A Song From My Heart Repost


Praise – courtesy photobucket.com

A Song From My Heart  (As I grab my guitar to worship)


I begin every prayer with  “Oh Lord, YOU are God, and there is none else beside YOU!”  Make up your own tune and sing this along with me!!

Oh Lord….YOU are God!

And there is NONE else beside You

Oh Lord….YOU are God!

And there is none else beside You!

And your people,  Your people

They are those who shall never be ashamed

Oh Lord…..YOU are God!

And there is none else like YOU!


Oh Lord….You are King

And there is none else like YOU

Oh Lord….You are King

And there is none else like YOU

And your people,  Your people

They are those who are called by Your Name!

Oh Lord….You are King!

And there is none else beside You!


Oh Lord….My soul sings!

For there is none I desire , but YOU!

Oh Lord….My soul sings

For there is none I desire but YOU!

And your people, Your People

Shall rejoice in Hope and praise Your Name

Oh Lord….my soul sings

For there is none I desire, but You!

(Sometimes you’ve just got to make yourself sing it out or say it out-loud)

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Bragging Rights! (Repost)

“Bwak-bwak!-buuuuck!!”  That sound repeated itself over and over in the early morning. 

It’s our little chicken’s way of bragging whenever she lays an egg!

She’s starting to molt and her eggs have been getting smaller and smaller! Yet, she “Bwak-bwaks” as if she was the goose that laid a golden egg!  Bragging rights, indeed!

Well, once she molts, I’m sure she’ll get back on track and all her squawking will actually mean something!

I find that there is a phenomenal amount of “Bwak-bwak!-buuuucking!!” coming from ever so-many people these days. Really – It’s everywhere….even the pulpit!

People are full of themselves, their take on God, their programs, the new way of worship, their way of building the perfect Mega-church, revelations, visions, on and on  – unashamedly so.  It’s mind-numbing!

While I rarely watch much television, I happened across a commercial for American Idol where my eyes and ears were severely assaulted by flashing frames of colorful performers who all believed THEY were the NEXT American Idol!  Yes, they all had the answer to what entertainment was lacking.  (Sure they did….)

The spot paused to feature the audition of one very colorful character.  Now, because I suffer from practically-perfect-pitch, my whole body rebelled at every note belted out by this contestant!  It was absolutely horrible!    Horribly – nauseating.  And that was being conservative . . .

The judges’ faces reflected evident distaste for this obvious lack of talent!  Unlike many instances, when the judges began expressing themselves they were actually trying to be kind.

The contestant wouldn’t hear it and flew into egotistical rage, all the while belligerently foaming at the mouth through seedy expletives!  Then it got ugly.  The judges went off!  She yelled back.

All I could think of was my chicken.   My poor little chicken wasn’t even aware that her eggs had become so small that they had nothing to offer.   But, after all, she’s only a chicken, lead by instinct.

There was no excuse for this individual, however.  Apparently, her self-focused, Bantum-sized brain, just wouldn’t allow her to hear the truth.  The judges were only trying to make some practical suggestions for her future.  Did she hear what they were saying?

Everyone tells me I’m good!” was one of her more civil retorts.

“Who is everyone?” asked one of the judges. 

He alluded to the fact that whoever “everyone” was, they couldn’t have had much experience with talent, music or the industry in general. 

“Bwak-bwak!-buuuuck—buck—buck-bwak-bwat!!”  The contestant flew into an aggressive backlash! 

My funny-bone stirred and I couldn’t hear her words any longer.  The whole situation became too comical; like a stupid little chicken thrashing around making noise.

Appalled at her blatant ignorance, both my husband and I finally burst out laughing.   Some people just don’t know when to shut up!  They just don’t!   

They think so highly of themselves that they will never be able to receive anything in the form of instruction or correction.  How limiting it is to have such a narrow axis around which one’s world must revolve!

Obviously, there has to be a guideline – a standard – and these Idol judges provided just that.

The contestant wasn’t content.  She was errantly convinced that SHE was the standard.  Such immodest, self-opinionated, narcissism!

The Bible tells us that we will hear a word behind us saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”  Instruction in Righteousness isn’t hard to come by.

What is tough though, is for God to find those individuals with “ears to hear”. A tender heart and a teachable spirit is also requisite.

Some people, having only heard part of the instructions, fly off with their own idea of what they think the Gospel should look like. 

There’s the Ooey-Gooey Gospel where everything’s above love and feelin’ good.  There are conservative and liberal gospels.  There is also the Old-Tyme-religion, or the hell-fire-and-brimstone message… 

Orthodoxy with changeless tradition coexists with Charismatic and Independent types. Those heady Gnostic folks try to go neck-in-neck with the true Bereans.

“Bwak-bwak!-buuuuck!!”   Sounding brass and tinkling cymbals…..

Self-touting, American-Idol-mimicking displays of Christianity vex so many souls. 

No wonder the un-churched choose to remain that way.  Who to believe? What is truth?

The bottom line is that truth is what GOD says it is – not what WE think it is.  My vote in the matter is that we put to death artificial, politically correct, feel good Christianity.  Let us conform our definition of the Christian life . . . . . to the Bible.

Narrow-minded?  I didn’t say it.  Jesus said the way is straight and the path is narrow.  He also said that few actually find it! 

The Holy Spirit is our GPS  (God Positioning System).  He will bring us into all truth, that is, if only we will quiet ourselves down long enough to receive with meekness His engrafted Word!

Ouch!   No time like the present for me to join the inspection line!

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From anger to Tears.(repost)


Anger to Tears
courtesy photobucket.com

 One struggles in pain
Hurts nurture fears
Living is bane…
From anger to tears…

The “Self” is chastised
When judgment nears
Existence despised.
From anger to tears…

 Embitterment grows
Nothing endears
Caustic thought flows
From anger to tears…

 When Love is denied
An ugly head rears
Then Hate is applied,
From anger to tears…

 A cycle indeed
Adversity steers
Inward we bleed
From anger to tears… 

God beckons within

Somebody hears
Enlivens again
From anger to tears…

True Life is in Him
Love conquers fears
Let Healing begin!
From anger to tears…

   Faithlines by Nancy Kehr©  2010