God Is In Your Corner: Encouragement to a Friend

 I’m In Your Corner: Encouragement to a Friend
God knew…. He always does.
He has His Special Ones praying over you more than you know.
Certain things might not make much sense at times.
There is no clear picture or direction –
 much like looking into a mirror when there is little light.
I am here for you, quietly in your corner.
Those unfulfilled hopes and dreams?
He wants you to know this:
The tears you’ve shed, the longings of your heart –
are being made complete.
God Knows – pour out your heart to Him.
Life is full of hurts and unrequited desires.
He knows…He knows…. He knows!
He is there, quietly in your corner.
Only He restores and completes you.
So, dig deeper than ever into His ways.
God’s desire is for you.
He plans to do something remarkable – through YOU!
There is a catch . . . You know it inside .
You need to ditch certain things,
and certain people, who do not contribute
to building you up. It is like extraneous clutter.
 Cut those ties!
They are NOT present for you, in your corner.
They will only tear you down.
Don’t think twice – run from them!  Run to Him!
Step aside from those regular everyday things you trust.
Change it now.  Don’t tell anyone.  Just Do it!
The Holy Spirit is there, in your corner, with you.
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Danger Zone – guest R. Kehr

                                                               Danger Zone
I fly the world’s most advanced civilian flight simulator known as “DCS World.” I am a Mustang pilot.  I always wanted to learn to fly, but since that wasn’t possible, this is the next best thing!  Bear with me, especially the ladies, while I provide a little background.
In this simulator, as much as can be computer modeled,  IS modeled. All controls within the cockpit are reproduced, connected to working systems and critical to each performance parameter.
The flight and damage models are faithfully recreated. Flip a switch at the wrong time and a vital function may be lost. Initiate improper input into the flight systems, and control of the aircraft is lost. Forget to raise your flaps before takeoff?  Well, let’s just say that the outcome would be a roll, crash and burn.
Even a pilot’s ignorant decisions are modeled in his quick and certain death.   So you can see that this simulated flying is as Life-like as possible.
Today, while reading a forum thread on visibility improvements within the design of the simulator, one forum user posted a link to a real world F-18 Hornet takeoff run – in the rain.
He was calling attention to the rain droplets and streaks moving along the canopy as the jet accelerated from a dead stop on the runway. The video showed just how quickly these birds can pick up speed.
I was showing this to my wife, and commenting on speed, when I made the comparison to a takeoff roll in a P-51D Mustang. Once off the ground, a pilot does not – ever – in any circumstances – yank back on the stick.  If he does, he will stall the aircraft, roll over, crash and DIE!
There are  NO exceptions.
The rules are the rules, and they say, “Upset the flow of air over your wing, and you will upset the flow of your life.”  PERIOD.
The Pilot must remain level, or in a relatively shallow accent, while his aircraft gathers speed. Once above a certain speed, he can perform more aggressive maneuvers.  The same is true for today’s jets, too, but not as critical as they have much more thrust available, and can reach safe speeds almost immediately.
Even so, they have their own massive lists of THOU SHALT NOTs….
While in the danger zone, the pilot has to watch what he is doing. If he takes his eyes off his path – his angle of rise – his plane may slip to one side and bleed speed quickly. Slow speed = death.
If he doesn’t take care to reconfigure the flight trim, and raise his gear at the proper time, he risks losing control. Anything requiring eyes-on, proper and /or continual attention presents a risk to his life if it falls from its allowable performance envelope.
Flying is risky business.
So is living….
Losing sight of how we are to perform spiritually can result in dangerous conditions. The world of trouble and issues we can create by falling out of the Way is truly immense. There is no sense trying to catalog the many situations we can get into. After all, how many ways can you describe a spin into the ground and the many ways in which a pilot is killed by massive G and compression forces?
Dead is dead.
How many ways can you describe damage and death to relationships? Lost grace and leading from the Spirit? Missed opportunities? Lost guidance? Someone’s second death?
The details really are unimportant. Once the way has been lost or altered, the results are only important in that they are NOT what God wants.
THAT is the danger zone -being outside of the flight envelope that God has designed for each phase of our travel.
Lose sight of the instructions, the guidance, the feedback – chose to operate outside designed parameters and just watch how fast the ground comes up to your windscreen. Do you have time to regain control?
You might – but you must act quickly. The rules are never suspended outside of God’s own grace. You might have to eject or bail out. But that really is a last ditch action and one that requires God’s hand in opening your chute. And, joy of joys, you may get to walk out of enemy territory if you manage to hit the ground safely. It’s not where you want to be.
DEATH waits for everyone, and pounces from whatever direction it feels will best suit its hungry desires – in the air or on the ground.
How much better is it to operate as we were designed and instructed.
There is no greater feeling than completing a good flight, seeing home grow larger in the view ahead, and landing well and true.
There is our Commander waiting in the Tower, looking forward to greeting each pilot on his return with a hearty, “Well done!”
May you always fly strong, aggressive and with an eye for your wingman.
Never forget the mission focus.
Do your duty  . . . and come on home.
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There is None Like You

A Song From My Heart  (As I grab my guitar to worship)
 I begin every prayer with  “Oh Lord, YOU are God, and there is none else beside YOU!”  Make up your own tune and sing this along with me!!


Oh Lord….YOU are God!
And there is NONE else beside You
Oh Lord….YOU are God!
And there is none else beside You!
And your people,  Your people
They are those who shall never be ashamed
Oh Lord…..YOU are God!
And there is none else like YOU!
Oh Lord….You are King
And there is none else like YOU
Oh Lord….You are King
And there is none else like YOU
And your people,  Your people
They are those who are called by Your Name!
Oh Lord….You are King!
And there is none else beside You!
Oh Lord….My soul sings!
For there is none I desire , but YOU!
Oh Lord….My soul sings
For there is none I desire but YOU!
And your people, Your People
Shall rejoice in Hope and praise Your Name
Oh Lord….my soul sings
For there is none I desire, but You! 
(Sometimes you’ve just got to make yourself sing it out or say it out-loud)
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Hearts and Hands Get Tired2

Hearts and Hands Get Tired
~ ~ ~

Hearts and hands get tired, 
Living makes us weary
Laughing stops and music fades,
Our outlook crushed and dreary

Good intentions will grow faint,
Visions ebb and dwindle
Where did all that fire go?
“ Awake! “ I say ,  “Re-kindle!”

“Cheer up!” insisted Jesus,
“The world I’ve overcome”
Our strength is oh so little,
That’s why God gave His son.

In Him we live and move and,
Our very being is defined;
Immersed in Love so Holy,
Eclipsed in The Divine

Fiery darts may seek us out;
They hit us now and then.
The shield of faith protects us,
Defending once again!

In well-doing be not weary,
Rouse your drowsy soul!
Belt and shoes and helmet don,
God needs you on patrol!

Restore the wounded warrior,
With uplifting words declare
The freedom of the Spirit,
Casting off all pain and care

Healing comes with mercy;
The human spirit sings
With confidence that only
The Holy Spirit brings

Nancy Kehr   8-11-11
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I Felt Like Pavlov’s Dog! 2

I Felt Like Pavlov’s Dog!

I passed The Company’s personality/honesty test with ninety-eight percent.  The Company’s representatives didn’t believe anyone could score so high, so I took another version.   It was as consistent as the first.  Next, I aced the polygraph test, personal interviews and finally, demonstrated mechanical ability, so the job was mine!

It started out as great part-time workwhere I wore a pager and worked on-call.  That first year, the $50 weekly pager-pay bought our groceries, and I rarely had more than two service calls per week.  The calls meant extra money too.  Sha-zaam!

That was many years ago when my kids were young and I worked for a company that did first-line repair of ATM machines.

Everything changed when the company signed contracts with a few large banking institutions. My bosses were new in this game and not very cultured in business savvy.  They liked the way I found resolutions for a number of contract, training and employee issues.

Soon I became a manager for much of Northern California and dealt with some of the other Northwest contract installations as well.  When an ATM was down, getting it back into service ASAP was important!  Every non-op minute meant lost revenue for the bank. 

Just one hour, that’s all we had. As contractors for various banks, a Field Servicer’s clock began ticking the moment they were paged.    An ATM Servicer was obliged to drive to a troubled machine, get into the bank, deal with security and alarms, access the ATM room, disarm the ATM itself, add money or make small repairs to the ATM and close the call.  –  all in one hour.   Goodness!  Some bank sites were so remote that travel to the location alone, took most of the response time allotted. It was always a fight!

My job kept me on-edge.  Although I wasn’t exactly aware of it until much later, it caused sleep issues along with other physical problems. During the hours of 7 a.m. – 11p.m., that pager sang about every 15-20 minutes.  I’d no sooner resolve one issue than another was plopped on my plate.  When no other field servicer was available, the managers had to run service calls too.  My poor car averaged 800 miles a week at times, especially in the summer.  

Before cell phones, phone booths were a familiar sight.  No matter where I was on the road, if the pager peeped, I’d have pull over to find a phone and call into my dispatch.   If I was lucky enough to be at home, I could track calls from my computer.  That I liked!

Forever on the phone, the job did allow me to work from home most of the time during the day.  This was important to me since I had a new baby and other small children.   In the evening, after the banks closed, I was expected to be part the field service team and resolve calls when needed.  

One year grew into ten before I was able to move on.  I coped, but that type of work really took its toll on my body AND my mind. Honestly, I hadn’t realized just how much it had affected me.  It seems I had been inadvertently trained to always be on alert!  Always ON, never OFF – seven days a week!

Eventually, I rejoined the dental field and felt pretty good after a few months away from ATMs, pagers and road-trips.  To celebrate, my kids and I dropped into a fast food place for a relaxing lunch.

Sitting with the family felt good and I was doing just fine until….until that blasted french-fry machine went off signaling that the French fries were ready!!!! 

The shrill beep-beep-beep-beep-beep caused me to tense up immediately! I fairly jumped out of my seat and bolted for the car.   The kids laughed and laughed when I sheepishly made my way back to the table.  

Just like Pavlov’s dog!  Yes, I was a trained puppy!  The noise of that machine was so similar to my previous pager’s tone,  that I responded like I was going to a fire!

Unsettling, that’s what it was, and I was not happy with my reaction.  It was not a good reminder of years of long-haul travel and always being on-call!

It took a while of reconditioning and lots of prayer for me to settle back into a more peaceful lifestyle.

Similarly, each one of us is exercised.  From birth, a variety of reinforcements exert influence, either subconsciously or consciously.  Some good, some bad. 

Our broken world is ruled by a wisdom that brings no peace but continually steals from us.  Why?  Because it is earthly sensual and demonic, holding us at bay, yanking our chains to elicit the required behavioral responses.

What responses?  Yank!  Worry…  Yank!  Fear…  Yank! Unrest…  Yank!Torment ….  Yank! Foreboding 

It reminds me of how I was chained to that pager and phone for work!  Although I liked the work and appreciated a certain amount of flexibility, part of me cringed each time my pager activated or the phone rang.

Well, my brain has been retrained and so have most of my reactions, both physically and spiritually!  That goes for work and living life, in general.

Now, my first response to “crisis” is to hold myself calm with The Peace that passes all understanding.  That keeps my mind restrained so it won’t respond to the chain-yanks of my flesh while I check in with Father God for instructions.

Notice, I didn’t say it was always easy to hold myself calm, but it does open the door for Wisdom – – from above to take over. 

That Wisdom is pure. It is gentle and brings peace!  It teaches me how to obey God’s will while filling me with mercy and good fruit.  He is The Good Shepherd and I am His sheep.  I hear His voice and the voice of a stranger I will not choose to follow.

Yep! Outside triggers and unfavorable responses are no longer my taskmaster.   Ring that Bell all you want!  


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