What is the Answer? (repost

What is The Answer
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What is the Answer?

Ruminating in my imperfections, I sat
Vowing not to make the SAME mistakes . . .  again!
“How could I waste such time?”  I thought
Yet here I am, alone with God, crying out to Him!

Those harmful, risky patterns – of doing what “I want,”
Will they never cease to taunt me?
Like an ugly reflection in darkness of soul
Will they always come to haunt me?

And yet I see, it’s not enough to let
Passing time to be the process by which I heal
Forgiving myself, and others as well
Brings me a light – an outlook new – re-energizing zeal!

Unworthiness, and “should haves,” does bog my ailing soul.
My mind a willing actor . . .
Takes my thought life hostage; seizing up control
Must that always be a factor?

Feelings are hard to ignore, it’s true
There is a time for grieving; then it should cease
Contrition will grow assurance within
I’ll act from Love – not failures past – my fears I can release.

Wallowing in this self-pity, reminds me of my lack.
It’s only God who keeps me.
Oh, my failure to see HIM – embrace who HE is
It’s all about HIS mercy. . .

“Destructive patterns, be gone!” I say
What someone has done, I must let pass
I own the blame for my own response
I learned for sure – what I shouldn’t want –
What I should desire, will last!

Nancy Kehr 08/30/11

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4 thoughts on “What is the Answer? (repost

  1. You have such great poems… “I own the blame for my own response…” If all of us would acknowledge our gift of free will… That hit me like a hammer. Thanks, Nancy.


  2. Nancy, I was struck by that first stanza–how it ends with crying out to Jesus. And I wonder, if it were not for these times of despair, would I? I like to think I praise Him in the good and the bad but I think I do tend to rely on him more when things are difficult. Just thinking. Beautiful thoughts.


  3. Hmm, Nancy. I thought I commented here but don't see it. What I thought when I read this piece was how, at the end of the fires stanza these feelings of despair lead you to calling out to God. This is where I want my despair to take me too. Only then can I command them be gone!


  4. Yep. His mercy. That's all that can count for us any time, any place. Even when we think we're doing beautifully, or think we're being rotten … He's the One Who pours forth His Word to us, very mercifully.

    Thank you…


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