I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me! Repost

Praise and Worship
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I Have Set the Lord Always Before Me!

Words for a catchy, bouncy-type chorus with an audience echo:


I have set the Lord,   I have set the Lord         (one and two, three four-or!)
Always before me,  always before me            
(one-two-three four-or five!)

I have set the Lord,  I have set the Lord
Always before me, always before me

He is at my RIGHT hand, and I shall NOT be moved
Therefore is my HEART  glad – My glo-o–ry  rejoi-ces!
And my flesh shall rest in hope; my flesh shall rest in HOPE!!

I have set the Lord, I have set the Lord
Always before me, always be fore me

I have set the Lord, I have set the Lord
Always before me, always before me

He is at my RIGHT hand, and I shall NOT be moved
Therefore is my HEART  glad – My glo-o–ry  rejoi-ces!
And my flesh shall rest in hope; my flesh shall rest in HOPE!!

I have set the Lord, I have set the Lord
Always before me, always before me

I have set the Lord, I have set the Lord
Al-al ways be—for–ore me!


From   Psalms 16: 8

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Quit Passing on the Pain! Repost

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Quit Passing on the Pain!
Quit passing on the pain! So many hearts you’ve torn!
Like fatal force of hurricane, filled with hate and scorn
Quit passing on the pain! You chose the path you’re on
It brought you to a place unkind –  Vice’s little pawn
Quit passing on the pain!  You’re mired with Satan’s snare
Spewing blame, accepting none, he’ll always keep you there!
Quit passing on the pain! Livid words foment regret
Hate and spite proliferate, and keep YOU in their debt
Quit passing on the pain! You live behind a curtain
God said that we don’t clearly see what’s going on, that’s certain
Quit passing on the pain!  Insight is what you lack – –
Shut the door, don’t give it strength or allow it to come back
Quit passing on the pain! The choice was yours alone
Responsibility yours to take, the problems yours to own
Quit passing on the pain! Stand for it no more.
Don’t fault another situation, Sin crouches at YOUR door!
Quit passing on the pain! In this generation, stop!
The lies of decades put to shame, their servant you are not!
Quit passing on the pain! There is no perfect life.
This broken world has left us all disparity and strife
 Quit passing on the pain! It’s time for it to cease
Don’t embrace the devil’s nasty lies, let Jesus bring you peace
Quit passing on the pain! Let healing come right now
Put aside the emptiness, before your Savior bow!
So pass along the pain, to Jesus who has died
To end the pain and set you free, He was crucified!
Pass to Him the Pain!  Already He endured
The condition of humanity. In Him we can be cured!


Crazy Christmas

Fun at Christmas
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Christmas is over and what a crazy time it was!   But, it was worth every minute of it! 

In anticipation of a houseful, I had lots of prep work to do and little time in which to accomplish it!  All five kids were home for Christmas, along with their families and some friends!  Some brought their dogs to stay along with them for  several days.   (We have 6 cats)

Trying to figure out the animal rotation (especially with the rain) was a bit challenging!    Our cats already have a “schedule” of sorts and they were a little on edge hearing and smelling the dogs.  It’s been really too funny to watching them make the adjustments.

The middle daughter has one little old Chihuahua who is hard of hearing and who is going blind. Of course, they couldn’t leave him.   He walked into walls and furniture while visiting and tended to be a little disoriented.  Poor little dude.  He learned where to dog food bowl was, though.  The other pups were bundles of zip and full of energy.

We managed to put together an outside enclosure/ pen with a roof so they could all be outside for a while.  Another kennel is already was place for  the cats.  Three chickens and a bunny rabbit also share the yard!  So that no one would become  confused, we had a special sign  which is to be placed at  the sliding glass door to indicate that the chickens are out.  One wrong move in the animal rotation could mean dead chickens! 

Early Christmas Day, the rest of the family arrived one after the other.  Four females in the kitchen was a never-ending source of comedy.   The proximity of our work areas was laughable.  Since we are all a just a little “hippy”,  looking over ones shoulder before turning around was vital.  I managed to get “rammed: from the side by one of my daughters while I was cutting up stuff for the salad.  This resulted in a little kitchen-accident:  a deep puncture and a a slice to the palm of my hand.  Ouch!   No worries – I healed quickly!

We left word with some of my dental assisting students that our house was open if anyone needed a place to go for Christmas.

A few days before Christmas,  I met a woman at the post office.  She and her husband were new in town.  It is truly amazing how God does the arranging. She has been backslidden but decided to make turnaround.

She was very lonely.  It appears that her former husband found another woman and caused a huge debacle for the whole family. Her only claim to fame was that she had been a stay-at-home mom and had home-schooled.  Then suddenly, she found her life turned upside down! She is still smarting from it still.  She has been remarried for 3 years, but knows that she did it on the rebound and both, though Christians, stepped away from God and have been miserable ever since..

For most people who know me,  they know that I just speak the Word and it does the work! I took her with me to meet with my friend Judy  last week.  Judy ministered to her too. What a change already. Joy overtook her face as we drove back to my valley.

Our Father is really something with His love. We shared with her out of our household. She didn’t know what to think.  She hadn’t really seen “love in action” . For years in the Baptist church, she had been a member of AWANA but didn’t know The Word or The Promises available to her.  She kept commenting about the amount of the Bible I had committed to memory. 
She was amazed that so much of it came out of my mouth. I told her it IS my life source – my contract.   I shared with her that she needs to know her contract, and  once she does, she would be convinced too!

Excitement danced in my heart as I listened to all the stories that my girls shared about their own “chance” meetings.  These girls are well- practiced at extending themselves, even where strangers are concerned;  in the dental offices , toward patients, and to the people they work with.

“People ministry” is second nature to them, and it gives me GREAT joy to see them functioning in their gifts and blessing the lives of others. I love how God arranges things.

One thing I know is that, whether it is crazy times or not, God always gets HIS agenda accomplished and ours along with it, if only we settle ourselves down, and be  led by His Almighty Holy Spirit!

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