Crabby Wanda repost

Older Woman
Saturday morning came early, but we were up for it.  Perko’s had their early morning breakfast special for those who could make it between 5am and 8am.   Randy and I scrambled, because we had a date! 

A couple of things popped up just as we were leaving home, so and we didn’t quite make it on time.  Nuts!

We decided to stay anyway, and have a simple breakfast before tackling all our weekend errands. The place was packed!  A veteran’s group was in the banquet room for a special meeting and most of the tables all over the restaurant were full……. except for one.

She sat staring out the window, coffee in hand.  My view of her was partially blocked by some rowdy good ‘ole boys who talked to each other as if they were deaf!

Randy and I ordered but my gaze kept going back to the well-coiffed senior citizen sitting alone across the room.  I contemplated her for a bit, and then, almost before I realized it, I was already up and running, while calling out to Randy that I’d be right back. 

He knows me by now, and just shook his head, smiling.

She seemed surprised as I approached her table.  I introduced myself and asked her if she would allow me to pay for her meal.   She appeared a bit startled. 

“Wh-wh-why?” she asked, eyes wide open connecting with mine. 

Her hair was perfect and she was well put together.  Obviously she didn’t need ME to pay for her meal. 

I told her that I’d like to be a blessing to her and let her know God loved her. 

We exchanged names, chatted a little more and then she consented, still wide-eyed.  I patted her hand, took the check and proceeded immediately to the cashier.

At my explanation of whose ticket I was covering, the cashier said,

“Who?  Crabby Wanda?”

Wanda was her name, so I said yes.  A couple of restaurant staff started to chuckle.  Someone was paying for Crabby Wanda.

They told me she was always crabby, so they gave her that nickname. 

Apparently she came everyday for the breakfast special – always alone.  She had been there longer than usual that morning,

“Well, now maybe she won’t be so crabby anymore,” I said brightly as I finished paying.  

They quit snickering, and asked if I was doing this because it was the Christmas season.  I let them know that I thought it was important to live “Giving” all year long, and that people had to be on the lookout for opportunities.

The opportunities are always there. Often they are not grand or press-worthy.  That $6.33 was a small investment.  Hopefully, at least three people’s lives were touched.  

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Rollin’ Dough Repost

Is this the Pizza Place?
My day hadn’t been going particularly well and I felt very behind in terms of accomplishment.  Some days are just better than others!

It is during those times that it never ceases to amaze me how I can lose something on my desk, right in front of my face!  Yes! Right in front of my own face!

Some of these little nuances of habit just drive me nuts.  My forté is organization, and I hate it when my own little bit of sloppiness gets me in trouble!  Such a time-waster!

Over the years, I have learned NOT to do certain things while talking on the phone. 
The reason?  I end up with segmented memories that won’t allow me to put my finger on where I might have “filed” something. 

It could be anything, but my rings are a good example!  My rule is to never take off my rings while I’m on the phone, especially if I am walking around.  Who knows where they’ll end up? 

This time it was my checkbook, and a supply list.  I had just handled both items, so where could they be??  I needed that checkbook! 

Because I know myself, I have created a few “neutral” areas in my office and home where I can dump things, and still be sure to find them later.  While this usually works out well, it was not working today.  I checked all my spots – nothing!

My doorbell had been busy all morning.  In the middle of all my searching, these interruptions tend to make me fretful when I need to concentrate on something.

Then there was the phone. The phone was another story!  This particular morning held the record for the world’s best-and-brightest asking dim-witted questions, and then calling back again because they didn’t listen the first time. 

I was in a snit and knew it. 

Honestly, I have asked God to help me recognize when things are off- kilter so I don’t sit in a pit for very long.  I picked up the signal!  It was time to back off and give things a prayer break.

No sooner had I finished than the phone range again.

I answered my phone, “National School of Dental Assisting.”

The guy on the other end says, “Is this the Rollin Dough Pizza?”

Annoyance tried to creep up my back. 

“No sir.” I replied.   “This is the National School of Dental Assisting”  I said, in the nicest voice I could muster.

He hung up.

A few minutes later, he called again and asked the same question.  I guess he couldn’t hear or wasn’t paying attention ….twice!  He sounded a little miffed, like it was MY fault that HE did not reach the correct number.

My phone rang again. I noticed it was the same number.  This time I was ready.  I answered with my usual greeting and he asked about Rollin’ Dough once more.

I told him this was not the number he wanted, but that I had a number for him.

The internet is such a lovely research tool!   I had already looked up the pizza place and pulled up the website with all the information.

He burst out laughing. . . and so did I! 

Once I gave him the number, he thanked me profusely.  I was no longer feeling overwrought, nor was I the least bit irritated by the interruption.  In fact, I was feeling rather liberated.   No circumstance was going to hold me hostage.

As I was sharing with a few friends, one mentioned that I had provided a lot better service than 411. 

Another said, “You’re always there to help someone out!”

Still another mentioned, “That is such a “Nancy” thing to do! You are ALWAYS SO kind to others.”

After hearing these comments, for just a moment, I felt a little guilty because I knew how I had initially reacted, and it wasn’t so wonderful or kind!

My daughter responded, “That’s my Mama…always prepared.  That guy will always remember the dental lady connecting him with the pizza number”

I hope he does.  He must have reached the pizza place because he didn’t call again.

There is a proverb that talks about a person who shows mercy.  It says that mercy will also be shown to that person.  I know I need mercy … and lots of it. In fact, I cannot do without it!  God has certainly been merciful to my ignorance and stubbornness, and I want to be sure to extend it to others.

Well, I found my checkbook.  It was right there on my desk all the time, hidden by a skewed piece of paper.  Even though I could have sworn that I searched everywhere, it suddenly became visible.  I decided not to contemplate that any further.

Thank God for prayer, and for a change of heart.  

Maybe all that was a test?  Maybe it was!

I think I passed.

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Feet . . .

Feet Courtesy

Feet . . .   Feet?   Feet!

Feet.   That’s all I heard. 

I began my prayer time by asking God what he wanted me to pray over.  All afternoon,  I kept thinking that I should pray over a friend’s feet.   There it was – again!

At an age when everyone else was retiring and enjoying the fruit of their life’s labors, some recent acquaintances of ours had heeded a call to the missions in Cambodia.

Their very large church in California had promised ample sponsorship and raised plenty of money to send them on their way.  How wonderful!  Everything was working out well!

Yet, unknown to them, even as they had already liquidated most of their personal goods and made their way across the seas to do what God directed, the church changed its Missions director.

The new director had other plans for missions….and they did NOT include our new friends and their efforts in Cambodia.  They were left high and dry!  

Never suspecting that they would be without their main line of support, they had to trust God to show them what to do!  Theirs was a quick learning curve. 

It wasn’t easy, but God showed them how to be creative and they steadily raised the money they needed. They produced everything themselves, from website content to ministry aids.  Except for their love for the Cambodian people, nothing came easy!

The aches and pains of their 60–something bodies accompanied them everywhere, but especially intensified when a motorcycle accident left them with bruises and broken bones.

Wondering why they were riding motorcycles in the first place?  Few people own cars in those regions. Paved roads are almost non-existent, and the ones leading into the undeveloped portions of Cambodia where they teach are nothing more than rutty, bumpy pathways.  A motorcycle is the best answer.  However even a motorcycle can be challenged by the terrain!

It’s important to support those God has given to us.  Money and prayer are vital.

So, back to my prayer time. The things I have prayed about for these dear people has often confounded me!  I have prayed about the oddest things.  Odd to me, maybe, but not to them.  The Holy Spirit knows just what should be addressed and spoken forth in their behalf.

So this time,  it was “feet”.  The Holy Spirit was specific and directed me to pray over the wife’s feet.  I finally e-mailed her and let her know what was going on.  A few days later, she replied,

“Hi Nancy,
Yes my feet have been hurting while traveling almost 3,000 miles the last month, sitting in the car holding my feet in one place hurts.  Thanks for your prayers.”

Could it have been that simple?  Yes.

Besides the after-effects of the motorcycle accident, she let me know that she also suffered from Fibromyalgia

Did God care about her feet?  He certainly did and He brought it to my attention! 

That is how the Body of Christ works. 

We are fitly joined together and should function seamlessly, upholding one another.   At least that’s the way it should be. 

While I am not perfect at this, I AM getting better and more adept.  My goal is to be as instant-in-season as possible.

I want to be practiced-up now so that when it is a matter of more urgency, it won’t take me any time to jump right in and pray for someone.

Even praying for their feet. 

Yes, my understanding had not been engaged, but it didn’t have to be.

God knew.  It was up to me to obey his leading.

One definition of prayer I heard years ago was this:

God says it….you pray it……God does it! 

That’s good enough for me!
* * * * * *
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Thank You God for loving ME

God shows us His love in many ways. He talks to us all the time, but our ears are often not as “tuned in” as we need for them to be!  Another fact that I miss is that His love for me is often expressed through people.

The touch of a husband or wife….

The hug and encouragement of a parent of a friend….

The kindness of a neighbor….

A  phone call….a text….an e-mail….a card

Think about it……This is God showing us His Love by using people!


I hurriedly scrambled up and down the stairs a number of  times trying to get things in order so that I could leave.   Each time I went to go back down the stairs, I heard “keys” on the inside.  After about the 4thtime, I stopped and took note.  Yes, my keys (that I would soon be searching for)  were laying atop my dresser.   That is one small way God shows me His love and care, but there are other ways too.

Earlier today I heard my neighbor raking the leaves from his front yard.  Many of those leaves actually came from MY tree.  My yard was a mess and was sadly overdue and in need of attention.  With a recent back strain and the constraints of my work schedule, time had simply eluded me. However,  the grass kept on growing and the piles of leaves grew with each gust of wind.

My plan was to get out there and get it done this coming weekend.  As I looked out my window and saw my yard, I heard myself saying aloud,  “God I wish someone would rake my leaves”, and then turned  back to my work.  About 15 minutes later, the dog began to bark furiously so I went to the window.  There was my neighbor raking my lawn.  I can’t explain the mixed feelings, but thanked God out loud immediately!

Now, this is the type of stuff Randy and I usually do for other people, and I am not used to having it done for me, especially by people I hardly know. 
I found it more than amusing that not only did my new neighbor rake my lawn, but has also cooked a few meals and sent them over to my family.

Wow!  I am humbled!

All I can say is , “Thank you God for loving me!”

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