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Broken bones?  Not me! 
Cuts, sprains and dislocations?  I have had more than my share of those. 
For some reason, my childhood years were beset by a lot of small injuries, most of which I incurred by just going everywhere too fast!  My poor little feet were injured more than once from stepping on nails!   Ankle sprains seemed common place. 
My adult years have seen some serious slippin ‘n sliddin’ and fallin’.  Once during a hike, my boots hit sand on the rock.  I pivoted, teetered and then fell, landing hands-and-knees down, on some jagged rocks below. That really hurt !    And…..for along time afterward. Besides the permanent injuries I sustained, I think I gave myself whiplash trying to recover!  
Then there was the time someone moved my ladder while I was trimming our large tree. I kissed the ground hard!  Blunt force trauma struck my hands once again.
 “Stars and Tweety birds” ran around my head when a baseball slammed into my face. And, while few people have been Karate-kicked by accident, I can tell you just how that feels.  Of everything I can remember; the oddest physical injuries seemed to occur while I was trying to avoid tripping over a child, a toy or one of the animals.  There have been so many, I’ve lost count!
 I’ve never had to wear a cast, but splints, braces, tape, and bandages have placed plenty of restriction on the free exercise of many body parts. No fun!
I hate being fettered.  Being confined so that something can heal is hard.
I was considering some of these things in my past and thanking God for His protection when thoughts of the Apostle Paul crossed my mind.  He was held captive – fettered – chained to a Roman soldier. That could not have been very convenient.
 BUT….the Roman soldier was ALSO captive.  He was chained to Paul.  How lucky for HIM!
Certainly,  they must have talked.  Think about it.  When Paul had visitors, that soldier was privy to everything that was shared.
 Perhaps the guard changed regularly.  Maybe there was a particular group of guards assigned to “watch” over Paul.  They were stuck with him…  Lucky them!
 I heard a famous preacher relate an incident in which his airline seating had changed a couple of times until he found himself in first-class, next to well-known celebrity.  The celebrity promptly informed him that he (the preacher) was “lucky” to be able to sit by him.  The Preacher turned to the actor and said, “Oh no, YOU are the lucky one – to be sitting by a Man of God, especially if this plane goes down.”   Comical, but true!
 Paul was definitely chained, but he was not bound, nor was he held captive.  He just continued living, writing and speaking the Word of God in his circumstance.  He knew that The Word was not bound. 
 I had asked God for a New Year’s directive and there it was – just like that! 
 I believe The Holy Spirit is directing God’s kids to look past obvious impediments and DO what our hands find to DO!  Perhaps it’s not a worldwide ministry!  Whatever the impossibility we are tied to – that very impossibility might just be the avenue of liberation!
 Look again!   Take the limits off! You are NOT stuck to a situation, a problem, or an impossibility!  It’s stuck to you!  And – – – ?    
 YOU have the Words of Life!  God is energizing you, right where you are, in whatever HE directs you to do!  Consider HIM!
 So yank that chain!  It has to follow YOU!

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