Look at Ugree Man, Momeee!

a ugly man


Shopping at the Bakery Outlet store once a month was great fun for me, and for my small son, Aaron! I am not sure exactly why he’d get so happy once I plunked him into a cart, and began wheeling throughout the store, but he did!  His little legs kicked in delight when we came to the Hostess cupcakes.  Although we rarely got many of those snacks, he had a good memory!

Aaron was an observer and didn’t garble like a lot of small children. He was bright and could talk from an early age, demonstrating an excellent, understandable vocabulary by 18 months.

Cupcakes! His smile brightened as I put one package in the cart.  He giggled and squiggled happily as more bread and treats were placed in the cart.

Then, the little smile turned to a look of horror! He became dead still, and pointing, squealed loudly,

“Lookee, ugree man, momeeee!”

My heart sped up and I felt the heat creeping to my face. Even though I wanted to, I didn’t dare to look around.  Before I could even think, my son immediately repeated himself even more loudly!!

I grabbed his little arm and pushed his finger down, admonishing him to be quiet! As I did, a man passed by with his cart.  A horribly blotchy, raised birthmark covered half of his face like some eerie, ill-fitting mask.

Aaron’s eyes were wide open in amazement … and again, with the pointing!  I grabbed him.

“Choc-cat,” he yelled, “He gots choc-cat on face!”

My stomach churned. Where was that door, anyway?  I felt like running!

I couldn’t look at this poor fellow! I just pretended to tend to my child.  I was busy trying to stuff a Twinkie into his mouth so he couldn’t SAY anything more.

The man started to laugh! He said a couple of things which I’m sure were conciliatory, but I was still too caught up in myself to process what was being said.

While I’m not so sure his words actually helped ME at the moment, I experienced modest relief. I was able to get through the checkout stand, albeit my cheeks were still burning.

Pondering this later, I wish I had been able to say something clever to the gentleman. Instead, all I was thinking about was me and how embarrassed I was.

What about him? I am sure he faced numerous unkind-nesses all throughout his whole life.  Evidentially he had learned to be resilient, and appeared to have become settled in himself.  All things aside, he seemed to be sorry for me at the time, his gracious behavior revealing a handsome inner person!

Hmmm. And….… he had a pretty wife.  I remember her smile.

These thoughts rushed over me recently when, in church, I noticed a man with a large purple birthmark covering nearly half of his face. He and his beautiful wife walked into the restaurant where we were with our kids after church.   They seemed to recognize us.

We smiled and nodded at them. I asked God to bless Him….and, to bless that other man if he was still around.

Nothing and no one is perfect!

Graciousness, kindness, sympathy, compassion, thoughtfulness, consideration, understanding toward others; these entire can go a long way in ameliorating the hustle-and-bustle of life!

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My Prayer of Intercession Over YOU!

a girl praying for you

Father God….in Jesus Name I come to You on behalf of my friend,

First of all, I acknowledge that YOU alone are God, and there is none else besides YOU! There is none like You and You alone are greatly to be praised.

I DO give You praise and honor.  To YOU be the Glory.  All Power is Yours! You arranged for a great price to be paid so that we can be free.

This price was already paid by Your precious Son, Jesus. His blood flowed, and He was wounded for our transgressions, and He was bruised for our iniquities.

The chastisement of our peace was upon HIM, and with HIS Stripes we are healed. I plead the Blood of Christ Jesus over my Friend – right now!

I thank YOU, Father, that The Blood of Jesus works.

The Name of Jesus works!
I thank YOU that the Word works the first time.

I thank YOU that prayer is NOT the last resort. I bind the spirit of infirmity and tell it to cease its maneuvers against my friend.

Father, I ask your Holy Spirit to reveal anything that might be amiss;
To restore and bring peace to mind and body.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen



As I Was Praying Today, I got This Message


a comfort 1

As I was praying today, I got this message. . . . . .

God is the God of all Comfort.
He has assured me that HE is the ONE who is pressurizing you, and it is happening from within.
HE is securing you. HE is protecting you.    HE is The One who is going to establish your selfworth.
HE is The One who is Shielding you and He’s got your back!
HE is The ONE who lifts up your head – and those weary hands of yours that hang down.
It’s not that you forget your disappointment, your circumstances, or your loss.
It’s that you remember The Great Price that was paid. Remember The Blood of Jesus that was shed. The exchanged-life privilege He bought for you so that you CAN continue on.
Through hurt, through pain, through suffering, through deep despair – He sees and He is upholding you with the right hand of HIS Righteousness. He is!
He overcame so you CAN continue ahead. That doesn’t mean you won’t shed any tears or be tempted to feel abandoned or alone.
He is providing YOU with the ability to discern how to continue on a day-to-day basis.
HE is providing you strength for those times that overwhelm you. Strength for those times when something triggers the waves of memories and your tears spill, uncontrolled. He is keeping you safe from tormenting thought and from unrecoverable sadness.
HE is holding YOU and He will not let you crash.
HE is assuring you that you will be able to move ahead because you are LOVED by Him. HE is mindful of every thought and feeling that encompasses you.  If nobody else notices, HE does.
He wants you to know that you won’t always feel empty. He is all about filling you up with Himself.  He is filling the holes in your heart.   He is healing you everywhere you hurt!
With His hands guiding yours, with His words in your ears you will reach out to others who are hurting.
Remember, you don’t have to be totally “together” for Him to use you. So quit waiting for “that day” to come.
God’s comfort is unique. It never changes. You can’t ever wear it out.  It lasts forever.  It IS always there when you need it.
He IS the God of ALL comfort! Trust Him and tap into Divine guidance and restoration!

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ.


Secret Agent

a agent secret

Message for a Secret Agent

My In-Box was full of e-mail that had escaped my attention. Preps for a new school session occupied my time.

Finally I took a break. Breathing deeply to relax, I sat to do a little computer housekeeping. Suddenly, a message popped right out and caught my eye!! It read.

“Thank you for the wonderful message you sent me…..I want you to know how much I appreciate your friendship…….please continue to pray for me and my family – most especially my daughter.

She is a good kid, however just like any teenager – and we have all gone through that pain.

I thank the good Lord for my husband for he is always on her side whenever she needs to talk to someone. I try to be there whenever I can.

And, yes there is a lot going on ….I’m so overwhelmed …it seems like things are out of control…. I’m just plain tired mentally and physically. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.

I have so much to be grateful for and I thank the good Lord for all the blessing HE has brought into my life, including you. YOU showed me the way to the Lord and truly I’m grateful for that.”

Surprised? Yes, I genuinely was surprised because this individual is more of an acquaintance than a friend. I rarely hear from her. I am the best friend SHE will ever have, but I can’t say that I consider her a real friend. We have known each other for many years, but I am the one who reaches out, keeps in touch and encourages her. It is never the other way around.

Being the “Best Friend” I can be to lots and lots of people – whether or not they ever reciprocate – became my resolve long ago. It’s part of the job. It takes concerted effort on my part to keep up with all my covert assignments, and it is imperative that I continue! You see, being a Secret Agent transcends regular boundaries! It is never boring, but it does keep me busy! I receive new orders almost daily.

My problem is that I never know whether or not my cards, calls, e-mails, texts, direct messages, small gifts, and so on are ever received – especially when I’m led to send some of them secretly. It is often a thankless job! Yet I keep the vigil.

Every so often, I do get a little break, and feedback finds me. When it doesn’t, I have to trust that, with God’s-speed, these efforts will alight where needed and provide the encouragement, love, or a gentle prod predetermined by a Source higher than me.

Back to my poor “friend.” She has everything money can buy and then some. She is a professional with no time for her family.

Fifteen years ago, she married. At that time she made it clear that she was “married to her profession”, and always would be! Her new husband and any future family would always come second. Disregarding my cautions, she has been true to her word, and now her teenage daughter wants nothing to do with her. It is obvious to everyone but her, that the child doesn’t know her as “Mother.” The husband always has taken care of everything. The husband-wife thing has been transferred to husband-daughter. I feel so badly for her willful blindness to family, while she tends avarice diligently.

At times, when I have been required to be a voice-of-reason for my “friend”, it hasn’t been easy. I have had to ignore her ranting, rationalizations or thoughtless retorts. Employing spiritual principles and instructing her in Righteousness, are ongoing. I pull back for a time and then it’s on again. Will she ever learn? It only seems to be getting worse. I’d give up, but God won’t let me.

When she drops the baton, my task is to pick it up – and her too – if the situation dictates!

Until God tells me otherwise, I’ll be there to hand it back to her and yell, “Run!” Then I’ll root for her as she does! I watch over her in prayer – from a distance. After all, covert operation is my specialty.

Yes, I’m a Secret Agent. I travel everywhere by prayer. Stealth and secrecy allow me to operate quickly and specifically. No one knows it’s me. I’m anonymous!

My Heavenly assignments are not always spectacular or glorious and there are few earthly rewards for the mundane. Every so often though, a message comes through to let me know that I’m on task.

Who knows? . . . Maybe a Special Agent has entered your life at one time or another.

Heaven is always recruiting. The training manual is alive and powerful. Although we agents never really see The Boss, we can be sure that we will always hear a Word behind us saying, “Go this way”. We are under His cover. Powerful weapons are provided to deal with strongholds. The Boss’s Son stands up for us in fine legal fashion, while The Paracletos has our backs. There’s lots of under cover work to be done.

Are you in?