Instant in Season

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A big, indistinguishable lump of green-gray clothing and blankets lay near the front door of Honest Automotive. It was still early morning and the shop had not yet opened.  My husband pulled his truck to the left as I swung mine closer to the entrance so I could exit with ease.  Randy sat bundling up a note along with his truck keys to poke through the drop-slot as I parked.

Immediately, all my senses went on alert! Dirty bare feet stuck out of the mess.  My mind raced, assessing the situation.  Mentally, I began locating supplies from various places the back of my truck.

The morning chill hit my arms as I flung open the door. Brrr! I forgot my jacket. Even though the weather predicted a hot one today, the morning air was still quite cold.

Dirt-encrusted and horribly callused, those feet had seen a lot of miles. They looked red and cold; the crusty, thickened nails appeared infected.  As the muddled lump became clearer to me, I could see that the feet were attached to some legs in camo pants. A filthy thread-bare blanket was thrown over the upper body and head of this individual.

The bare feet stirred. What a relief!

Shoes! I have shoes!  In the back of the truck!  Just last night we had loaded a bunch of things into my vehicle. I knew there was a complete homeless bag made up just for a man.   Hygiene and personal care items, socks, underwear,

t-shirt, food, water – it was all there! Grabbing the bag, I hopped out of the truck and made my way toward a man who was now sitting up but with head still drooping.  Quietly I placed the bag before him and said,

“Good Morning, here’s a little breakfast!” Without waiting for a reply, I hurried back to the truck to see what else I could locate. By then, my husband was talking with the man.

Scraggly hair and filthy clothing encased this dejected soul. He could barely look  up at us through the gnarled locks.  A well-worn army backpack had been his pillow.   He sat cross-legged, looking at the ground and shaking his head as we kept bringing things to him. He mumbled ‘thank-you’ and ‘God bless you’ over and over.

His stomach growled in loud protest as he pawed through the contents of the bag for food. He continued to mumble his thanks, shake his head and apologize. We told him he didn’t have to apologize but that God sent us to help. Randy asked if he had any water and how much he could carry and helped him to his feet.

Brushing back his tangled, matted hair, the man greeted us with tired blue eyes. Thirty? Thirty-Five?  Guessing his age was hard.  Stained, broken and missing teeth told of his hardship.  He began apologizing that we had to see him like this. He and his traveling buddy had been attacked the previous evening and now the buddy was hospitalized.  The police had dumped him there last night.

His name was Carl. He was from Arkansas. Obviously, he had been roaming around quite a while. He said he made it to Alaska in five days, but he was now two months trying to get back home.  Granny was waiting. He had a place to go.

His eyes brightened as we spoke.   He put on some shoes and stood as we asked if we could pray with him. I told him that I may never see him again in this life but that, when this life was all done, I wanted to see him in heaven!

Hanging his head and recoiling a bit as we attempted to grab his hands for prayer, Carl objected,

“You don’t want to touch me, I’m filthy, I’m dirty!”

“As far as God is concerned, we are all filthy until we let him into our lives and sort out our mess,” was my reply.

He allowed us to take his hands and he stood as erect as he could! Randy began a powerful prayer pronouncing God’s love for Carl and rehearsing what God had done for us through Jesus.  Tears filled Carl’s eyes……… and mine. He squeezed our hands.  My heart pushed past the nastiness of his condition.  Randy hugged him.

No we didn’t lead him to the Lord. Somehow, this dusty soul seemed to know.  All we did was to remind him that he needed to return to God and trust Him alone.

Work beckoned, calling us back into our world. We had to hurry so that Randy wouldn’t be late.  In silence we drove home to pick up Randy’s work truck. Pondering God’s faithfulness, I had forgotten how cold I was.


“Our Promise” (A Song Written for Daughter’s Wedding)

a bride and groom with heart

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Vs I

I will Love you when the times are good – Or when the times are bad
I will cherish you and give you honor – Even when I’m mad
For Love is a choice and I chose You, – You’re the answer to my prayer
With Spirit, Soul and Body  – By God’s Word I swear:
I’m committed to you – Committed to you
One flesh we will be
One in Spirit, one in purpose
With one identity
In God’s perfect Love, our hearts unite – In this marriage vow . . .
Let “Always and Forever” start   right   now.
You are my Belov’d, and my desire  –  Is only unto you.
But our love for God, will keep Him first in  – Everything we do
For love is a choice and we choose God  –  He will answer every prayer
With Spirit, Soul and Body –  By God’s Word I swear.
I’m committed to you  –  Committed to you
One flesh we will be
One in Spirit, one in purpose
With one identity
In God’s perfect Love. our hearts unite  –  In this marriage vow . . .
Let “Always and Forever” start   right   now.
Let “Always and Forever” start   right   now.

Entitlement Mentality Meets Reality!

 a entitlement

I just about fell off my chair today, when I read a friend’s Facebook post.
Now mind you, this friend is young, doesn’t work much, and uses her boyfriend to buy her high dollar dates, purses, shoes and jewelry. She lives like she has a never-ending supply of cash, yet she’s always poor-mouthing about how she can’t afford anything.
A few days ago she wrote, “I hate being always being broke”.
Her boyfriend wrote back… “I’ve been broke since I met you!
Of course I snickered to myself, because that probably won’t ever change. Why?  Because this girl thinks she “deserves it”, and because her guy is being lead around by his pants, not common sense!
The thing that really irked me was her message sent today, (I could hear the “Valley-Girl” voice)
“So happy I got into all the classes I wanted. – – – Even more happy that my sister has all the books that I need. – – which means the boy friend and I can go on vay-cay-shun with my financial aid check.       Hooray.”
Honestly, my not-so-holy reaction was that I wanted to slap her silly!   So, just WHO, exactly, is paying for this vacation?  This girl – a late twenty-something – should have joined the ranks of responsible citizens by now, but she’s still acting like she’s thirteen!
The real problem is that she feels entitled to this money. She has no scruples and no remorse.
Just wait until that mentality gets put in check by Reality. It may take a while, but it always happens.   Our society has lots of “users” who seem to get by with things while the responsible among us have our noses to the grindstone.  But as things go, change is inevitable and they are in for a rude awakening!
I know of several of God’s kids who handle their lives in much the same manner, only they call it “God’s Blessings.”
One Christian couple fudges the truth about their income so they can get a rent reduction.   Yet, they seem to have the latest and greatest technology as soon as it is on the market!    “Isn’t GOD good?” they say (Which God, I wonder?)
Another family in our church thinks it’s okay to have their children say they are 12 years old or under so they can get into the movies or the fair, or eat at Denny’s for less. While they wouldn’t think of having a friend hold the back door open for them so they could sneak into the movies, they sneak food and candy into the theater for their kids.  Is it any wonder why their kids are deceitful and sneaky at home…??
Someone else in the church has received disability for years, yet works “under the table” and makes great income. If she is so “disabled,” then how does she manage?  She seems to be able to see well enough to do all that computer work from her home office!  Of course she doesn’t report it because her benefits would be reduced.  I find it hard to fathom how she expects God to get in there and actually bless that type of dishonesty.
A friend from another church complained that they were so broke they could not afford their electric bill. At first I felt sorry for her and started to think about how I could help.  That is, until she began complaining about the new Smart phone she just bought and how hard it was for her to understand.
Excuse me? You can call me narrow or too practical, but if you can’t afford your lights and gas, you have no business contracting for a service you cannot afford.
We can’t just decide we are going to do one thing or another and then ask God to bless it.
Fred Price wrote a Book called, “Faith, Foolishness, or Presumption?” Foolish thinking and presuming upon God are dangerous for a believer.  When a believer manipulates his own circumstances, God is left out.  So, what happens when circumstances go bad?  Where is faith if it hasn’t been exercised and developed?
A mentality which says, “But I deserve….”   Or “I really need,” has to be kicked to the curb. We cannot afford to feed that beast any longer!
The Flesh hates to be restrained or told what to do! Really, it has to do with a mindset more than anything.
It won’t hurt God’s kids to learn to be lean-and-mean for the fight!   Living on the skinny helps us train and control our physical senses as well.
As God’s kids, what does HE expect?   He expects us to live by different principles.  The exercise of Faith and good stewardship bear lasting fruit!
We have to earnestly ask God for help and then start the thinning process. It begins in the heart and then filters out to the rest of life.  Practically speaking, it is a life-style change that may stick long afterward.  (Start the Weed-eater!)  a frugal living PAYS
Money, things, food…. God knows we have need of all of these. His reality for us is that He is The Provider.  He is The Vine; we are the branches.  God is. . . and when we are in HIM, we are entitled to everything He says we can have.
The bottom line? It’s not by my might…it’s not by my power.
In Him I live and move and have my being.

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A Personal Prayer for You to Pray Over Yourself

a girl praying_200px_pixabay


Father God, I pray that You energize ME today. Envelope ME with Your constant Presence.

Direct Me  – I want to seek Your face and then hear Your heart about all the daily things I face.

Use ME to reach out to those who need the Good News and who need deliverance from darkness in their lives.   Let the Hope that I already possess spread to others through the love and care that I can share. Let me make sure they are ministered to and know how much YOU love them.

I thank You that You provide ME with a re-definition of purpose wherever it is needed. Harden ME as strong steel. Let Me not waiver.  I want to have my feet planted and my mind focused.  Let  every word that comes from MY mouth,  and every thought that I give place to,  be acceptable to You.

Help me to be acutely aware of the nudging of The Holy Spirit. Help me, Father, to make any course adjustments necessary.  Let MY mission be clear and uncluttered. Help me to recognize distractions and let me not be their victim.

Give ME the ability to communicate well. I know I need Your help to quickly be able to set aside anything that gets in the way.  Help me to do it without dragging my feet.  Help me to do it without regrets.  I do not want to keep looking back to what I hoped could be or what “used to be.”

Since Truth is not what I think it is, but it is what You say it is, I need Your ability to embrace this fully.   I want to walk in Holiness!  I want You to work through me!  I know that those things which are valued by the world do not always lend to the Righteous Life that You desire for me.  Help me not to make compromises or exceptions but to stand firm in my convictions.

Lord, as I develop in your Grace let me be strong in YOU and in the Power of Your Might!  Show ME exactly how to put on The Whole Armor so that I am well able to withstand the rough patches in life and still be able to affect others for YOUR Glory!  Thank you!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen

(Nancy Kehr  03/01/16)

You’re The Living Water

a living water and jesus

Incredible blessings,
You have prepared
You gave me faith to be Your Child
You turned my world around
And I can’t help
But worship You,  I worship You!
You’re The Living Water
To my thirsty soul
The Only One who can truly satisfy
You’re The One who helps me see
That in Your ability
I can touch the lives of others as I go.
You’re the Living water to my thirsty soul!
Without You my life is
So full of despair
But I felt Your Spirit tug at my heart
You Love has rescued me
And I can’t help
But worship You, I worship You!       (Modulate up one full step)
My welfare is resting
In your mighty Hands
Oh, my life is incomplete without You!
You build me up
And I can’t help
But worship You, I worship You!
You’re The Living Water
To my thirsty soul
The Only One who can truly satisfy
You’re The One who helps me see
That in Your ability
I can touch the lives of others as I go.
You’re the Living water to my thirsty soul!
3-3-16 Nancy Kehr