Let Your Anointing Cover Me

God Gives Songs in the Night, but you may sing this one at any time!!

Let Your Anointing Cover Me

a anointed

Let Your anointing cover me,
In Your presence let me see
Your Glory and Your righteousness

Now and always I will bless
Your precious name, Most Holy One
Your precious name, Most Holy One

Verse I
Oh, Father God, I honor You
With humble heart and worship true
You alone forever reign
I praise Your Holy, Mighty Name

Verse II
I know Your Name, I trust Your Word
And when I pray, I know I’m heard
Your loving kindness cannot fail
You are God – You shall prevail!

Verse III
You’ve sent me forth, to be Your hands
Meeting needs, as Love demands
To enter in, Your Hope I bring
Until Jesus Christ becomes their King!

Let Your anointing cover me,
In Your presence let me see                                                                                                                                      Your Glory and Your righteousness,
Now and always I will bless
Your precious name, Most Holy One
Your precious name, Most Holy One


Written by Nancy Kehr  ©03-17-2011

It’s All Your Fault – – Daddy Bob !!

a choir

Dear Daddy-Bob…

I just wanted you to know, “It’s all your fault!”

Randy and I were driving along the highway and he, rather mindlessly, tuned in a Christian radio station for some background music. Because it was Saturday, their play list differed from the usually weekday splash of Christian artists.

We were talking about everything and nothing, when my ear alerted at various familiar snippets of music.

“Oh, I know this one,” I’d interrupt.

Or, “I haven’t heard that one in a lot of years. “

I sang along to all of them and knew practically every verse. A smattering of old hymns, some gospel, and a little modern music filled the mix. Randy always shakes his head and says how he is amazed that all this stuff is stuck in my brain!

The DJ had quit talking and a strong, acappella voice resonated as someone sang the words, ‘He’s God on the platform, He’s God way back at the door, He’s God in the Amen corner, He’s God all over the floor!.’ Then a quartet picked up the arrangement and the song amplified the rhythm and volume!

I started to laugh! Randy asked if I knew that one TOO! Of course I did. “He’s God when the lightening flashes….He’s God when the thunder rolls…” Yep…right to that closing verse!

Echoing my sentiments exactly, the final words, “I know that God is God and He will never change ….and He always will be GOD!” punctuated the end of the song.

We got to talking about the confidence we DO have in our God. I expressed the love I have for worship and how much I appreciate worship as an avenue for fellowship with my God.

I told Randy I really have to blame you, Daddy Bob (my foster Dad!) Many years in my childhood are a blank, but there are a few memories instilled in me that never leave.

I remember you assembling a line of unruly kids and patiently working with them so that they could sing on the radio. Was it Larry Huggins?   Is that the name of the fellow that had contacts to the radio station?   That part is a bit dim.

Then there was the Easter Cantata where you tirelessly wrote songs for us kids to sing. Your banjo accompaniment was a highlight for me! You brought out the best in us for a church presentation. With YOU, it was always “Can-do”

Although I wish I had been more formally trained in the music realm, however I am so grateful for the seeds you sowed in me when my young mind, yet not warped by social negativity, just soaked it all up!!

I have passed on these little stories to my own children and encouraged them in worship. Now, it’s on to the granddaughters! All of them love praise and worship! They don’t hesitate a minute but jump in with both feet (and voice) when the music begins!

My granddaughter, Hannah, has even begun her own songbook. She closes her little eyes and raises her hand. Her unwavering voice connects with the Holy Spirit immediately.

Watching her sends me back in time. Back to you and the banjo….. Back to the songs we learned…. back when a Daddy’s heart fostered a love for worship in many children, but especially in one young girl – me.

It’s all your fault Daddy Bob, and I love you for it !


Never Trivialize Your Dreams or Your Prayers

a dream 2 

“Nancy, dreams were God’s way of speaking to His people under the Old Covenant, but not for today. These days, God speaks to us through the Scriptures and by the Spirit.”

Those words came to me years ago from a well-meaning Christian Pastor.

Hmmmm… Really? You know, I checked with Peter in the book of Acts, and that does not seem to be his view.

When the New Covenant was established on the Day of Pentecost, he preached, “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams” (Acts 2:17).

Therefore, I can conclude that dreams ARE for our age – for you – for me. In fact, according to this promise, I feel certain that we can expect Dreams to be more frequent in our time. Dreams belong to the last days – – the days in which we live.

Just in case it appears that dreams belong only to old men, I read something that explained things to me a bit better. As it turns out, Peter quotes a type of Psalm called Hebrew Parallelism. This is a special type of Psalm. It is actually a song that repeats itself in different words; Painting ideas with a broad brush.

This song included sons and daughters, young and old, visions and dreams. It is not meant to convey that only young men have visions and only old men have dreams. It is saying that visions and dreams belong to everyone—young and old alike.

Don’t stop now – keep reading!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~DREAMS

Awakening with a start, I lay in my bed contemplating. My connection to the dark stillness of a new day hadn’t fully established itself. Vivid pictures and words swirled around my thoughts.   Just a dream fading away . . .

Mulling things over, I could find no clear message per se. I determined that it must have been related to the prayers I had been praying regarding the salvation of a couple we knew.

As the morning got underway, certain parts of the dream sprang up again. I was curious! In a moment, I found myself at my computer, tapping out an email to this Dentist’s wife.

“Say, Is there something you’re not telling me? “ I wrote followed by some winking emoticons.

“You know, I had such an intense dream last night. Your husband, was intensely busy bundling up a bunch of things. He was trying to do it without anyone noticing. When certain others came around, he went into stealth mode. It seems I was observing from a distance. When I came closer, I could see that he was carefully cleaning, boxing and putting things into labeled packages. It wasn’t at the office.

As I watched, our eyes met and suddenly I was involved too. He told me that he had a very long walk ahead of him and invited me along to talk and help somehow. The walk took us from one type of rural property to another. He said he wanted to make sure he was ready, but he still had a lot of questions to be resolved. . For some reason, I was helping to carry some very heavy stuff. I was amazed that I could do it without any problem.

When we stopped, he put his arm around me and gave me what seemed to be a good-bye kiss. When we returned to the other house, many others had gathered and were just milling around. About that time, he told everyone that he was taking a trip, but that he still had a lot of questions to settle before his trip.

After that…..he went to everyone and was careful to hug and kiss all who were helping.”

Wouldn’t you know it!

I received an immediate reply! The doctor’s wife expressed surprise at my communication.

“Well, you are very intuitive. We are really working on making a transition up to Oregon; we just got back from there. We are seriously considering making the move – but of course this is privileged information! We will most likely be here another year at least; we need to get all our ducks in a row first.”

Unreal!   She went on to express that if they could leave sooner, they would like to do so. I had been asking God about continuing in my arrangement with them to lease this dental office for my small dental assisting school.   I guess I had my answer. There would not BE an office for me to continue with very soon.   I had at least 9 months, but what should I do now? Start looking for another office and make the costly, laborious transition yet again? This would be the third move in 8 years.

Several days later, as I was awakening, a very strong thought presented itself. It was partly thought and partly insight where I saw myself packing up my dental supplies.   I guess the Holy Spirit was preparing my heart because I received an ominous email that afternoon. The company through which I operate my Dental Assisting School was exiting California. It had become too expensive for them to continue to operate a franchise here. My contract was not being renewed.

I must admit, it was much like a gut-punch! I hadn’t expected things to end quite this abruptly – or in this manner! Yet, if I were to be honest, I knew in my spirit that something was about to change. I thanked God for His EWS – early warning system. It has been on alert for several months. Even though things are out of my control, I wasn’t totally taken off guard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ VISIONS

On another occasion I had been before the Lord worshipping, singing and talking to Him about something major. The answer just wasn’t coming.  There were no dreams or visions for me this time. Instead someone else had a vision …. about me.

She wrote,

“Nancy….. this started Saturday night. I was interceding at the throne of God and I was at Jesus feet and all of the sudden I see you, in heaven. You didn’t know you were there.

All of the praying of the other saints got quite and your singing in the spirit was the only voice. You were on earth and I could see you there too.

This was the first time I have ever seen anyone I knew and I was surprised. I looked at Jesus and he said, go tell Nancy that her prayers have reached the throne of God. For the last couple of nights I have seen you every time I have been interceding and it is the same thing over and over. That is the message Nancy.”

Again, I was inspired to continue standing in faith and keeping my hopes up.

Yes, I believe dreams and visions are for right here, right now! Some people thrive on supernatural manifestations almost as if they were meant for their entertainment. That is almost sacrilege – disrespectful, if you will.

These things operate as God intends. He’s provided them to His kids to help other people or themselves. While not all dreams can be directly connected to God speaking, it is my firm conviction that we should trust that God can speak to us this way. Guidance is available to us mainly through His precious Word, but don’t trivialize dreams and visions!  God is not limited.


A Crazy Christmas

a christmas11

Thanksgiving is done and the celebration of Christmas is over.

For many people, these days are enjoyable, yet very stressful, times of the year. I’m not sure why exactly, but its feels as though the number of bad things and bad circumstances increase as it gets closer to the holidays – that is, Holy Days. Perhaps it’s just that we notice them more and don’t want to associate loss or disappointment with the times of the year that hold special meaning for us, or perhaps these things really DO increase. No one is exempt in this broken world.

With the onset of a life-threatening family emergency a few days before Thanksgiving, we knew right away that all of our preconceived ideas about how WE wanted to observe the holidays had to be thrown out the window. Suddenly, nothing was more important than finding a way to be by the side of injured family.

On Friday November 20th 2015, a pleasant evening saw two of our children happily on their way to pick up some nieces in another town. Neither had an inkling of disaster. As they exited a freeway ramp from a Washington interchange, the evening traffic had slowed to a stop.

Who can say why the Semi driver, barreling up behind them, didn’t notice that all the cars on the off-ramp were stopped. Just as our kids had committed to the off-ramp, our daughter happened to flip up her mirror. To her horror, she saw the Semi truck! He wasn’t stopping and there was no where for them to go!

Our kids were last in the line of four cars which were involved as the inattentive Semi driver plowed into and up the back side of the kid’s new Ford Edge. Crushing the whole back end of the vehicle while simultaneously bulldozing them into the cars ahead, the Semi’s forward momentum rendered them unconscious and badly injured.

The ER at the Seattle Trauma Center filled up and triage began. The kids were separated into different buildings. Information on their conditions was sketchy as I tried to find a flight out and quickly make various other arrangements. Nothing was coming together as I would have liked. While I’m certain the holidays had a lot to do with it, nothing…I mean nothing, was inexpensive or easy about getting a flight…obtaining a rental car…finding a place to stay, finding parking, finding the hospital, finding the kids, finding a meal and on and on.

Under pressure to get up to Washington from California, I had packed as hastily and thoroughly as I could for a couple of weeks. In the rush, I neglected to include so very many things that I would need later. Frustration tried to tag along immediately!

Unexpectedly, my phone’s software started to fault. There were problems with texts, and with receiving calls or messages. I needed that connection! Inconvenience struck everywhere possible. Finally, it was my turn to check in for the flight! Just as I approached the agent, my boarding pass froze on my phone’s screen….and then vanished! I was instructed to go fing one of the machines in the lobby that could print it out.

Obliged to trek all the way back downstairs to the lower part of the terminal, I soon found that every printer was out of order! Argggh! My only other option was the long line which awaited me at the baggage counter. There I stood, head swimming and legs aching. Such wearying, cramping-type pains caused by all the rushing and long-distance walking while trying to manage my heavy bag, purse and other carry-on tried to master my soul.

Yet, amidst the exertion and commotion, my spirit stayed firmly connected with My Heavenly Father. His precious Holy Spirit kept me steady. He brought me peace, and steeled me with the ability to push ahead. Even on the flight where a rotund woman took all of her seat AND part of mine, I was able to slip into heavenly comfort through prayer.

With surgeries finally complete and the kids released from the hospital, Thanksgiving became just another day in the middle of two weeks of 24/7 care-giving for my kids. While I thanked God for crockpots and dishwashers, a deep-seated thankfulness for the lives of my children sprang up continuously!

Care-giving in a home covering three stories can be exhausting.

Managing medications, cooking, clean up, personal care and record-keeping presented unique challenges each day. For me, resting or sleeping was another issue entirely. As there are no stores or shopping centers within 45 minutes of their country home, the Hand of God meeting our needs was ever evident. So many miracles – big and small – manifest themselves hour by hour.

Now with Christmas just around the corner, I found myself meditating on God’s perfect gift. He not only gave us the gift of physical life but He also gave us the Celebration of the provision of Eternal Life through the gift of Jesus’ birth.

December continued to be crazy once I arrived back home. I hadn’t been able to do Christmas cards as usual or any shopping. My decision was to be okay with whatever I could accomplish.

A myriad of other people’s needs arose and crossed our paths. A friend was being evicted. Another dear friend lost her husband a couple of weeks before Christmas. Unexpected illness struck still others. Heartaches abounded.

Our pre-holiday time wasn’t graced by fun and entertainment, or parties and fellowship. No, it was solely encompassed by identifying needs and giving out to others. Our personal presence to help with food, clothing, a shoulder to cry on, and encouragement were the gifts we prepared and shared this season.

Nothing was especially convenient or easy for me this season. Were we tired? Yes. Were we weary? Absolutely. How about the timing? One could only imagine.

Still, in all, I know I could NEVER make it or truly live without the special connection to God that has been provided for me.

Truly, Jesus inconvenienced Himself so that I can conveniently cast all my cares on Him any time I need to do so!

Life gets crazy! It does!

Our confidence in what has already been done for us through Jesus makes it possible to hold our peace
. . .instead of going to pieces.