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Cyber- Life,Techno-Gloom and the Games People Play

So many things plague people these days! More than ever we need a place of solace and refuge.

Over-stimulation is here.  People just don’t stop! People can’t be quiet! More to the point, they don’t make themselves be quiet. Most everyone I know is in some sort of over-drive mode.  Much of it spins around the internet and electronics: phones, cameras, apps, TV, GPS, e-mail, social networking, games and more.

We used to own a small bit of stock in a company that makes “game chairs”.  These “chairs” actually encompass the whole person, engulfing them with 3-D sights and surround-stereo-sound. Depending on the game, a person is nearly transported into, and becomes one with, the action.  The chair tremors and moves, energized by the reverberations of the game itself.  No wonder gamers lose track of time!  Such stimulation for all the senses all at once!

In our electronic age, constant connection is also spawning a myriad of difficulties and dilemmas. It poses hazards for individuals and families, alike!  Common sense, judgment and the feeling of well-being are gradually becoming compromised and redefined.

I’ve heard it said that people cram so much into their lives, that they have to schedule their headaches!  Funny, but not really! Life has a way of accelerating us to death, without adding another switch that constantly stays “ON”!

One person whom I was trying to encourage has become very withdrawn. Obviously disquieted, she exclaimed,

“I don’t feel safe.  They’ve gone a bit too far with technology now. It’s an invasion of privacy.  We don’t need anything more on a cell phone than what we need to make a call.  We don’t need games, we don’t need cameras, we don’t need the Internet.  All this stuff has gone too far. I don’t like the fact that I can be tracked just by carrying my phone!”

While I have continued to utilize invention and connectivity as great resources, my attentions are not totally spellbound by any of them.  I am thankful for digital phones, cameras, websites and online connectivity. It has been useful in many ways, from business to personal.  Others, however, have withdrawn into it and, without realizing it; have made the cyber-world their only outlet for entertainment or diversion.

One mother recently expressed her angst to me,

“You have to be careful what you put on Facebook and other websites like this.  Employers are watching their employees via Facebook.  I can see how kids could get into trouble, thinking that the people they meet on the pages are who they say they are.  Then they meet up with them and end up being raped or murdered.  All these things all seem like fun, but they are inherently dangerous left unchecked.”

Yet, did she make any strides to monitor, or limit her children’s online forays?  I highly doubt it as her kids seem to run the household.  Everything is centered around them, their classes, their games, their activities!  Her kids are too young for cell phones with cameras or even iPads, yet they have them. What is worse yet, these kids feel they entitled to these things!

I was absolutely appalled at the outburst of another acquaintance of mine.  She posed that there are probably have been a lot of divorces caused by spouses who spend all their time on social media.   To my inquiry, she hotly retorted,

“I am tired of my husband who can’t wait until he wakes up at midnight after going to bed at 4 p.m. so he can get onto Facebook,.  Then he’s on it until he leaves for work at 3:30 a.m., and is back on it again the moment he walks in the door from work!   Dinner has to wait while he’s doing his games! Afterwards, he eats and heads to bed.  His life revolves around these stupid online games and Facebook.   I might as well be single for the amount of attention I get.  Can you blame a person for going out on a spouse when they are ignored like that? 

When my husband was into other online games, it was the same thing. While he played the games, he got to chat with all the people playing the same game as he was.  The next thing I knew, ALL he ever does, and wants to do, is to chat with these people and play games!    Things around the house and yard never get done now, because he’s on the computer all the time.  So, I am basically alone anymore.    Oh well, when he dies, I’ll have everything he’s earned and a house to myself.  I don’t care anymore.”

Honestly, I felt a little helpless. The isolation of cyber-living may yet trump other excesses and habits.   “Everything in moderation” is still a good guide. 

God doesn’t have a website, and people don’t need a phone to connect.  Prayer opens immediate contact.  He doesn’t Tweet, but He gave us His Holy Spirit to keep us connected to our source of Power, and to give us direction.

He put His promises for us in a “text”, called the Bible.  Peace of mind and security of soul can be found there, and there are no limits on the characters.   He prepared church so we can have some face-to-face reality – better than HD or gaming any day!    Want to tap into Ultimate Connectivity? 

It’s not “God dot com,” it’s  “Come to God!”

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Adventure, Redefined! (Repost)

Truck full of Hay

The traffic suddenly picked up, forcing me to increase my speed of travel.  Cars zoomed in and out of my lane; some flashing their lights at me! 

With wind and the breeze in my hair, I soon found myself flying along at 70 miles per hour!  Whoa!  Even that was not fast enough for most of the drivers on the road, so I forced myself to the farthest right lane, reduce speed and regain my sense of peace! 

Rumbling up the on-ramp just ahead of me, loaded with bales and bales of hay, was a very large truck.  I marveled at just how many bales had been piled onto that rig and wondered to myself how they all stayed put.

The aroma of the alfalfa was calming though, and I was enjoying not being cutoff by other cars.  I started to go around, but without a signal, the big truck made a lane change in front of me.

It’s not as though I had some big a vision or anything, but my senses went on “high alert!”

Suddenly, the URGE to “step on it” overwhelmed me!  I get those gut-levels every now and then, and I usually follow them with good results.

I punched it and all the ponies under the hood rose to the occasion!  As I whooshed past that truck, I checked my rear-view mirror just in time to see a HUGE bale of hay fall off! The cars behind had to do some creative driving!

Had I not “stepped on it,” I would have been right there in the path of that huge bale! Thanks goes to my husband for having that snappy rear-end put in my truck!  It really helps me scoot at times! Thank you, God, for the “nudge.”  I’m so glad I listened!

Forty minutes to home, I opted to detour to a highway with less traffic.  My heart finally recovered its normal rhythm while my eyes scanned the countryside. The play of the afternoon sun was absolutely gorgeous!  Gratefulness bathed my soul.  I settled back with a swell of fulfillment.

Then, outlined by the sun’s glow and shimmer, appeared the silhouette of a massive cross.  Was I seeing what I thought I was seeing?  Yes, a cross…on its side…and it was moving.

Godly Man carrying a Cross
courtesy google search
Once I had a better perspective, I could see a man on the other side of the road, shouldering this large cross, aided only by a small wheel at the bottom. As this solitary individual plodded along without fanfare, the sun’s position lighted up everything around him!  
Such a marvelous presentation made me catch my breath.  I was elated. My mouth was stuck in a permanent smile for the next five miles! I felt like I had just been hiking.

Other small things caught my attention as I drove.  Near the freeway entrance some amusing signs provoked a hearty giggle.  I was feeling good!

People search for adventure in their lives to bring meaning or to garner self-worth. They long for the fantastic, the incredible, the amazing, and the spectacular.  These awe-inspiring feats are stimulating, both psychologically and physically.

Adventure is certainly not limited to whitewater rafting, extreme sports, mountain climbing, racing or skydiving and the like.  All those things signal the idea of a rush, or of some sensationalistic pump! 

Certain people say they are “really living” when they are doing these things. Not to be snarky, but what are they doing at other times, “Not really living?”

My whole perception concerning a number of things, has been redefined over time. Adventure is one of them.

Flicker, flash, twinkle!  God has provided us with out-of-the ordinary experiences on a daily basis.  They unfold all around us!  Yet, eyes wide open, we tend to miss, or totally dismiss, some of the most stimulating events that cross our paths.

My drive home kept me stirred up!  I listened to the Holy Spirit’s nudge and got to miss an impending accident.  That was sensational!

Pumped with incredible joy and gratitude over the sun-and-the-cross scene, I’m sure my endorphins were doing back flips!  Still, other roadside stuff struck me in the funny-bone.

 Adventure?  You bet!  I was engaged and entertained . . . all the way home!

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Coffee Grounds and Cereal Everywhere!

These days, it seems that I am called on to be “Instant in season,” more than ever.

God never lets me get into a rut, it seems.

A case in point is the other evening.  We were out taking of care of some important errands when we noticed a couple of young men from the military heading for a Panda restaurant. 

They paused momentarily, obviously checking their financial resources.  We parked quickly and ran inside, but could only see one of them.  He was hesitating at the counter. Perhaps his friend was the one with the money.

You see, while we were still in the car, God spoke to both Randy and I to cover their meal.   They were extremely grateful and asked if they could sit with us.  We hadn’t expected that, but when all was said and done, they went away filled with encouragement and knowing that they were appreciated.  Such a marvelous opportunity God provided. 

We said our goodbyes.  Still wide-eyed, one of them kept shaking his head and said over and over,  “ I can’t believe it, there ought to be more people like you guys…. there ought to be more people like you guys – real patriots….!”  

They couldn’t believe someone would step up just when they needed it.  Tired and hungry, they still had quite a drive before they reached their homes. It took a minute for them to understand.  We had let them know that our time and money were God’s. 

Was that effort convenient for us?  Not really, but we managed to deal with the urgent errands while the others were resolved later that evening and scheduled for the next day.  It took some doing, but God helped us work it out.

The next day, I was in a hurry.  Of course I was.  A prospective student had called for a meeting and I was ecstatic!  Three students for the new dental assisting session had just withdrawn, and I was facing canceling the class. God was sending replacements!

As I zipped around gathering textbooks, curriculum and so on, I slipped in a puddle, courtesy of a new puppy we are (inadvertently) fostering.  That is another story, but that  little interruption cost me 15 minutes.

Back to work.   My stomach rumbled fiercely, so with  information tripping off my printer, I dashed to the kitchen to grab some food.  Popping the coffee and the oatmeal containers back onto the highest shelf of my cupboard, I noticed that they teetered a bit. 

Oh NO!    Jumping up in the air like an all-star basketball player, I pushed the coffee can back into the cupboard.  Score!

Oops!  That “push” was apparently just a little too hard!   The coffee can rebounded and toppled the oatmeal container.  Both flew out at me with a vengeance!   With a little aid from my fan, ground coffee and oatmeal filled the air settling all on the shelves, the counter, in cracks, inside my dishwasher and all over the floor.

In my efforts to “save” the falling food, the eggs that had been sitting on the counter also became a part of the war zone casualties! This was horrible!

When I finished flailing about, I couldn’t believe the mess!   Just then, the puppy ran in and decided to add to it. 

Did I say I was in a hurry?  Yes, and I still was. 

God give me Grace!  Should I just leave it and clean it up later or what?  Time was not on my side.  I felt like calling off my appointment!

Lisa Bevere once told a story about her heavy conference schedule and a crazy morning at home.  Somehow a box of Cheerios managed to topple from the top of her fridge and landed all over the kitchen floor.  That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for her that day. She shrieked, began crying, put her pajamas back on, went upstairs to bed, and cancelled the conference. It was one more thing she just couldn’t handle.

Similar emotions swept over me for a moment.  Nothing, but nothing  has been easy lately!

I thank God for His precious Holy Spirit.  

“Go ahead, clean it up” was all I heard.

Honestly, I didn’t even know where the vacuum or the broom were at that moment.   Eyes closed, I scooped up the soiled pup, breathed in God’s presence and regained my peace.  Of course, I now had to change my clothes too.

The phone rang as I started my search for the vacuum.  My student was apologizing that she was going to be 30 minutes late.  There was my reprieve.

No, I never seem to be allowed to get into a rut.  Often, I have longed to have a life where things can be “regular” or “scheduled”.  Working from home while raising five kids, dealing with home schooling, and being available for whatever God brought my way, worked together to train me up for variety and change.

To a degree, there are some things I can count on to be repetitive, but generally, God has seasoned me to be alert for whatever.  It comes in handy for all those “unplanned interruptions”. 

Where others fall apart, I find that I am a little more hardened to difficulty.  While I am not saying it’s easy, I am saying that I am able to stay the course.

All in all, it’s with His Peace and in His Strength I can function.

So how do I roll?   

With His Might that gives me inflexibility to temptation!

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