All At the Speed of Text

Speed of Text
“Tell Sandy you’re praying over her.”
“Hmmm?”  I heard myself mumble out loud.   
The words came again from deep within.
I was in the middle of a busy morning and had places to be.   There was no denying, I had heard.  There was no real time for a phone call, so I did the next best thing – I shot out a text message on my iPhone.
In this age of technology and electronics, I’m pretty sure God is going to hold us all accountable for our proper use of all these wonderful tools!  Whatever we know how to use and what we employ is what we’ll be accountable for.
Now, some of us HATE the learning curve that is included with adding new tech, while others (like my husband) just love it! 
These days, it’s tough to keep track of which person does what.  
As for me, how I wish everyone could/would text.  It’s one of the quickest ways I know to transmit an important message.  
Back to my gut-level leading – – – Since I know Sandycan receive text messages, I knew I was obliged to transmit, exactly, the message God wanted me to get to her.    I began…
“Good morning!   I am hooking in prayer with you, and am praying over your body for total healing and recovery right this minute.  I plead the Blood of Jesus over your body and over your mind.  I rebuke the evil one who would put the wrong thoughts in your mind and cause you to draw back in fear.”
Did I know she was ill?  No!   And that thought immediately crossed my mind.  Did I hesitate?  No!  I know God’s voice.  I didn’t have to know what was going on to deliver a message.
Anyway, I sent that section of the message, but wasn’t even done, when an incoming text interrupted.
“Thanks, Nan!  I’m in bed – very sick!  I’ve been vomiting all night – with diarrhea”
I continued,

“The Holy Spirit has put you on my heart.  I am praying over your business and over you for protection from the evil one”

She shot back a text agreeing with me.
I finished,

By two o’clock today, you will be feeling better” 

“Amen” was her reply.

Throughout my morning tasks and as the spirit moved, I continued to pray over her.  By the afternoon, the urgency lifted.   Sure enough, the next morning I received a text message with emphasis, 

“All better, Nan!”

We thanked God for His faithfulness –  via text.   All day long, I thought of how He motivated me and I continued to praise Him for His love – – – – and for technology that reached her      – – – – – – – at the speed of TEXT! 

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Diamond Rings in the Mail 2

Angel-of-the-Canyon 2

Driving through the canyon at night could be a little spooky!  There were few lights where the freeway wound around the hills.
When I was a teen, it seemed to take forever to get through that area and into the valley beyond.   Maybe it was because there wasn’t much to see.  A harvest moon nearly kissed the hills and made them glow in the fall, but otherwise I remember the canyon ride for its darkness.
One bright spot in the trip held as much anticipation as it did mystery. Set way back off to the side of the freeway, up a hilly drive, was an ethereal sight that we dubbed, “The Angel.”
Its welcome glow cast a supernatural aura of excitement and peacefulness over me, all at the same time.  With eagerness, I always looked for it and gazed as long as I could before it was out of sight.  Even as I became old enough to drive, year in and year out, it never failed me.
My thoughts were always turned heavenward and to God’s power; to His love, mercy and greatness – even after a brief glimpse.
Actually, it was hard to make out what kind of figure it was.  By day, the structure and its contents were not well visible, but blended into the hillside.
Years later, a news article caught my eye.  It was about MY angel!
The owner of the property said that many people were under the impression that it was an angel, or the Virgin Mary.  In his words, it was a huge “icon,” a statue that he found on one of his trips.
POP!    My wonderful bubble burst.  I found myself a bit irritated with that guy! As crazy as it sounds, I wish he would have kept the information to himself.
I had not been superstitious, nor did I think the angel actually had any miraculous power.  I just liked seeing its shimmering light in the darkness.  It reminded me of the angel who stood guard at Jesus’ tomb.
What captivated me then?     It was HOPE!     It still captivates . . .
The supernatural. The miraculous. The Divine.  Angels represented all that.  They were everywhere in the Bible.  They brought news, instructions, encouragement, and hope.
 Why do I say HOPE?  I say hopebecause, “Fear not…”   were usually the first words spoken by these angel messengers.
(Otherwise their awesome presence would cause most people to faint.)
Matt 28:5-6 And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified.   He is not here: for He is risen, as He said. Come see the place where the Lord lay.
Jesus’ miraculous birth, His sacrifice and His resurrection were part of The Divine Plan of Father God, predicted by prophets and announced by angels.       
History has it that stained glass, mosaics, carvings and other art which decorated churches and cathedrals, were intended to inspire the worshipper. In other places, the art depicted Bible stories for those who could not read.
My Angel-of-the-canyon inspired ME!
The statue is long gone, but the memory is not.   I did not lose the wonder and I didn’t lose my HOPE.
He is Risen!   That’s what the angel said!

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Affirmation & Encouragement

Affirmation & Encouragement

Intrinsic values, instilled within
Go far beyond things, so fleeting

Armed with Truth and Right from our God
Salvation’s Song is beating
 It overcomes the noise of Life
Sweeping aside things passing

We’re ultimately drawn to higher pursuits
To those that will be everlasting!
 This way of Life, is rooted so deep,
It’s never just “ mind-over-matter”

The Living Word –  protection and guide –
Causes all darkness to scatter!
 Reaching out now, with hearts wide open
Gathering all those who need Him

Yes, transferring Grace,  is what we’re about
Our mission: Delivering that Freedom
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John 14:27  Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.

I do not give to you as the world gives.

Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.