Ahhhh…. The Wisdom of a Child

Time to get New Tags
When my children were growing up, I tried to use everything possible as opportunities to teach them responsibility, planning and preparation along with the value of money.
Junk mail was abundant, so I included them each time I went through it.  They even helped me open the mail and learned to classify what actually was junk mail and what we needed to keep. 
One daughter opened the DMV notice for my truck’s commercial tags.  Because it was a large amount, I pinned the notice up on the bulletin board as a visible reminder to myself to save a little each payday.
Every week, I would post a note beside the bill showing how much I had accumulated. Once I had the whole fee, I took the children with me to the DMV to pick up the tags.
As I began to install those tags on my license plate, my usually bubbly 7 year-old daughter began to frown.  That frown grew deeper as she reached out to touch the tag.
When I asked her about her demeanor, she replied,
” Are you sure you didn’t waste your money?  This thing doesn’t look like it’s worth $175 to me!!”
Ahhh the wisdom of a kid.…     It didn’t seem worth it to me either – but it did authorize me to operate my car on public roads and to go wherever I needed to go for another year without fear of being fined. 
It was all about what that tag represented.  Freedom and authority within the confines of the law.
God’s Word is a lot like those vehicle license tags. His Word provides freedom and authority to operate via His many great and precious promises.  All of His promises are “Yes and So Be It”
So today my prayer is,
“Lord teach me to recognize and understand the true value of Your Word. Let me receive it into my spirit. Let me understand what it represents.  Even when I can’t begin to fathom the depth and total value of what You have already done for me, let me just say ‘Thank You” and apply it so I can move about doing Your works of service confidently.  In Jesus’ Name,  Amen.”
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Feet – Feet? – Feet 2

Feet.   That’s all I heard.   

I began my prayer time by asking God what he wanted me to pray over.  All afternoon,  I kept thinking that I should pray over a friend’s feet.   There it was – again!  

At an age when everyone else was retiring and enjoying the fruit of their life’s labors, some recent acquaintances of ours had heeded a call to the missions in Cambodia.
Their very large church in Californiahad promised ample sponsorship and raised plenty of money to send them on their way.  How wonderful!  Everything was working out well! 

Yet, unknown to them, even as they had already liquidated most of their personal goods and made their way across the seas to do what God directed, the church changed its Missions director. 

The new director had other plans for missions….and they did NOT include our new friends and their efforts in Cambodia.  They were left high and dry!    

Never suspecting that they would be without their main line of support, they had to trust God to show them what to do! Theirs was a quick learning curve.   

It wasn’t easy, but God showed them how to be creative and they steadily raised the money they needed. They produced everything themselves, from website content to ministry aids.  Except for their love for the Cambodian people, nothing came easy! 

The aches and pains of their 60–something bodies accompanied them everywhere, but especially intensified when a motorcycle accident left them with bruises and broken bones. 

Wondering why were riding motorcycles in the first place?  Few people own cars in those regions. Paved roads are almost non-existent, and the ones leading into the undeveloped portions of Cambodia where they teach are nothing more than rutty, bumpy pathways.  A motorcycle is the best answer.  However even a motorcycle can be challenged by the terrain! 

It’s important to support those God has given to us.  Money and prayer are vital. 

So back to my prayer time. The things I have prayed about for these dear people has often confounded me!  I have prayed about the oddest things.  Odd to me, maybe, but not to them.  The Holy Spirit knows just what should be addressed and spoken forth in their behalf. 

So this time,  it was “feet”.  The Holy Spirit was specific and directed me to pray over the wife’s feet.  I finally e-mailed her and let her know what was going on.  A few days later, she replied, 

“Hi Nancy,
Yes my feet have been hurting while traveling almost 3,000 miles the last month, sitting in the car holding my feet in one place hurts..  Thanks for your prayers.”

Could it have been that simple?  Yes. 

Besides the after-effects of the motorcycle accident, she let me know that she also suffered from Fibromyalgia. 

Did God care about her feet?  He certainly did and He brought it to my attention!   

That is how the Body of Christ works.  

We are fitly joined together and should function seamlessly, upholding one another.   At least that’s the way it should be.   

While I am not perfect at this, I AM getting better and more adept.  My goal is to be as instant-in-season as possible.  

I want to be practiced-up now so that when it is a matter of more urgency, it won’t take me any time to jump right in and pray for someone.  

Even praying for their feet.   

Yes, my understanding had not been engaged, but it didn’t have to be.  

God knew.  It was up to me to obey his leading. 

One definition of prayer I heard years ago was this: 

God says it….you pray it……God does it!   

That’s good enough for me! 
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Blessed are the Feet that bring Good News

Surprises along the way!


Surprise !!
Things have been challenging around here lately, but I am so glad I have GOD!

A lot of opportunities for ministry keep presenting themselves to Randy and I lately.  It has been almost weird, except – – I know it is God.

An example of this is the time that we were returning from Randy’s appointment.  We were both tired from the long drive, BUT I felt “directed” to go across town to a certain coffee shop.

It was out of my way.

Randy and I were talking and God brought up the name of a certain couple we had not seen in a while.  We wondered out loud about them and vowed to make contact soon.

We pulled up and parked… …and what do you know – so did they!

We all went in together.  They were excited and surprised to see us too.  We had been busy with our lives and they, theirs. The days flowed into months.

As it turned out, not only did she just celebrate her 50th birthday, but she also ended up having a heart attack the same week.

Her husband had been off on a work injury for some time and was finally approved to have shoulder surgery.

It took work comp and his company two years to move that along.  And I thought 5 months was a long time for Randy to have to wait!

Our friends are not Christians, but we ministered to them and told them we’d be praying on the surgery date.   Coincidence?

As we continue to go about our business, other  “happenstances” keep popping up. 

All in all,  I guess that God knows right where to put us and when!  Of course He does!

After months of waiting and excruciating pain, my husband finally received approval for the series of special shots he needs before his specialists will schedule fusion surgery for his back/neck.  We trusted God to DO something and so he has!

It seems everything was coming together. Perhaps surgery won’t even be needed.

The beginning of the week meant the end of Randy’s ability to be able to work at home for his company. He knew it was to be for a short time while his work injury issues were being sorted out.

We had hoped that he would not have to go back on Work Comp.  There were no more Special Projects for him to do at home for his bosses.

So fast and efficient he is, Randy worked himself out of an at-home job! 

At least he got a month of a regular paycheck. 

Maybe it’s time for another coffee date. . . 

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May your week be full of GOOD surprises !!

The Blame Game

The Blame Game
So horrific!  
While I realize that our world is being bombarded with evil, what occurred in a town close by where we live , left us feeling a little numb.

Stockton, California, was the scene of a bank robbery gone wrong.  

CNN reported,
“Three bank robbery suspects led police on an hour-long chase through Northern Californiaon Wednesday, spraying patrol cruisers with bullets and shooting at least two of the three hostages they took.
In the end, two of suspects were killed by police and a third was wounded. One of the three hostages died, while two others were injured.
“The actions of the dangerous criminals … was beyond reckless and chaotic,” said StocktonPolice Chief Eric Jones.
It all started with a security guard’s call to 9-1-1. A bank robbery was underway, he told the emergency operator before the suspects tied him up.
An officer was there within minutes, but could only watch helplessly as the suspects bolted out of the Bank of the West branch with three female hostages — two employees and a customer.

I didn’t even know the deceased, but I feel like I lost a neighbor. Forced to endure an unthinkable nightmare, the other hostages are alive and for that, I rejoice, but my heart hurts for the grieving family and friends of Misty, the hostage who perished.
As if the incident itself wasn’t bad enough, the Blame Game has begun!

We are hearing about how everybody else could have handled the situation better…from the tellers in the bank, to the security guard in the bank, and most especially the police.  Some have said that the police should have held their fire.  So, with bullets from an automatic gun flying at them, what does that mean?  That they should have just “taken it like men”?

 If nothing had been done and an innocent bystander had been killed the spray of bullets from the criminals automatic weapon,  the police would have been criticized for allowing them to terrorize without making an effort to stop them.
We have heard people say that the police should have had a sniper take them out…that they should have put down the strips that flatten the tires… that they should have let them go and not pursue…
Accusations fly as people say that all of this was the police department’s fault.
Say what?   What is wrong with our skewed thought processes these days?
Oh, but let us never put blame on the actual EVIL.  These criminal gang members were the ones who decided to rob the bank, take hostages, terrorize them, try to kill police and anyone else who got in their way
No, I am not an officer, and neither do I know what it’s like to answer a routine call that could potentially end one’s life, yet these men do it every day.  They put their uniforms on and go to work.
Are there corrupt and indecent police officers? Certainly!  Those kind of individuals are everywhere, but my first instinct is not to blame or distrust our local Police.  In fact, I wish there were more of them. 
Politics and lack of funding has left this particular town severely undermanned.  With that handicap, it’s a wonder that any Officer even shows up to work.
I am praying for the family and people who are grieving, I am praying for our police. God bless them all, and God HELP us.
These times require us to hone our pray skills and wield our weapons of righteousness. 
Our world needs it’s Prayer Warriors.    And let’s NOT forget……………..Israel.
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Buzzers and Beeps 2

Good at Multi-tasking !!
The printer in my small office whirred, spitting page after page into the tray below . . . 
Good!  Things were rolling along as I assembled currents events and curriculum for that evening’s class at my dental assistance school. 
A loud buzz interrupted my fixation.   I stood for a moment and a second buzz signaled from the laundry room.   My cue.   Dutifully, I left the computer area and headed down the hall.  
With my arms full of clean, dry towels, a little thought approached me from inside. Actually, it was already a full-blown idea which included a directive. 
“Oh yes, “I said out loud.   “I will do that in just a minute.” 
Grabbing the wet laundry from washer, I hurried to fill the dryer and get it tumbling. Moving right along! Things were getting accomplished for both work and home! 
Listening but Busy
The thought was still in the forefront of my mind.  It had to do with taking care of something important – not for me, but for someone else. It was for someone who had a certain need.  
As I mused, I wondered why no one else had helped yet.  I knew it was the Holy Spirit nudging me, and I would get right on it!  I will do that – – Soon ! 
The towels, spilled from my arms onto the sofa.  Turning to go, I heard the printer in the office, still busily at work, accompanied by an indistinguishable fluttering sound. I listened for a minute.  
Things seemed okay.  Glancing back  at the clean laundry and then at the clock, I told myself that it wouldn’t take long to fold and put these away, so I dove right in and got it done.  
About that time, my ear was alerted to a beeping sound in the office.  The out-of-paper tone sent me scurrying to add paper to the printer.  What a mess I discovered!   Papers had fluttered to the floor and now the printer was jammed too! 
On top of clearing a tough printer-jam with stuck paper coming out piece-by-piece, re-collating all those lessons took quite a bit of time.  
Just as I finished, the dryer buzzed again. The second load was done. Turning the printer back on – – I gave it some keyboard commands and its usual revving sound indicated that it was back in service. 
Just then the garbage truck pulled up in front, and I could tell when it had finished dumping the cans. Hmmm…they were late today. Making a mental note, I knew I should pull those trash cans in soon, so my husband could get into the driveway when he came home from work. 
Off to the laundry room once again, I grabbed another load of dry towels.  This time I was aware of the same thought that had grabbed my attention earlier.  Arms full and heading down the hall, out loud I muttered,  
“Okay, I’ll do that in JUST a minute!” 
I was about to the living-room to unload and fold, when I heard a sharp reply, 
“For rebellion is asthe sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” 
Stunned!  I was stunned.  What was that?  It came again. 
“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft – – -” 
I stopped in my tracks! 
Those words had been spoken by God to King Saul.  They were in the Bible and I had read the account.  Now they were coming at me! 
Those towels fairly flew out of my arms as I tossed them like hot potatoes! 
I whispered; 
“Thank you, Lord, for being so merciful with me.  Thank you for allowing me to practice when it isn’t a life-and-death-situation.   Help me to be obedient quickly.  Help me to stay focused at hearing Your voice and reacting at once.” 
As it turned out, my heavenly errand accomplished what it was supposed to, albeit, a little later than it should have been done.  The person was blessed, and God’s love had been shown.  Any later, and they may have done without.  
Rolling back the years to when my kids were small, my thoughts turned to a time when one of them needed to be seen by a doctor, but I had no money to cover the bill.  My confidence was that God would supply the funds because I had been doing what He directed me to do. I knew He would take care of me!! 
When the time came around for the medical visit, I asked God what I should do, and got the answer;  
“Go with ME in your pocket.”   
So, I wrote on a little piece of paper, “God – Paid by God” and put it in my pocket.  I kept my hand around that little note and confidently went to the appointment.  
About the time the appointment was to end, a scurry of emergency vehicles arrived.  The doctor and nurse apologized, but hurried us out of the office, promising to call for a follow-up. Off we went, rejoicing.  
Some people act off-the-cuff, and hope God will come through, but I wasn’t presuming or being foolish.  I knew God’s voice.  
A couple of days later, when I returned from helping a friend, my front door scraped over an envelope at the entry.   A five-hundred dollar money order!  The note said, 
“I felt like God told me you needed this right away and to get this to you last week but I kept forgetting.  Hope it helps and is not too late.” 
No name.   No matter.  God had supplied.    Just think if that person HAD acted when God spoke to them.   
Personally, I NEVER want to hear that reminder about rebellion again!   Alerted to all those other noises and signals, I had neglected the most important one of all – – God’s voice.  
Am I perfected in all these areas?  Absolutely not, but I am so much better at setting aside what I am doing aside and responding to the Holy Spirit’s nudging – especially about praying for people.  
To be ever alert to His promptings and to be instant in season are my constant goals! 
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