God’s First Responders 2

God’s First Responders
People and circumstances float in and out of my mind all day long. I’ll think to myself,  “Hmmm, I wonder how they are…wonder what’s going on with them?”
On the surface, it’s a passing thought.  Sometimes it returns.  Maybe the returning thought is a bit like a knock on the door? I wonder how many times I have ignored that knock?
One thing for sure, it always strikes me funny that when I actually settle down for a “planned” prayer time, my mind goes BLANK! 
Other times, I’m driven to prayer and to intercession.  The night holds many secrets too. I am often awakened with someone on my heart.  Some evenings, I can’t even get to sleep because I’m musing.
It was like that a few nights ago.  

My thoughts tended toward a certain family member.  I prayed – not long – but asked God to minister His peace and love to her. A lot of old-time hymns began rising in my spirit. I felt like God cradled her in His arms. I went to sleep.  Awakening, I learned that she moved home to heaven that night.

Just days ago, the face of a distant friend popped into my thinking.   I actually had to stop what I was doing, to get on Facebook to post the prayer God had stirred in my heart. 

That very day, she responded in a worried manner, asking for continued prayer. Chest pains and fear had gripped her solidly.  She said the prayer helped. After a Doctor visit, she reported that her blood pressure was out of control, and that she had to quit smoking.  

This is a Christian lady, and I wasn’t even aware she smoked.  She admitted it to me and asked for me to pray to help her stop.  Was I a little surprised?  Yes…but not really.
Yesterday, a name stirred in my heart, so I grabbed my phone and shot her a text with a special message.  There was no response.  None, that is, until this morning! 
Early, my phone chimed with a barrage of texts!  She was so glad I had contacted her!  
For over a year, she and her abusive husband have been separated.  His acrid attitude and mouth have tormented both her and her daughter. The daughter had not spoken to him for over four months.  
A heart attack suddenly claimed his life, yesterday.  Apparently my friend had received my text, and was, later, confronted with the news of his death.  I sat, a little stunned, but thankful to the Lord that I had moved on it. 
Whew!   It’s a bit mind-boggling!  The Holy Spirit’s timing, that is!
I’m convinced that this  pray-without-ceasing-thingis pretty much to be the order of the day for every Child of God.

Instant in season?  God isn’t kidding.  We are His First Responders here on this earth!  A warrior has his senses trained by reason of use and his armor has to be ready!  The problem is, when messages come, we think it is just us or maybe we don’t hear so well.
Our senses, which belong to this world, are to be trained to be sensitive to directives from another world – the Spirit realm.  It is certainly a paradigm shift!
Since our spirit is always in touch with the Spirit of God, the “tuning in” is our part to practice.  Although I am NOT perfect at recognizing and reacting to the messages, my station, HSCN  (Holy Spirit Channel-Nancy) is coming in more and more clearly these days.  
Thought-triggers can be indirect.  Some are obviously urgent, but most aren’t.  I yearn to be so exercised that the “hearing” becomes the “doing.” Martial arts calls it “mind-body reflex.”
Before that can happen, I have to consider one other thing.  James 1:25 – “But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it, and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the word, this one will be blessed in what he does.”
Part of being able to hear relates to my familiarity with God’s Instruction Book. What do I do with what I have found there?   I do NOT want to be a forgetful hearer!  
So what is my take-away?  Here is the order.  Stop ( …be still and know that HE is God). Look (…into His Word).  Listen ( …receive instruction).  Continue  (…stay in the Word and practice).   Do it  (…act now)!  

God is counting on us!   Being a First Responder is vital.  
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Let Me Pray for you

Let Me Pray for you

Father God,

I thank you that You know all things and that nothing is hidden from You.

You alone are God, and You alone are the Source for life and living.

You have made it clear to me that You are the God of all comfort.

Bring comfort as lessons are learned and problems handled.

Please, make the crooked places straight in my life right now.

Open the doors which need to be opened and fill me with Your guidance.

I rebuke doubt and fretfulness, and say that Your Peace will bring proper understanding of how to deal with all these circumstances, situations or people.

Let me not allow myself to be limited to the narrow answers that my own mind can contrive. 

Show me how to keep building myself up in my most holy faith through Spirit-led prayer. 

I know that my own thoughts and my own mouth can be my biggest nemeses. So Lord, let my words, and the things I find worthy of thought,  be acceptable to you.  Make me aware whenever I begin to act in those things which will tear down, or interrupt the work of Faith. 

Help me to allow Patience to have a perfect work in my life so that I won’t stay stagnant, but rather become a full grown, well-developed, stable, mature Child of God.

I thank you for making me steadfast, and unmovable.  I hate instability and flip-flopping. 

Help me to humble myself in order to allow YOU to work in me so that I can continue to move forward and be full of all the good works of Righteousness.   

Drive me to holiness. Show me how to separate from carnal things and be drawn into Your will and into Your presence.

Now, for all others who may be involved,  I pray for open hearts and minds.

I pray that The Holy Spirit will guide them into all truth.  

If there are any involved who haven’t committed their lives to You, draw them to a full-deep and clear knowledge of Salvation.  Let them respond quickly. Let healing begin to flow in bodies, minds and relationships.

Thank You for Your faithfulness. – – In Jesus’ Name – – Amen

Oblivious and Inconvenient! 2

Yes !

Oblivious and Inconvenient!
Not that I was in a real hurry or anything, but inconvenience can strike at any moment.
It’s called “inconvenience” because when it strikes, it is usually not at a time or place where we are prepared for it to insert its less-than-welcome self!
I had just come from my other part-time “office,” the local coffee shop.  Yes, it is a convenient place to meet with potential students for my small Dental Assisting School.
I like that I can set up a mini “office” area complete with textbooks, teeth models and paperwork without feeling like I’m encroaching on someone’s space.  It’s relaxed, and coffee is only a few feet away!  Most everyone else in the shop, has a laptop or iPad open and are either working or studying while enjoying their beverage.
My student came and went, so I packed everything up and headed toward the parking lot.  Then it struck!  Inconvenience!
Not that this even occurs very often, but I suddenly felt highly inconvenienced!  Someone had pulled into the parking spot to my left and snuggled their little car so close to my vehicle that there was no possibility of me getting in from the driver’s side.
Either that individual was extremely oblivious as to how they parked, or they just didn’t give a wing-ding-dangity!   I couldn’t fathom which.  It seemed quite obvious that they were overly close to my vehicle!
Of late, I’ve noticed that a majority of people seem to live in a perpetual state of preoccupation.  You can see it in their eyes.  They are somewhere else.  Whether its electronics or the general rush-rush of our society, the noticeable disconnect is growing.  That which is apparent to most people seems to pass over the heads of THAT group.
Now what?
I usually park my truck so that I am a distance away from where most cars congregate. There were wide open spaces all around, yet this individual managed to park leaving no more than 8 inches between my door and theirs!
Goodness!  Inconvenient?  Yes!  What to do?  What to do?
Perhaps I could just get another cup of coffee……and hope the other car wouldn’t be there for the rest of the decade?  No, I had to get moving.
For a brief moment I was miffed, but I’m really thankful for all the work that God has done in me.  A few irreverent thoughts flashed though my mind, but neither rage nor vengeance has any place.
Then, an absolutely brilliant thought came to me!!
“Check the other side!”  (Really a no-brainer)
What do you know?  Hallelujah!  I got right in!
It took a bit of wiggling and squiggling to get to the driver’s seat because the console in our F250 truck is big, bulky … and fixed in place.  You see, I was used to the console in my F150 which can be raised and folded back to become part of the seat.
While I’m sure my efforts may not have looked very lady-like, it was no matter!  I hoisted my hiney over the hump,  and into the driver’s seat I plopped!
After that workout, I sat staring at the car next to me.
The Holy Spirit nudged, “Pray for them.”
What?    Pray?  Now?
Did I want to?  Absolutely NOT!   Was the timing convenient?  Not really.
Did I do it?   Yes, I did pray.  I’ll admit that the flesh is slow, but my spirit knows what’s up!
Opportunities for acts of service and love do not always come at convenient times.  I know I have to jump on them just the same.
Who knows what kind of a day Mr. Poor-Parker was having.  At least, I wasn’t pinned in on both sides!   As I prayed for the owner of the other car, awareness of my own weakness and shortcomings arose. Frailty of flesh makes me prone toward error.  No one escapes that.
Part of my prayer included asking God to help me handle myself with eyes wide open.  I asked Him to help ME to be aware of my surroundings and to see how my own actions might affect others.
The lesson?
As I left, it was with an urgency to be more even sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so that I don’t inconvenience Him by being oblivious to His directives!

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