Not a Random Thought

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“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! “

That thought kept rolling over and over in my mind, this morning.   So, I stopped for a minute and mused in my spirit.

The next thing I knew, my friend, Gail, popped into my head and suddenly I found myself reaching for my phone to text a message. Prayer rumbled on the inside and then tumbled from my lips. I ended the text with  “I love you.”

Almost immediately, and unexpectedly, a return text popped up,  “Ditto”

My friend has been slow with technology and isn’t much for text communication, so I determined to give her a call during her lunch to check on her.  I looked at the time and realized that she was probably already with a client . . . when another text message came through.

“In ER with Dad.”

Really? Emergency Room?  It threw me for just a second.  I marveled at the timing.

I text back that I would continue to lift up the situation – whatever it was – and check back later.

Oh-Oh. One could only guess what was going on.  My friend’s dad is diabetic, nearly 90, and suffering bouts of dementia along with other illness.

Last summer the family lost track of him!  He had been visiting my friend’s sister in Florida while his living situation was being worked out.  The Florida relatives were planning to offer him a lovely home with them, when suddenly he went missing!

Even then, I remember being put “on-alert” by the Holy Spirit before I found out what had occurred.

It seems that he had a whim to go back California.  Apparently he forgot that he had no place to live, or that he had given his truck to his son.    Somehow he managed to get to the airport in Florida and book a flight to California from where he called my friend to come pick him up.  Everyone was in an uproar!

We later learned that he had also racked up a number of credit card charges for which he was unable to pay while helping his fifty year old “girl friend.”  Now, he is in the hospital.

As it turned out, my friend’s dad was in emergency 7 hours. Not only was he dehydrated, but he had a severe case of scabies.  Treacherously, his blood sugar peaked at 468 while his body temperature took a drastic nosedive.

Random thoughts?  No, God doesn’t send “random thoughts”.  His thoughts and directives are clear and purposed.

“Oh Lord, let me be quick to hear!

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