Rollin’ Dough 2

Sorry Wrong Number
My day hadn’t been going particularly well and I felt very behind in terms of accomplishment.  Some days are just better than others!
It is during those times that it never ceases to amaze me how I can lose something on my desk, right in front of my face!  Yes! Right in front of my own face!  Yet, I can’t remember where I put it !!
Some of these little nuances of habit just drive me nuts.  My forté is organization, and I hate it when my own little bit of sloppiness gets me in trouble!  Such a time-waster!
Over the years, I have learned NOT to do certain things while talking on the phone.  The reason?  I end up with segmented memories that won’t allow me to put my finger on where I might have “filed” something.  It could be anything, but my rings are a good example!  My rule is to never take off my rings while I’m on the phone, especially if I am walking around.  Who knows where they’ll end up? 
This time it was my checkbook, and a supply list.  I had just handled both items, so where could they be??  I needed that checkbook! 
Because I know myself, I have created a few “neutral” areas in my office and home where I can dump things, and still be sure to find them later.  While this usually works out well, it was not working today.  I checked all my spots – nothing!
My doorbell had been busy all morning.  In the middle of all my searching, these interruptions tend to make me fretful when I need to concentrate on something.
Then there was the phone. The phone was another story!  This particular morning held the record for the world’s best-and-brightest asking dim-witted questions, and then calling back again because they didn’t listen the first time. 
I was in a snit and knew it. 
Honestly, I have asked God to help me recognize when things are off- kilter so I don’t sit in a pit for very long.  I picked up the signal!  It was time to back off and give things a prayer break.
No sooner had I finished than the phone range again.
I answered my phone, “National School of Dental Assisting.”
The guy on the other end says, “Is this the Rollin Dough Pizza?”
Annoyance tried to creep up my back. 
“No sir.” I replied.   “This is the National School of Dental Assisting,”  I said, in the nicest voice I could muster.
He hung up.
A few minutes later, he called again and asked the same question.  I guess he couldn’t hear or wasn’t paying attention ….twice!  He sounded a little miffed, like it was MY fault that HE did not reach the correct number.
My phone rang again. I noticed it was the same number.  This time I was ready.  I answered with my usual greeting, and he asked about Rollin’ Dough once more.
I told him this was not the number he wanted, but that I had a number for him.
The internet is such a lovely research tool!   I had already looked up the pizza place and pulled up the website with all the information.
He burst out laughing. . . and so did I! 
Once I gave him the number, he thanked me profusely.  I was no longer feeling overwrought, nor was I the least bit irritated by the interruption.  In fact, I was feeling rather liberated.   No circumstance was going to hold me hostage.
As I was sharing with a few friends, one mentioned that I had provided a lot better service than 411. 
Another said, “You’re always there to help someone out!”
Still another mentioned, “That is such a “Nancy” thing to do! You are ALWAYS SO kind to others.”
After hearing these comments, for just a moment, I felt a little guilty because I knew how I had initially reacted, and it wasn’t so wonderful or kind!
My daughter responded, “That’s my Mama…always prepared.  That guy will always remember the dental lady connecting him with the pizza number”
I hope he does.  He must have reached the pizza place because he didn’t call again.
There is a proverb that talks about a person who shows mercy.  It says that mercy will also be shown to that person.  I know I need mercy … and lots of it. In fact, I cannot do without it!  God has certainly been merciful to my ignorance and stubbornness, and I want to be sure to extend it to others.
“Please Lord – – help me remember where I put my checkbook.”
Well, I finally found my checkbook.  It was right there on my desk all the time, hidden by a skewed piece of paper.  Even though I could have sworn that I searched everywhere, it suddenly became visible.  I decided not to contemplate that any further.
Thank God for prayer, and for a change of heart.  
Maybe all that was a test?  Maybe it was!
I think I passed.
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2 thoughts on “Rollin’ Dough 2

  1. I sure understand, even though I'm not a phone person at a company. I sure don't like to get the calls over and over again from someone who doesn't realize who they're calling. At least at our house, if a name and number isn't exactly known, I don't answer. If the person leaves a message, then I might call back. Often it's connected to political stuff, “buying” stuff, or something even stranger. I don't like to hang up or turn down… verbally … so I just do what I need to do. Glad you found your checkbook. I usually know where mine is on my desk, but sometimes it's under some of my other papers. Life truly is life. Ya dun good…as usual.


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