Preaching Without Power!

Preaching Without Power!
Preaching without power and teaching without thought
There’s no Transformation when Salvation isn’t taught

Prayers without a purpose and songs that few can sing
Hope without foundation, no real Life they bring

The lights are flashing boldly;  the band is playing loud
God’s Holy Presence missing, even though some heads are bowed.

Grace sans understanding; servants without desire
True Repentance wanting – people lack God’s Holy Fire

Baby spoons and crackers, and the Service, oh so short
‘Cuz  donuts in the lobby, seem a better sport.

Dumbing down Redemption, there’s no discipline of faith
Leaving one foot in the world, with the other lacking Grace

People in the church are the same as those outside
Who can tell the difference?  Where is Jesus’ Bride?

Minimalist kind of gospel shared, then  pray a little prayer
Is everybody comfortable? Is everybody there?

The Saving work of Jesus – is it politically correct?
Let’s not step on peoples’ toes, or make church members fret!

Theology is divisive, but contemporary style
Gives us cutesie stories, and things that make us smile

Oh God, bring us Revival; please open up our eyes
No longer let us settle for churches in disguise

Let’s not forget the sinner, for time IS running out
The Word of God so powerful, will save without a doubt!

Holy Spirit change us;  Your Power, exercise
Burn away the apathy and break unholy ties

Bring us now our armor; equip us from within
Wholly guide our actions, with righteous discipline!

No malnourished spirit;  no complacency of soul
The Word of God established, has made our knowledge full.

So, onward Christian soldiers!  You know this is a war
Embracing now HIS mission, find others to restore!

* * *

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“Amen, so be it.” 2

Oblivious and Inconvenient!

Not that I was in a real hurry or anything, but inconvenience can strike at any moment.

It’s called “inconvenience” because when it strikes, it is usually not at a time or place where we are prepared to for it to insert it’s less-than-welcome self!

I had just come from my other part-time “office,” the local coffee shop.  Yes, it is a convenient place to meet with potential students for my small Dental Assisting School.
I like that I can set up a mini “office” area complete with textbooks, teeth models and paperwork without feeling like I’m encroaching on someone’s space.  It’s relaxed, and coffee is only a few feet away!  Most everyone else in the shop, has a laptop or iPad open and are either working or studying while enjoying their beverage. 

My student came and went, so I packed everything up and headed toward the parking lot.  Then it struck!  Inconvenience!

Not that this even occurs very often, but I suddenly felt highly inconvenienced!  Someone had pulled into the spot to my left and snuggled their little car so close to my vehicle that there was no possibility of me getting in from the driver’s side.

Either that individual was extremely oblivious as to how they parked, or they just didn’t give a wing-ding-dangity!   I couldn’t fathom which.  It seemed obvious that they were overly close. 

Of late, I’ve noticed that a majority of people seem to live in a perpetual state of preoccupation.  You can see it in their eyes.  They are somewhere else.  Whether its electronics or the general rush-rush of our society, the noticeable disconnect is growing.  That which is apparent to most people seems to pass by that group.

Now what? 

I usually park my truck so that I am a distance away from where most cars congregate. There were wide open spaces all around, yet this individual managed to park leaving no more than 8 inches between my door and theirs!

Goodness!  Inconvenient?  Yes!  What to do?  What to do? 

Perhaps I could just get another cup of coffee……and hope the other car wouldn’t be there for the rest of the decade?  No, I had to get moving.

For a brief moment I was miffed, but I’m really thankful for all the work that God has done in me.  A few irreverent thoughts flashed though my mind, but neither rage nor vengeance has any place.

Then, an absolutely brilliant thought came to me!!

“Check the other side!”

What do you know?  Hallelujah!  I got right in!

It took a bit of doing to get to the driver’s seat because the console in our F250 truck is big, bulky and fixed.  I was used to the console in my F150 which can be raised and folded back to become part of the seat.

While I’m sure it didn’t look very lady-like, it was no matter!  I hoisted my hiney over the hump and into the driver’s seat I plopped! 

After that workout, I sat staring at the car next to me. 

The Holy Spirit nudged, “Pray for them.”

What?     Pray?

Did I want to?  Absolutely NOT!

Was the timing convenient?  Not really.

Did I do it?   Yes, I did pray.

I’ll admit that the flesh is slow, but my spirit knows what’s up!

Opportunities for acts of service and love do not always come at convenient times.  I know I have to jump on them just the same. 

Who knows what kind of a day Mr. Poor-Parker was having and at least, I wasn’t pinned in on both sides!

As I prayed for the owner of the other car, awareness of my own weakness and shortcomings arose.  Frailty of flesh makes me prone toward error.  No one escapes that.

Part of my prayer included asking God to help me handle myself with eyes wide open.  I asked Him to help ME to be aware of my surroundings and to see how my own actions might affect others. 

The lesson? 

I left with an urgency to be more even sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so that I don’t inconvenience Him by being oblivious to His directives!