Surprises along the way!


Surprise !!
Things have been challenging around here lately, but I am so glad I have GOD!

A lot of opportunities for ministry keep presenting themselves to Randy and I lately.  It has been almost weird, except – – I know it is God.

An example of this is the time that we were returning from Randy’s appointment.  We were both tired from the long drive, BUT I felt “directed” to go across town to a certain coffee shop.

It was out of my way.

Randy and I were talking and God brought up the name of a certain couple we had not seen in a while.  We wondered out loud about them and vowed to make contact soon.

We pulled up and parked… …and what do you know – so did they!

We all went in together.  They were excited and surprised to see us too.  We had been busy with our lives and they, theirs. The days flowed into months.

As it turned out, not only did she just celebrate her 50th birthday, but she also ended up having a heart attack the same week.

Her husband had been off on a work injury for some time and was finally approved to have shoulder surgery.

It took work comp and his company two years to move that along.  And I thought 5 months was a long time for Randy to have to wait!

Our friends are not Christians, but we ministered to them and told them we’d be praying on the surgery date.   Coincidence?

As we continue to go about our business, other  “happenstances” keep popping up. 

All in all,  I guess that God knows right where to put us and when!  Of course He does!

After months of waiting and excruciating pain, my husband finally received approval for the series of special shots he needs before his specialists will schedule fusion surgery for his back/neck.  We trusted God to DO something and so he has!

It seems everything was coming together. Perhaps surgery won’t even be needed.

The beginning of the week meant the end of Randy’s ability to be able to work at home for his company. He knew it was to be for a short time while his work injury issues were being sorted out.

We had hoped that he would not have to go back on Work Comp.  There were no more Special Projects for him to do at home for his bosses.

So fast and efficient he is, Randy worked himself out of an at-home job! 

At least he got a month of a regular paycheck. 

Maybe it’s time for another coffee date. . . 

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May your week be full of GOOD surprises !!

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