Feet – Feet? – Feet 2

Feet.   That’s all I heard.   

I began my prayer time by asking God what he wanted me to pray over.  All afternoon,  I kept thinking that I should pray over a friend’s feet.   There it was – again!  

At an age when everyone else was retiring and enjoying the fruit of their life’s labors, some recent acquaintances of ours had heeded a call to the missions in Cambodia.
Their very large church in Californiahad promised ample sponsorship and raised plenty of money to send them on their way.  How wonderful!  Everything was working out well! 

Yet, unknown to them, even as they had already liquidated most of their personal goods and made their way across the seas to do what God directed, the church changed its Missions director. 

The new director had other plans for missions….and they did NOT include our new friends and their efforts in Cambodia.  They were left high and dry!    

Never suspecting that they would be without their main line of support, they had to trust God to show them what to do! Theirs was a quick learning curve.   

It wasn’t easy, but God showed them how to be creative and they steadily raised the money they needed. They produced everything themselves, from website content to ministry aids.  Except for their love for the Cambodian people, nothing came easy! 

The aches and pains of their 60–something bodies accompanied them everywhere, but especially intensified when a motorcycle accident left them with bruises and broken bones. 

Wondering why were riding motorcycles in the first place?  Few people own cars in those regions. Paved roads are almost non-existent, and the ones leading into the undeveloped portions of Cambodia where they teach are nothing more than rutty, bumpy pathways.  A motorcycle is the best answer.  However even a motorcycle can be challenged by the terrain! 

It’s important to support those God has given to us.  Money and prayer are vital. 

So back to my prayer time. The things I have prayed about for these dear people has often confounded me!  I have prayed about the oddest things.  Odd to me, maybe, but not to them.  The Holy Spirit knows just what should be addressed and spoken forth in their behalf. 

So this time,  it was “feet”.  The Holy Spirit was specific and directed me to pray over the wife’s feet.  I finally e-mailed her and let her know what was going on.  A few days later, she replied, 

“Hi Nancy,
Yes my feet have been hurting while traveling almost 3,000 miles the last month, sitting in the car holding my feet in one place hurts..  Thanks for your prayers.”

Could it have been that simple?  Yes. 

Besides the after-effects of the motorcycle accident, she let me know that she also suffered from Fibromyalgia. 

Did God care about her feet?  He certainly did and He brought it to my attention!   

That is how the Body of Christ works.  

We are fitly joined together and should function seamlessly, upholding one another.   At least that’s the way it should be.   

While I am not perfect at this, I AM getting better and more adept.  My goal is to be as instant-in-season as possible.  

I want to be practiced-up now so that when it is a matter of more urgency, it won’t take me any time to jump right in and pray for someone.  

Even praying for their feet.   

Yes, my understanding had not been engaged, but it didn’t have to be.  

God knew.  It was up to me to obey his leading. 

One definition of prayer I heard years ago was this: 

God says it….you pray it……God does it!   

That’s good enough for me! 
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Blessed are the Feet that bring Good News

4 thoughts on “Feet – Feet? – Feet 2

  1. I understand feet now in a way I never had before. B/c MY feet are connected to, not pain, but nerves dying and stumbling increasing. All I can trust is the Lord for the days of my life. You were used as a blessing and truly WERE a blessing. Made me smile simply thinking of you.


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