Believing for Healing

Ramblings…… on Believing God for  “Healing or Anything”

When I asked God what was my part in believing for healing, or anything for that matter, He led me to Luke 18:1, where it tells about the reason Jesus was going to give this parable…so that men should always PRAY and NOT faint!  
So we don’t get a pass to stop enforcing righteousness or using the Word….I think we just get lazy.  I suppose that is why we have to lay our foundation while it is not raining.  It is hard to stand during a storm otherwise. 

When flesh is weak, it is easy to give up.  That’s also why we have the Body of Christ to stand by us in agreement, pull down strongholds and believe for victory!

The other thing that has helped me is to know that we are fallible—God is not.  
We are human people, and one of the facts seems to be that God’s people can perish for a lack of knowledge.  
I know that God has given us all the tools we need, but often there appears to be a time element involved.
Lifestyle and inner thought-life also emerge to play a part.  I am sure when God shows us exactly what was up, we will recognize where the Holy Spirit was working and where we might have missed hearing Him speak. 
All I can see is to keep on keeping on…considering Jesus…thinking on those things which are pure, lovely, and of a good report! 
Of course that means there’s a lot of worldliness that has to go, and that’s where a lot of God’s kids can get bogged down.   
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3 thoughts on “Believing for Healing

  1. All I can count on is hearing the Holy Spirit dropping words into my mind, soul, spirit so that I can obey the Lord and be going in the right direction at the right time. Thanks for sharing in a straightforward manner. You're right.


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