Recover What is Rightfully Yours (repost)

Jesus is always with You
Dear Special One, Today A Word For YOU From God:

Not to be intrusive, but I want you to know that God is leading me to speak to you today.

I pray that you are strengthened in the Power of His Might and that you will know and understand how to put on the whole armor of God. That armor is prayer armor!

God knows what you need and plans to help you recover everything that has declined, faded, decreased or been stolen by the enemy of your soul!   This covers your dreams, hopes, peace, joy, strength, health, wealth or ____________ ( you fill in the blank).

You have asked of God and He is showing Himself strong in your behalf.

Speak that word out loud so your own ears can hears it:   “ Father God, You ARE showing Yourself STRONG in MY behalf!”  Say it out loud again.  Keep saying it and then thank Him.

Keep your focus – Do NOT look around for affirmation from anywhere else. You will be distracted.  Only God can affirm you. 

Yes, He does use others who hear from Him, but be careful, because not everyone who says, “Thus saith the Lord” is actually from God.

The Lord is surrounding you with those who will build you up and NOT tear you down.  Pay no attention to other voices.  Do not consider the past. Those who have stabbed you in the back will ultimately just fade away.   You will look for them and you will not find them.

Lean the whole of your personality on God.  Proverbs. 3:5-6 is your key. If you do not lean on HIM, this will be the result, for the opposite of those verses goes something like this, paraphrased:

          If I don’t trust in the Lord with all my heart
          But I DO lean to my OWN understanding
          In all MY ways I will NOT be able to acknowledge God,
          So. . .HE cannot possibly direct my path!!   (Don’t let this happen!)

God’s Word is His will – it is His measuring stick for you.  Get the level of your JOY up.   God’s Joy in you is strength. 

Put your patience to work, and while you are waiting, get busy and be a blessing to someone else – on PURPOSE!   Out of your hurt or out of your own need, ask God what you can do and who you can bless.  Set your mind and DO the DOING. 

Father God is drawing you deeper into relationship with Him.  He will be tightening your walk.

Suddenly, things that seemed okay for you to do, to see or to be a part of one time – these thingswill no longer be okay.

Some of your old ways of think about your walk with God are changing. How?  The Light of His Truth is shining on them and they are conforming to His will. 

You ARE a NEW CREATION IN Christ Jesus, so act like one. You are continually being renewed in the spirit of your mind.  New resolve is settling in and Revelation knowledge is now rising up!

His Peace is enlightening your inner man, even now as you read. Understanding is coming to you.  The direction you need is in The Word.

When God instructed you to work out our own Salvation, He simply meant for you to apply the things of the Spirit to your physical walk.

He meant that the Salvation which is in your inner being must be worked out – from the inside to the outside. It will no longer just be head knowledge, it will be an everlasting revelation that will overtake your whole being!

One more thing –  if you have any concern about your children – whether young or old – remember that  all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. “

Your own composure is now rebounding and strength is flowing!

Close your eyes and be still.  Breathe in the life-giving power of God’s precious Holy Spirit!  Sit at His feet for a while. Be made clean by the washing of the Water of The Word.  Any form of disquiet has to cease in Jesus’ Name.

Receive and recover what is rightfully yours.  Jesus bought and paid for it with His precious Blood and it IS part of your Salvation – right now – right here – in this time.   Amen.

* * * * * * * 

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Hearts and Hands Get Tired repost

So Tired and Weary !!
Hearts and Hands Get Tired
Hearts and hands get tired
Living makes us weary
Laughing stops and music fades
Our outlook crushed and dreary
Good intentions will grow faint
Visions ebb and dwindle
Where did all that fire go? 
“ Awake! “ I say ,  “Re-kindle!”
“Cheer up!” insisted Jesus,
“The world I’ve overcome”
Our strength is oh so little
That’s why God gave His son.
In Him we live and move and,
Our very being is defined;
Immersed in Love so Holy
Eclipsed in The Divine
Fiery darts may seek us out
They hit us now and then.
The shield of faith protects us
Defending once again!
In well-doing be not weary
Rouse your drowsy soul!
Belt and shoes and helmet don
God needs you on patrol!
Restore the wounded warrior
With uplifting words declare
The freedom of the Spirit
Casting off all pain and care
Healing comes with mercy
The human spirit sings
With confidence that only
The Holy Spirit brings
Nancy Kehr   8-11-11
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Out of Work – Need a Job? repost

Looking for Work  !!

Maybe a company that is downsizing will be willing to hire someone back as an independent contractor…Don’t dismiss the thought.  Do what it takes to get in business for yourself and then visit other companies of like nature to see if you can obtain work.

List yourself, your resume everywhere!  Career   Simply…just to name a few.

Use Linkedin as a way to network…..Put yourself out there on Twitter and hook up with like minded peeps.  Set up an automatic follow up for people and companies who do what you do.
All social media is at your command……….BUT don’t wear out your welcome on Facebook!  Make a Fan page for yourself and your skill sets.  When you visit job Blogs, enter your link back to your fan page.

Be willing to work at various things until something that “fits” presents its-self.

“We’ve always done it this way,” no longer works.  People need to re-invent themselves – to be willing to do continuing education that will make them more valuable.
Keeping up with technology in their line of work is hugely important.  Volunteering for other duties as a person can manage or can accommodate is also prime.  

My daughter’s husband not only does computer tech stuff for the school district, but now he helps them with the audio/video stuff and actually helps make instructional DVD’s for the teachers.  They love him.

If a person is hired to manage – then manage!  A manager cannot be everybody’s friend when it comes right down to it.  They are accountable for the processes and to the higher ups!  It is a fine line for sure… Now is a must to pray for wisdom and favor.

My husband’s wage-cut when his company was merged with another – – equaled out to $10/hour…..OUCH!  Big time for us!  

My dental assassinating school is not always regular as I’d like to be and now it is being challenged again.

Soooo….we set up an E-Bay store and are beginning to market used jeans, toner cartridges, and other things we have found here and there.  It is moving along slowly but it takes time to get going.  I’ll be working on getting some of my greetings cards up next.  

Just never give up!  Keep swimming upstream!  God is on your side!

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Deliverance is Flowing (repost)

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Deliverance is Flowing

Deliverance is Flowing
Bondage is going
For I have chosen
To let Christ Live
Assurance is growing
My body is knowing
The Father is present to give!


You Are the God of Israel
And YOU are the God of me
I’m holding forth
The Word of Life
I’m laying every weight aside
Until I see my victory!


Deliverance is Flowing
Bondage is going
For I have chosen
To let Christ Live
Assurance is growing
My body is knowing
The Father is present to give!
Nancy Kehr

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