jubilation!

Jesus the Life – My Liberation.

To Jesus My King –  My Adoration!

Jesus, The Word, living today

God’s Word in my body, in a powerful way

Has overcome darkness, and killed all my death!

My Life is His Word, I’ve entered HIS REST1

Jesus The Word – My Celebration!

Jesus The Light – My Jubilation!

Jesus the Life – My Liberation.

To Jesus My King –  My Adoration!

©1999 Nancy Kehr

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Leaving this poem up until after New Years as I am taking a break from blogging


Winter Stopped By . . .repost

So glad you stopped by. 
I am on a break from posting,
but I wanted to leave this poem with you!

Praise the Lord at All Times!
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Winter Stopped By . . .
In the midst of my summer, Winter stopped by

The winds and the rain, unexpected

They muddled my life and jumbled my plans

In ways that I never projected!


Just minding my business, out came those storms

My garbage blew all over the street

But my roof and my house were solidly built

Undamaged,  intact and complete!


In the course of my life here, struggles still come

Jesus said they would, that’s for sure

When I’m hassled by trouble, He is my support

In distress He makes sure I’m secure!



Reinforcements are needed; daily repair

He warned, “Keep your eyes right here on Me”

“Do not break your focus, for that’s when you fail”

His Word keeps me balanced and free!

 Nancy Kehr 

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Dear Readers


Dear Readers

May you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas season and celebrate the wondrous birth of our Lord.

 I am thinking of taking a break from posting until January.
With all the reading-research-advertising-teaching, and meeting prospective students that I am currently doing for my Dental Assisting School (and this class in particular) along with other responsibilities, I find that I  am a bit overwhelmed. 
So for now I am putting my blog posting on hold. Unfortunately, that also means I won’t be visiting most of my favorite blogs as usual either.    See you in 2013!

Here is an old Christmas Folk song  that I always loved.
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Why Isn’t Everybody Singing Allelu?    Gamble Folk            

G – C – D – Em – Am
Now hear the Holy Bible say, how on that first glad Christmas day

Em Am       D G
in a village – far away, a child was born.

G                            C              D                          G G-Em
Born the Son of God above, sent to teach us how to love,

Em    Am    D      G
He came to be – the savior of, this waiting world. G Am D G G-Em
–Why Isn’t Everybody Singing Allelu, Why Isn’t Everybody Singing Allelu, Em C D G
–Why Isn’t Everybody Singing Allelu, to the lord.

G C D G G-Em
He came to show us what a man should be, he died alone at Calvary,

Em Am D G
took all our sins and set us free, for evermore.

G C D G G-Em
They laid him a tomb but then, he conquered death to rise again.

Em Am D G
Brought ever-lasting life to man, this wide world o’er.


G C D G G-Em
Now hear the holy bible say, someday, in his loving way,

Em Am D G
Jesus, will return to stay, forever – more.

G C D G G-Em
Then all the loved ones we have known, will gather ’round the saviors throne,

Em Am D G
to find at last their heavenly home, for evermore.

G Am D G G-Em
Then everybody will be singing Allelu, Then everybody will be singing hallelu

Em C D G
oh everybody will be singing Allelu ya, to the lord.

G Am D G G-Em
Then everybody will be singing Allelu,
Yes everybody will be singing Allelu

Em C D G
Oh, everybody will be singing Allelu jah, to the Lord.


Enjoy the holidays, and keep Christ in Christmas!