I Knew I Was as Good as Dead

I had an odd dream.  Out of nowhere it came!  
Dinner had been light, so it couldn’t have been anything I ate. No television or news items had crossed my eyes in days, so it couldn’t have been that either.
In fact, my day was fairly calm.
I was waiting for some guidance from above on a couple of issues.  I had really had been struggling not to react to a couple of situations that had presented themselves.  Instead, I was concentrating on holding myself quiet so I could stay in a position of faith. 
The accuser had been in my ear all day long.  Yackety-yak-yak! 
The Word of God kept rising up to greet his attacks. God had my back and I knew it!  Still, it gets wearying.  One situation, in particular, was like the “Two-steps-forward-five-steps-back” type of situation.  Over time, it has returned repeatedly.  And?   You know, it … just …  gets  … old.  
Alright then….back to the dream.  

Although I was quite a ways from the shore, I still had a good view of it.  I found myself on the deck of some sort of small craft, no bigger than a sport fishing vessel.  The boat was not moving, but lazily rocked back and forth in the sun and breeze.  Such peace.
Surrounding the boat were other people who were also just relaxing, and having fun in the perfect weather.  A sense of familiarity engulfed me as I recognized different ones here and there.  
Then it struck me!  

Most of these people were NOT in boats.  They were soaking up the sun, sprawled on inflatable mattresses, as if they were in a swimming pool. Now, I can’t exactly say why, but that bothered me a little.   After all, this was the ocean!  Where was their protection and why weren’t they prepared in case the weather changed? 
I was alert and walking around the deck.  As I kept a look-out, I noticed most of the people were rather laid back, just floating along. The gentle rocking action of the water lulled many to sleep.
Uneasiness stirred in my gut even though things seemed perfect. 
Feeling pressed to start for shore,  I called out to different ones.  Some laughed and went back to sleep. I kept calling.  Others just looked annoyed and rolled over.   Still others opened their eyes lazily, gazed around at the others, then shook their heads “No” and reclined once again.
My life jacket was a bit loose, so I tightened it about me and made preparations to leave.  As I got underway, I noticed something dark, rolling toward us in the distance.   By now, I was headed toward shore, asking God to get me there safely.

Traveling steadily, I made progress and felt confident, but suddenly, without any warning, huge swells began! 
I continued ahead as fast as I could, but conditions were getting choppy, and the sun seemed to have gone behind a cloud.
Looking back to check the rest of the group, I found myself faced with a high wall of water. My heart lurched!   Following the wall with my eyes, my head snapped upward! 
How?  Where? Oh dear!!!  
Cresting high over me, a fierce 50-foot wave began to bear down and curl on top of me.   Fear tried to take hold.   What could I do?   I wasn’t that strong of a swimmer.  How could I survive this?  

I knew I was as good as dead.
The wave started to collapse. I stared up into what seemed to be a hollow spot.  

Like reverberating thunder, the roaring increased and I could barely hear myself as I cried out,
“Father Help!  Father, I’m going to get through this.  I’m going to come up through that spot once that wave subsides.  Show me Lord; show me how to do it.”  
Amazingly enough, I felt that I should push away from the boat, into the wave.  As the wave engulfed me with a great force, I closed my eyes, grabbed my head and curled into a ball.  It was if I was “pushed” into some sort of hollow pocket of airspace inside the wave. 
The deafening noise ceased but the tossing was horrible.  Moment by moment, I asked God to show me what to do and how to react.    Initially, I started to flail around and my heart raced.  Respiration increased with the onset of panic. 
I felt God tell me to quiet myself, and breath slowly so I didn’t use up all the air in the “bubble” before the wave played out. 
Trusting God, I concentrated on calming myself.  With effort, I got my breathing under control. 
I don’t know why I could see through the top of the wave, but I could.  Still, I was several feet under water, and moving ahead rapidly.
All I remember saying over and over was, “Okay, Father, I will come up and out through there, soon.”
Then everything went dark.  Still, I was aware of constant motion. I was waiting… just waiting.
As the wave broke and went on into the shore, I shot out of the water, gasping for air!
Fully aware that no calamity had overtaken me, I saw that I was within a safe distance of the shore. Breathlessly, I praised God over and over!   I was going to be fine.

Then my thoughts turned.  Where were the others?  What had happened to them?  I was almost to shore and when some familiar rubber boats caught my attention.  They had ended up on the nearby rocks. 

SUDDENLY, I WOKE UP – –  No my eyes didn’t open, but I knew I was awake. I didn’t move.
Next to me, softly stroking my arm was my husband, propped up on one elbow. I was aware, but couldn’t speak.  In the morning, he told me that my “funny breathing” had awakened him, so he watched over me to make sure I was okay and that things returned to normal.
He said that, at one point, I was pulling in short, soft halting breaths – randomly at first, and then more frequent.  Then he mentioned that I calmed down completely, so he went back to sleep.
Though I’m not exactly sure how long it was but, sometime later, I was wide awake!  The night was still pitch dark. Things were churning on my insides. A song rose up from deep within!  Quietly at first, but then these words thundered:
“Like a mighty sea!  Like a mighty sea, comes the love of Jesus, sweeping over me!  
The waves of glory roll. The Savior to extol, Comes the love of Jesus, sweeping o’er 
my soul.”
It wouldn’t leave.  Louder and louder it echoed until I FINALLY got up!
Downstairs I looked at the clock.  Three a.m.  What?  On a Saturday?
My insides were still shaking.  I paced a bit, got some hot chocolate, and put on a Bible DVD to get The Word into my ears.  
What was THAT all about, anyway?  I felt like I had exercised for hours.
I settled in on the sofa with a blanket and listened to the Bible.  Prayer overtook me and I yielded.  People I hadn’t thought of in a long time crossed my thoughts.  Odd situations with family flashed!  I prayed, I interceded !!

The first indication of morning light peeped through the shades.  It was cold.  I got another blanket, turned off the TV and managed to drift off for a couple of hours.

A little tired, but extremely peaceful, I came to, clutching my blanket. The realization that a battle had been won, washed gently over me.  I bathed in it. 

Whether or not I saw anything with my eyes, was irrelevant.  It was settled.  I had my course.   What was meant for my demise was ultimately my salvation.
My confidence is in the Lord – no matter what. 
Later on in the morning, I opened to Psalms 65 and this is part of what I read:
5 By terrible things in righteousness wilt thou answer us,O God of our salvation;
Who art the confidence of all the ends of the earth,And of them that afar off upon the 
6. Which by His strength setteth fast the mountains; Being girded with power:
7. Which stilleth the noise of the seas,  The noise of their waves, and the tumult of the 
Coincidence?  I think not.   Reassurance and confirmation?  Yes, indeed.
God is God.   He is in the business of speaking to His children and delivering them.  Though there is more than one lesson I can take away from my dream, I know this:  No evil shall befall me, neither shall any plague come night my dwelling. 
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.    I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.  (Yawn…)

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Cyber- Life,Techno-Gloom and the Games People Play 2

So many things plague people these days! More than ever we need a place of solace and refuge.
Over-stimulation is here.  People just don’t stop! People can’t be quiet! More to the point, they don’t make themselves be quiet. Most everyone I know is in some sort of over-drive mode.  Much of it spins around the internet and electronics: phones, cameras, apps, TV, GPS, e-mail, social networking, games and more.
We used to own a small bit of stock in a company that makes “game chairs”.  These “chairs” actually encompass the whole person, engulfing them with 3-D sights and surround-stereo-sound. Depending on the game, a person is nearly transported into, and becomes one with, the action.  The chair tremors and moves, energized by the reverberations of the game itself.  No wonder gamers lose track of time!  Such stimulation for all the senses all at once!
In our electronic age, constant connection is also spawning a myriad of difficulties and dilemmas. It poses hazards for individuals and families, alike!  Common sense, judgment and the feeling of well-being are gradually becoming compromised and redefined. 
I’ve heard it said that people cram so much into their lives, that they have to schedule their headaches!  Funny, but not really! Life has a way of accelerating us to death, without adding another switch that constantly stays “ON”! 
One person whom I was trying to encourage has become very withdrawn. Obviously disquieted, she exclaimed,
“I don’t feel safe.  They’ve gone a bit too far with technology now. It’s an invasion of privacy.  We don’t need anything more on a cell phone than what we need to make a call.  We don’t need games, we don’t need cameras, we don’t need the Internet.  All this stuff has gone too far. I don’t like the fact that I can be tracked just by carrying my phone!” 
While I have continued to utilize invention and connectivity as great resources, my attentions are not totally spellbound by any of them.  I am thankful for digital phones, cameras, websites and online connectivity. It has been useful in many ways, from business to personal.  Others, however, have withdrawn into it and, without realizing it; have made the cyber-world their only outlet for entertainment or diversion.  
One mother recently expressed her angst to me, 
“You have to be careful what you put on Facebook and other websites like this.  Employers are watching their employees via Facebook.  I can see how kids could get into trouble, thinking that the people they meet on the pages are who they say they are.  Then they meet up with them and end up being raped or murdered.  All these things all seem like fun, but they are inherently dangerous left unchecked.” 
Yet, did she make any strides to monitor, or limit her children’s online forays?  I highly doubt it as her kids seem to run the household.  Everything is centered around them, their classes, their games, their activities!  Her kids are too young for cell phones with cameras or even iPads, yet they have them. What is worse yet, these kids feel they are entitled to these things!  
I was absolutely appalled at the outburst of another acquaintance of mine.  She posed that there probably have been a lot of divorces caused by spouses who spend all their time on social media.   To my inquiry, she hotly retorted, 
“I am tired of my husband who can’t wait until he wakes up at midnight after going to bed at 4 p.m. so he can get onto Facebook,.  Then he’s on it until he leaves for work at 3:30 a.m., and is back on it again the moment he walks in the door from work!   Dinner has to wait while he’s doing his games! Afterwards, he eats and heads to bed.  His life revolves around these stupid online games and Facebook.   I might as well be single for the amount of attention I get.  Can you blame a person for going out on a spouse when they are ignored like that?  
Things around the house and yard never get done now, because he’s on the computer all the time.  So, I am basically alone anymore.    Oh well, when he dies, I’ll have everything he’s earned and a house to myself.  I don’t care anymore.”
Honestly, I felt a little helpless. The isolation of cyber-living may yet trump other excesses and habits.   “Everything in moderation” is still a good guide. 
God doesn’t have a website, and people don’t need a phone to connect.  Prayer opens immediate contact.  He doesn’t Tweet, but He gave us His Holy Spirit to keep us connected to our source of Power, and to give us direction.  
He put His promises for us in a “text”, called the Bible.  Peace of mind and security of soul can be found there, and there are no limits on the characters.   He prepared church so we can have some face-to-face reality – better than HD or gaming any day!    Want to tap into Ultimate Connectivity? 
It’s not “God dot com,” it’s  “Come to God!”
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Shades of What?

Searching….searching…. in the Twilight…..in the Grey . . .
Just where is the Body of Christ? Are they Lost in Space? 

A Christian is called on to judge rightly, and to rightly divide the Word of Truth. As I see it, Mathew 7 doesn’t tell us NOT to judge – it tells us HOW to.
With all the stuff that is being presented for consumption, it is more than vital that God’s kids guard their hearts and minds  –  and judge or DISCERN rightly!
Why is it that many Christians these days tend to excuse their participation in, and even glamorize, activities or places embraced by secular people?
“But, it’s exciting.  It sounds like lots of fun!    I hardly ever. . .   It’s only this once . . .”
Poof!  What happened to Holiness?  What happened to come apart and be separate?  What about guarding our hearts?
Discernment?  It is as though the ability to discern has been compromised.  Dull, flattened  consciences no longer provide a discernible “prick”.  
Frankly, it has become harder and harder to distinguish Christ-ones from their worldly counterparts. 
In a certain survey of Christian women, the majority polled  stated that “it wasn’t up to them to judge” what another Christian saw or read.” 
Really? Is that correct? 
So. . .does that make spiritual principles, and all the guidelines set by the Bible, null and void? 
Are we now, indeed, captivated by that which is completely basal, dismissive of right and wrong?
Let’s deal with some recent movies.
By comparison, Twilight (the series), was a lighter version of Fifty Shades of Grey. Call it what you want—erotic fiction, BDSM, or in the Twilight Series, paranormal young adult fiction. 
The bottom line of both is the same: Good girls fall in love with bad boys. These individual books/ movies reached a mass-market audience and were propelled,  at once,  into popularity.
They were really nothing new – just provocative “romance” novels where the “hero” treats the female badly, yet she pines for him anyway.  
Let’s examine this.  Why does she pine?  She hopes to reform him, of course!  Seedy novels have been popular with women for years and years providing such a warped view of love! 
People have said,  “It’s only a story”, but that doesn’t make it right to ingest.  Violent movies and books, and those which embrace the occult…are not fit for consumption either. 
Weighing all things and comparing them with what is expected of us according to The Word of God, should influence a Christian’s choice. 

Charisma Magazine offered this,
” For us as Christians, the lightest shade of grey is destructive when we know it is a matter of disobeying the Word of God or the Spirit of God.”

Again, ”
Christians living a “gray” lifestyle is not God’s design.
Scientifically, blackness is the absence of any stream of light. So while we are headed down the road to an increasingly dark culture, we can still shed much light on the way. We do so by running from all shades of grey and clinging to the purest of white, which is found only in Jesus Christ. We must not even let “innocent exposure” take the next step toward first base.

The church exists to glorify a holy God, a pure God who fully understands our temptations to invite gray in as a brief house guest. Regarding Fifty Shades of Grey, do not even go on a curious search. Not even one small “bite” of curious search.
“Abstain from all appearances of evil” (1 Thess. 5:22). “For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret” (Eph. 5:12).

 And yes, I’ll go further.  Certain music, certain types of dance,  or trendy types of exercise, certain clothing etc, etc., may need to be examined honestly by God’s kids. 

Here is a thought…
God’s Kids MUST certainly obtain their input from a HIGHER source.  But, what should we expect if God’s kids fuel up with the SAME FUEL SYSTEM used by secular people?  
If we feed and stroke the basal urges of our flesh, we have not renewed our minds, and neither have we brought glory to God. 
Feeding our spirits with God’s Word will renew our minds.  It is a REQUIREMENT to keep us built up spiritually.  
If we DO NOT, we CANNOT blame God when struggles are upon us!  Why?  Because our foundation is faulty and we are to blame.
Just as a person cannot withdraw anything from an empty back account,  a lack of knowledge can leave His Body powerless and morally bankrupt.  
Remember the story of a Dad who baked brownies with a special ingredient? Yes, dog poop.
I wonder why the kids didn’t want to eat them. 
Dad said, “Go ahead and help yourself, the dog poop is only a small amount and you probably won’t notice it.”
Compromise by any other name is still compromise.

In the Twinkling of a Text


The quiet of this Sunday afternoon was refreshing.  Silence never sounded so good.
While I sat at my desk, pondering an intense dream of a few nights ago, my phone shook me back to the here-and-now, alerting me with a string of text messages.
“Hi Nancy!”
“This afternoon I took a nap.  I had a dream that I slit my wrists.  I awoke very startled.  Recently I have been getting back to fellowship in the Bible. Is this the dark side trying to scare me?”
“It was so scary. I was glad to wake and be alright!”
“Is this a warning about my life? I’m just now reconnecting again…really connecting! It was so real!”
“Dreams are intense.”
I wish I could say those messages took me off guard, but they didn’t!
At once I shot back, 
“ I know !”
“Without God’s loving intervention, we would all self-destruct.  He gave his precious Life so we don’t have to suffer the consequences of sin.  He is always beckoning – wanting us to turn from self-destruction.  Of course, the enemy of our souls prowls around our lives to see if there is an area he can access to destroy us.  He is responsible for planting seed thoughts.  What we do with those thoughts determines whether or not they can get in and BE destructive.  That’s why the Bible instructs us to take charge of our thoughts by renewing our minds with what God says about things.
Quickly I sourced the reference for II Timothy 1:7 on my phone and forwarded the link to her.
She replied,
“Oh, thank you – I will write that one down!”
“I love you …thank you for always uplifting HIM!  I really need this in my life and I feel a shift taking place.
My response,
“Nothing is perfect, but God always knows how to get in there and restore.  He never gives up!”
My friend,
“Restoration is a BIG word. Yes, He is showing me, through others (totally unexpected)
“When I think of the lengths HE went for us – to reconnect us to Himself, I am always amazed and grateful.  He never gives up on us! 

I have always felt that God was at work in your heart and have prayed for you over and over.  He is now going to bring things to pass for you, as you keep your attention fixed on Him.

“I love you Nancy”
I guess it has been at least 5 years since she took my dental assisting course at age 50.  To date, she has never worked in the dental field. So many were the personal problems, that her health and motivation had been severely affected.
Privy to some of her story about being abused by a Baptist preacher – a guy who she also knew as “Dad”, I had prayed that God would convince her heart the He loved her.
Although she had a Christian background, she wanted nothing to do with God! She blamed Him for allowing her to be hurt as a child.
It hurt me to hear her hurting. It hurt me to see how she tried to cope with things on her own. With great intensity, she refused receive anything helpful if it was at all God-based.
 Pffft!   You know, that didn’t faze God in the least!
The very God she pushed away had instructed ME to continue to befriend, stand by and maintain contact with her over these years.
I’m sure she hasn’t always appreciated some of the things I have shared. At times, I questioned whether or not my sharing was doing any good. 
All these hurts, gathered into one big ugly package, still craved her attention. She harbored these hurts as something to be coddled and stroked – never letting go of them.
But now she has a scary dream and who does she contact?
Interesting isn’t it? 
Is God at work even when we don’t think anything is happening?

You bet He is!  He is NOT limited.

                And today?  It it was “Ministry, in the twinkling of a text!”

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They Were Trying To Break Down My Door

They Were Trying To Break Down My Door
(Enemy in the Gates)

 I took them by surprise!     They took ME by surprise!
My busy thoughts, flooded with ideas and plans, all but obscured my attention to my immediate surroundings.  The functions of a normal household created a familiar flurry of background noises and smells, as things fell into place that morning.
For some undefined reason, I found myself hurrying from my kitchen toward the hall near my front door.  
As I rounded the corner, we nearly collided!
Two individuals, communicating in hushed tones whirled around to face me, startled!  The dim light shadowed their faces. Puzzled,  I thought I recognized the voice of one.  His arm encircled the shoulder of the other and he appeared to be assuring her that it was okay to hide in my garage.  They seemed intent and in a hurry!
My unexpected interruption took both of them off guard and, as they stared at me, their faces became clear. 
One of these individuals was familiar to me. 
The other appeared to have human-like form but was dark, and hideously arrayed in what seemed to be formless layers of clothing.  Only one eye was visible while the rest of the face was covered.  A veil-like cloth made from white lace attached from under the right side of the chin, stretching over the left side of the face, covering the mouth, nose and one eye. The lace was very delicate – almost seductive.
This odd covering was actually secured to the top left of this being’s head.  Very strange. The huge visible eye, heavy with makeup, reflected distress and fear. Could this be for real?
Frantically turning from me, these individuals opened the door which led from my house to my garage.
Who let this thing into my house? What was it doing here?
My intention to deal with this odd behavior and to get to the bottom of what was going on was cut short.
Abruptly, my front door shook in its frame, accompanied by thunderous pounding. Hissing and indistinguishable guttural sounds increased.
 Again!  The pounding!
Slowly, the locks failed. As if in slow motion, and the door began to bend and open quite abnormally.
They wanted to come inside.  Nasty Creatures!   Similar-looking beings as the one who had been cowering in my house squeezed through the breaches. Eerie black-cloth veils obscured each of their faces, except for one insidious eye.  
Their appendages, like snakes, slithered over and around the door as they pushed to gain entry.  My poor heart practically thumped out of my chest, as the dark-haze of fear filled the atmosphere.
Frantically looking around for some sort of weapon I could use, nothing was at hand.  My guns were locked away, out of reach, in a safe place, and my knives were inaccessible.  None of that would be of use anyway. Helplessness squeezed at my mind as these things snarled and jeered.  I froze.
Why my whole door hadn’t been fragmented by then, I am uncertain. It was rather like being suspended in a moment of time so I could get my bearing.
Then, with great gusto,  I found myself bracing the back of that door with my whole body. Determination kicked into full throttle.
I needed to keep these things from coming into my home!  Pushing against the onslaught of wickedness with all my might, my puny efforts were no match against this tremendous, sinister strength. 
No!   They were NOT going to get to come into my place!  
Well aware that I might not make it through this struggle, my heart was convinced that if I didn’t try, everything would be destroyed!
Bracing myself…… “In the Name of Jesus”, I yelled and then pushed.  There was little progress.
“In the Name of Jesus,” I yelled again, and pushed.    “Get out of my house!”
Thoughts engulfed my mind.   “It isn’t going to work. You got nothing”
A third time I cried out and pushed with all might,  “In the Name of Jesus!”
With a tremendous “CA-BOOM!”,  the door slammed shut, and as it did,  these gross beings were sucked back to the outside.  Quickly throwing a special lock, I watched as the door grew into a thick barricade.
At once, I was directed from within to hurry as fast as I could to check the rest of the place. As I moved, an ample sword appeared, tethered at my side.  Although I had no time to change, protective clothing and armaments became my clothes. I felt like part of a police SWAT team.
As I closed and locked every open door and window, I heard myself pleading The Blood of Jesus over my house. As I did, it seemed to set a seal in place that could not be breached. 
That little imposter in my garage got booted out too!
With some effort, and I dragged this friend or my family member back into the house with me, securing the door behind us! 
He protested loudly and wasn’t very happy about what I had done – but I didn’t care, not one little bit!
With my heart still racing and my adrenaline pumping, my house was protected. And, because I had done what I needed to do, this person was also safe!
The early morning light filtered through a slit in the panels of my room-darkening curtains. My mind raced as my eyes gradually focused.
Well, that was some night! 
Indeed it was!
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God wants to Paint a Picture of His Power 2

God Paints a Picture
God wants to Paint a Picture of His Power
(Letter to a Hurting, Young Person)

I am so sorry you are hurting.  I hate it that our world is so broken.  It is broken.

From the way God originally made it, this world and everything attached to and living in it, has become severely skewed and twisted.

Life is tough. Only God can support us through all its disappointments and sorrows.

Sometimes the normal, everyday things of life just fade into the background. They might even stop altogether for a little while when certain things happen, or circumstances are thrown into our path.

Sometimes it gets so bad that is hard just to keep standing.  I know….

Heavy, hurtful emotions clog up the normal workings of body and mind. When understanding is lacking, then worry, anger, fear, rage, depression or stress kick in.

Life is not fair. It never seems fair that some live while others die.

While this world is full of many joys and surprises, there is a level of frustration that surrounds it. Illness and natural disasters plague our planet and our lives. We see untimely deaths and gross injustice.

Romans 8:20 tells what happened. Our world has “been subjected to frustration” because of mankind’s sinfulness. Adam’s sin affected the whole human race. It also affected the environment because he had been given stewardship over planet earth.   People’s thoughts and their reactions are no longer perfect, either.

So when we see calamity, what do we do? We groan inside. It is hard to bear.  We want God’s plan of restoration. That day is coming. God promised!

In the meantime, we have to remember that the god of this world is satan, and he is always up to something to try to destroy God’s kids.

However, God is not willing that we BE destroyed!

He sent his Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself so that no matter what short-circuits in their lives, His people will be protected with eternal life.

In the meantime, His angels have charge over us. His Mercy surrounds us.

Staying close to Jesus’  and learning from examples in the Bible will keep us out of some of the trouble that others go through.

God sent His Word, His Name, and His Blood as tools to use against the enemy.  

He told us in John 10:10 that He came to give us Life.  That Life is a higher kind of living than the “normal” everyday things we are used to. He is not willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance. He told us in His Word that TODAY is the day of Salvation.

In the Bible, a man named Job suffered tremendously. He lost everything and had no comfort from all his friends. When he complained to God, God listened.

He revealed Himself, and showed Job his true standing before his awesome, holy and powerful God.

God wants to paint a picture of His power in your life. He wants to show Himself STRONG in your behalf. 

You ARE going to come out on the other side. When you do, you will know that it is HE who got you through it. It is God who comforted and established you.

You will know that you can trust Him in anything. You will be at peace. You will know you are secure.

Life isn’t fair…BUT God IS there and always with His Love . . .
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The WRONG Toilet Paper!

It was the toilet paper!  It had to be!
For weeks, I found myself replacing hand towels and toilet paper,  along with cleaning the upstairs bathroom, far more than was usual.  Was it my imagination?
This trend continued for a time until I began noticing cell phones, decked in  flashy encasements, being left near the sink.  Minutes later their owners, my forgetful kids, frantically searched the house for these misplaced phones.
That proved it!   It wasn’t my imagination!  My bathroom was on the receiving end of added activity.  But Why?
Why would the family wish to go all the way upstairs to an out-of-the-way bathroom rather than using a more convenient stop on the main floor?  Since, I always use my own bathroom (I don’t mind the extra exercise), this was a mystery to me.
I began my research.  Finally, the last thing I examined was the toilet roll.  Thin and scratchy, the TP on the downstairs bathroom dispenser, looked okay, but once employed, the user would find that it had to be gathered into a huge clump to do much good.  
Just great!   So that was it!  Everyone was avoiding THAT toilet paper.
I must admit, I was puzzled. Where did that stuff come from?   I know I didn’t buy it.
With a little investigation, things became clear.  I had delegated tissue-buying to someone else who was already making a trip to the store and asked me , “Do you want anything”?  
Being specific, as always, I even wrote down the type we use.
Someone had a better idea, however, and wanted to save a little money.  Once they installed their bargain-buy in the bathroom and put it to use themselves, they immediately realized sudden discomfort!   Embarrassed by their mistake in judgment, they left it on the roll hoping everyone else would use it up! 
Well, well.  That wasn’t the case.  
Cutting corners where it counts isn’t always wise.

A commercial on the radio brought all this to mind today.  In short it relayed the message that Christians who don’t have any time to get into the Bible or do any kind of Bible study can simply use this FREE booklet – Our Daily Bread!

Now, I am not knocking it.  I really enjoy this little monthly booklet myself, but it reminded me of trying to feed myself by pouring one or two Cheerios from a huge box, or trying to divide one egg into 30 portions.
Just recently, I dealt with a Christian mom whose daughter had a “psychotic episode”.   She was running totally on empty going into this crisis.   For about five days straight, she text me at all hours with updates, asking for prayer and encouragement. 
While that may have sustained her for now, it appears that she had not put enough of The Word into her spirit to sustain her during a traumatic time that would tax every part of her being.  She did not know where to turn. Where was her foundation? 
Did she actually expect that one short, weekly Sunday service would be enough?  I think she did, but now she knows better.
Shortcuts and quick-fixes.  Is it worth it?  Is it?
God’s kids surely need to pay the price ahead of time, before something substantial is needed.  A house with a foundation of sand will certainly be destroyed.
Let us take time out, NOW, to listen to our Father’s instruction, and to hear Him.
Being trained to recognize His voice in leadership and guidance each day is vital. It’s absolutely imperative that we know what God says about various issues we face, lest we crumble . . . because we have a better idea of what WE think is needed than what God has revealed.  It is hard to build a foundation when it’s raining.
Help us,  Lord!  Open our eyes! 

Oh . . .and as for that terrible TP?  It’s gone!
Let’s just say that it made great kindling for an outdoor fire in our Chimnea!

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