Nothing Was Going Right! Pass the Aspirin!

a girl frustreated

What Next?


How frustrating! While in the middle of a project for my dental assisting school which would meet the next day, my printer quit working. Perhaps it needed a little cleaning or suffered a small jam. I pulled it apart and did everything I knew to do but it wouldn’t come back online.

Okay. Fine. My copier could be used to complete the job. With ten pages down, and fifty to go, I was moving right along.  That is, until I wasn’t moving right along any more!  It couldn’t be!   I checked the error code.  The toner cartridge was out!  Makes sense – that’s why I was shaking it all last week – to help it go further!  Now it was spent!

Well, perhaps I could use the copy function on the fax machine. You know, exasperation has a funny way of creeping up until you can feel your heart beating in your ears! At least I could.

How could the fax also be out of toner? I was saved by a phone call.

Not so fast, though! Well into the call, my phone’s battery started draining abruptly!  Fumbling around for the cord so I could plug in before I lost the student on the other end, I knocked over my oversize cup of coffee!  Tethered to the wall with a short cord, I found myself out of reach of most everything.    After slopping up the mess, I forgot I was still connected!  When I turned to go into the other room I all but choked myself!  The receptacle released the plug with a vengeance and it snapped at my head as I continued forward in a daze! Goodness!

I shook it off and checked the time. I knew had to hurry. A student would be waiting for me at a coffee shop to do some paperwork. One swift move and a little bit of tire-squeal ushered me into the parking stall. I hurried inside.

All was well. I had arrived before my student with a few minutes to spare. Coffees ordered, I began enjoying mine.  I enjoyed it right to the last drop, but no student showed up.  Of course I didn’t have my phone since it wouldn’t work apart from the electrical supply.  Fifteen more minutes passed. I sighed a big one, and snatched up my books and purse.

Fling! Plop! Plunk! Someone was dropping all their stuff on the floor next to me. They had some pens and a lipstick just like mine.   Oh no!  They were mine!

All the stuff was trailing from my own purse. Of course, everyone in the shop seemed to have nothing to do but gawk at my misfortune.  My cheeks were burning. All I wanted to do was run home!   What a waste of time.

Throwing myself right back into work at my home office, I typed like mad to get my work completed. The harder I worked, the more it became apparent that, somehow, suddenly I lost all my typing skills!!    Everything was coming out transposed! From became form.  To became ot.  Three became there, and so on.

My head and neck hurt, and my coffee rumbled back up my esophagus! I didn’t feel so well.  I wondered if there was something I could take, Aspirin for my head or something for dyspepsia?

When I typed out the word “later” and it became “alter”, my eyes locked onto the word. It just seemed to hang there in front of me.  With all the effect of a flashing neon-light, it hit me!

Oh great…….   That’s what was missing…..altar!

In all my haste, I hadn’t made any time for God.   My insulation was threadbare and so were my nerves.  I needed to go to The Altar.

Well, I don’t have to be told twice…..I made a beeline for a quiet place.

Maybe things weren’t going to be perfect, or work they way they should that day, but I had a foolproof coping method.   I needed to get my heart and these raging thoughts under control.

There is just NO substitute for the inward peace that fellowship with the Creator brings! It’s the best Rx I can think of!



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