A Fresh “Amen” 2

Amen courtesy photobucket
 ~ Sometimes we need to Rethink ~
. . .     Get a fresh paradigm.
. . .     Step away from conventional thought
. . .     Stop trying to change where we’re at
. . .     Quit wishing for something different
~ Without proper eyes to “see” ~
. . .     All we will see is the same old life
. . .     The same old job, same old people
. . .     Living from sensation to sensation
. . .     Stale discontentment fuels unrest
~ God set our guidelines but ~
. . .     We fret; eyes full of greener grass
. . .     Ears listening for better opportunities
. . .     Flesh itches –  Desire increases – Contentment flees
. . .     Searching becomes addiction 
~ Not all roads lead to completion ~
. . .     To satisfaction or even to peace
. . .     God has provided for ebb and flow
 . . .    Of people and situations, and
 . . .    Some are gone before we catch on
~ Perhaps the opportunity ~
. . .     Didn’t match our idea of what it should be
. . .     It didn’t fit our mold – our preconceived ideas
. . .     We await the fresh, and when it comes
. . .     It slips from our hands, unrecognized.


~ Only God can give us ~
. . .     Fresh sight – bright with His vision
. . .     Fresh hearing – a clear understanding of His Voice
. . .     Fresh discipline – obedience channeled in His direction
. . .     Fresh fulfillment – His approval which brings our delight!
 And to all that, I say a “Fresh Amen”
 * * * * * *
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I Ordered Coffee. God Ordered Patience

Today is a Guest Post by Husband Randy
Coffee Mocha
courtesy photobucket.com
Ahhhh, the aroma of coffee in the early morning and I was next in line at the drive-through!
A white mocha was calling my name but the vehicle ahead of me wasn’t budging!
A few more minutes crawled by and still no movement. 
Not wanting to stand on the brake forever, I put the work van into park, and sat there waiting my turn.
Due to a recent medical condition, I started feeling quite a bit off. Pain with a capital “P” began working its way along my shoulder and arm, then down into my fingers again.  Almost as a reflex, I looked up at the car ahead of me again.  Still there!
Instead of letting out a disgruntled sigh, and mouthing the words, “What’s taking so long?”,  a calmness rushed over me.
Almost as a word spoken to me, I heard, “Patience”.
So, I spoke out loud, “OK”, then smiled and relaxed.
I felt no rush or anticipation, but decided to rest in peace and be patient. After all, I had no real idea why it was taking so very, very, very long.
I just knew that I was told to sit back and relax.
So that’s what I did! 
After a few more minutes, the car ahead of me left, and I rolled up to the window, money in hand.
The clerk smiled and handed it back!
“That lady in front of you felt so bad that her extra drink order tied you up, so she paid for your drink.”
Now my smile really broadened! 
My wife and I pay it forward (and back) semi-regularly.  Occasionally it comes back to us.
This day was special, though.  My patient response, to what most people would  define as a maddening situation,  became a perfect time of training for me.
Having heard, exercised obedience, and then being rewarded made me feel “connected”.
“Thank you for my coffee, Father……..Thank You for YOU!
I rolled away feeling complete.  
 * * * * * *

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Don’t Slack NOW 2

Don’t Slack NOW!
Steadfast…Immovable….always abounding.
Your Rock is His Word !

Grace with out limit, ever astounding,
His Voice you have heard !

Unwaveringly patient, ever expounding
God’s strength is transferred. . .

Obedience enforces the enemy’s confounding
The lines are not blurred !

On you, His presence always surrounding
His ability, conferred.

Day, by day God’s love is resounding
From your heart, undeterred !

“Now go out and Rock your World!”
         * * * * *
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Bidding on a Marketing Job

Yes, I will Bid Cause I have What it Takes
courtesy photobucket.com

I was just considering bidding on a marketing job for an upscale dental office on Elance.

It occurred to me that many other bidders possessed more graphic arts abilities than I, and they promised the moon.

The practice was specific though, “You need to get who we are and who our customers are and be able to design around that.”

Well….that IS certainly the ONE thing I have that the others didn’t. I wasn’t going to bid, but now I’ll give it a shot!

Acknowledging where we’re at and then setting a goal to working toward the things we wish to attain, to accomplish, or share is the first step.

I’m inclined to agree with an article I read about true success for the New Year.

“…consider the value of striving for mediocrity.  Making smaller goals or resolutions that you can keep is a good way to be successful”

Tristan Taylor Thomas