A Gut Punch!

a hand punchA Gut Punch!


Prayer takes on a different meaning almost every time I get down to business. 

Today it was “ Oh-h-h-h-hph!” I felt like the wind was knocked out of me while I was praying in behalf of various people. So many issues. . . so many doubts . . . so many hurts . . . 

In the middle of it all, the message that rang loud and clear was this: 

God is NOT done!   Again – God is NOT done! That is what He keeps telling me. He has the final say, not circumstances.  

There is power in agreement and I am at your service to agree with YOU right now. Go ahead and hook up with me as I pray over you!

Father in, Jesus Name, I say that YOU are LORD and there in NONE ELSE.

I continue with my agreement in behalf of the needs of Your children. 

I plead the Blood of Jesus over their minds, that they will NOT accept any foul thought-attacks as being the final word.  

You are Higher than high! YOU know all things, Precious Lord. Calm and soothe these Righteous hearts.   Re-establish Your perfect Peace within.  

Now move in them so that they will be able to LET the Peace that passes all understanding, rule their minds and hearts at this very moment. Fear, release your grip on these minds, in Jesus Name. 

YOU are The Provider! YOU are LORD!  

YOU are Almighty in this situation. Thanks for Your leading and for giving them wisdom and instruction on what to do next. Open their hearing for Your Divine direction.  

Thank You for Your tender love and mercy as it begins to flow inward and your children are washed by the Water of the Word.   Peace . . . peace . . . peace. 

In Jesus’ Name…Amen


Little Orphan Nanny

Little girl with bruises crying illustration

Little Orphan Nanny

A Father’s Day Tribute to my Daddy-Bob and my Father God

Since my childhood was somewhat disjointed, I don’t have a lot of fond memories of family, traditions or feelings of belonging. Memories of good times are few.

I can’t really even say that I was raised. It was more that I was allowed to grow up, but the nurturing part was sadly neglected.  My mother’s illness waxed and waned, as my father often worked more than one job to keep up with over-burdening medical costs.

Wanderers, that’s what we were.   My sister, two brothers and I spent our childhoods trekking from home to home.  Various relatives and strangers scattered throughout California and Nebraska reluctantly welcomed us.  Even so, often, the task of caring for the three younger children fell to me. Although there wasn’t much difference in our ages, the two youngest especially, treated me as “Mother.”

Of course, a few positive memories peek through the curtain of my soul every now and then. God, church, the Bible and songs, had all been introduced to me, and there were times where church attendance was regular. Those times built up my heart for the unpleasant ones.  I loved being at church.  It felt like “home.”

For the most part, I was not truly raised is a Christian. Our family’s circumstances and a lack of extended family support left us more isolated than not.

I felt like Little Orphan Nanny waiting for Daddy More-Bucks to save me. With cardboard in my shoes, and no coat or sweater to protect from the cold, my ability to hope and to trust was greatly hindered.  Of course, hindsight revealed Satan’s plot to keep me from a true, Fatherly relationship with my Creator.

God’s ability to keep all of us throughout our lives is amazing to me. A certain drive to please God burned deep within my gut.  Nearly as strong, was the constraint to stay in school!

Around age fourteen, a certain situation lined up which threatened to leave me without home, school, or anyone to watch over me. Just when I didn’t know how I was going to go on all by myself, God put a surrogate family in my life for the better part of my teen years. He helped me to see the qualities of a real man and a real father.

I am forever grateful to Daddy-Bob Moon for his steadiness, his love for his family, his work ethic, his banjo music, his faithfulness to God and so much more.  My heart took it all in!

Because of this, in my early adult years, my directives were even more sure.  I wanted my children to have a solid spiritual foundation and I began painstakingly searching out God’s promises and spiritual principles for myself.  A spiritual principle that had become important to me was more easily remembered if I put it into song form.  As a result, I wrote many songs for my kids, but they helped me too!

Discovering that God was a Father to the fatherless, I allowed myself to allow Him to substitute for all that hadn’t been right for me as a child. Little by little, our relationship grew until I became quite confident.

Out of that confidence, I penned the words to this little ditty! While I’m sure I have shared this before, I know I hadn’t shared the reason it came into existence. I call it my “nyah-nyah-on-the-devil” song, Imagine it being sung in the voice of a smug, little girl, skipping as she sings!

“I am His Little I Am”

I am my Father’s glory,
I am His joy and pride!
I barge right into the Throne Room,
I run right up to His side!

I try to be just like Him
In all I do or say
I’m spoiled and I know it,
But He loves me anyway!

Oh…I am His Little “I am” I am!
Runnin’ around the Throne.
In the Name of my Big Brother, Jesus
I make all Heaven my home.

I am His little “I am”, I am!
Some say I look just like Him.
I am His little “I am”, I am!
I am, ‘cause He lives within

Oh, I am, ‘cause He lives within!

 Happy Father’s Day, Father God!

Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy-Bob!

Thank you both! I love you dearly!




Nothing Was Going Right! Pass the Aspirin!

a girl frustreated

What Next?


How frustrating! While in the middle of a project for my dental assisting school which would meet the next day, my printer quit working. Perhaps it needed a little cleaning or suffered a small jam. I pulled it apart and did everything I knew to do but it wouldn’t come back online.

Okay. Fine. My copier could be used to complete the job. With ten pages down, and fifty to go, I was moving right along.  That is, until I wasn’t moving right along any more!  It couldn’t be!   I checked the error code.  The toner cartridge was out!  Makes sense – that’s why I was shaking it all last week – to help it go further!  Now it was spent!

Well, perhaps I could use the copy function on the fax machine. You know, exasperation has a funny way of creeping up until you can feel your heart beating in your ears! At least I could.

How could the fax also be out of toner? I was saved by a phone call.

Not so fast, though! Well into the call, my phone’s battery started draining abruptly!  Fumbling around for the cord so I could plug in before I lost the student on the other end, I knocked over my oversize cup of coffee!  Tethered to the wall with a short cord, I found myself out of reach of most everything.    After slopping up the mess, I forgot I was still connected!  When I turned to go into the other room I all but choked myself!  The receptacle released the plug with a vengeance and it snapped at my head as I continued forward in a daze! Goodness!

I shook it off and checked the time. I knew had to hurry. A student would be waiting for me at a coffee shop to do some paperwork. One swift move and a little bit of tire-squeal ushered me into the parking stall. I hurried inside.

All was well. I had arrived before my student with a few minutes to spare. Coffees ordered, I began enjoying mine.  I enjoyed it right to the last drop, but no student showed up.  Of course I didn’t have my phone since it wouldn’t work apart from the electrical supply.  Fifteen more minutes passed. I sighed a big one, and snatched up my books and purse.

Fling! Plop! Plunk! Someone was dropping all their stuff on the floor next to me. They had some pens and a lipstick just like mine.   Oh no!  They were mine!

All the stuff was trailing from my own purse. Of course, everyone in the shop seemed to have nothing to do but gawk at my misfortune.  My cheeks were burning. All I wanted to do was run home!   What a waste of time.

Throwing myself right back into work at my home office, I typed like mad to get my work completed. The harder I worked, the more it became apparent that, somehow, suddenly I lost all my typing skills!!    Everything was coming out transposed! From became form.  To became ot.  Three became there, and so on.

My head and neck hurt, and my coffee rumbled back up my esophagus! I didn’t feel so well.  I wondered if there was something I could take, Aspirin for my head or something for dyspepsia?

When I typed out the word “later” and it became “alter”, my eyes locked onto the word. It just seemed to hang there in front of me.  With all the effect of a flashing neon-light, it hit me!

Oh great…….   That’s what was missing…..altar!

In all my haste, I hadn’t made any time for God.   My insulation was threadbare and so were my nerves.  I needed to go to The Altar.

Well, I don’t have to be told twice…..I made a beeline for a quiet place.

Maybe things weren’t going to be perfect, or work they way they should that day, but I had a foolproof coping method.   I needed to get my heart and these raging thoughts under control.

There is just NO substitute for the inward peace that fellowship with the Creator brings! It’s the best Rx I can think of!


Not a Random Thought

a pray without ceasing 5


“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! “

That thought kept rolling over and over in my mind, this morning.   So, I stopped for a minute and mused in my spirit.

The next thing I knew, my friend, Gail, popped into my head and suddenly I found myself reaching for my phone to text a message. Prayer rumbled on the inside and then tumbled from my lips. I ended the text with  “I love you.”

Almost immediately, and unexpectedly, a return text popped up,  “Ditto”

My friend has been slow with technology and isn’t much for text communication, so I determined to give her a call during her lunch to check on her.  I looked at the time and realized that she was probably already with a client . . . when another text message came through.

“In ER with Dad.”

Really? Emergency Room?  It threw me for just a second.  I marveled at the timing.

I text back that I would continue to lift up the situation – whatever it was – and check back later.

Oh-Oh. One could only guess what was going on.  My friend’s dad is diabetic, nearly 90, and suffering bouts of dementia along with other illness.

Last summer the family lost track of him!  He had been visiting my friend’s sister in Florida while his living situation was being worked out.  The Florida relatives were planning to offer him a lovely home with them, when suddenly he went missing!

Even then, I remember being put “on-alert” by the Holy Spirit before I found out what had occurred.

It seems that he had a whim to go back California.  Apparently he forgot that he had no place to live, or that he had given his truck to his son.    Somehow he managed to get to the airport in Florida and book a flight to California from where he called my friend to come pick him up.  Everyone was in an uproar!

We later learned that he had also racked up a number of credit card charges for which he was unable to pay while helping his fifty year old “girl friend.”  Now, he is in the hospital.

As it turned out, my friend’s dad was in emergency 7 hours. Not only was he dehydrated, but he had a severe case of scabies.  Treacherously, his blood sugar peaked at 468 while his body temperature took a drastic nosedive.

Random thoughts?  No, God doesn’t send “random thoughts”.  His thoughts and directives are clear and purposed.

“Oh Lord, let me be quick to hear!

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