A Gut Punch!

a hand punchA Gut Punch!


Prayer takes on a different meaning almost every time I get down to business. 

Today it was “ Oh-h-h-h-hph!” I felt like the wind was knocked out of me while I was praying in behalf of various people. So many issues. . . so many doubts . . . so many hurts . . . 

In the middle of it all, the message that rang loud and clear was this: 

God is NOT done!   Again – God is NOT done! That is what He keeps telling me. He has the final say, not circumstances.  

There is power in agreement and I am at your service to agree with YOU right now. Go ahead and hook up with me as I pray over you!

Father in, Jesus Name, I say that YOU are LORD and there in NONE ELSE.

I continue with my agreement in behalf of the needs of Your children. 

I plead the Blood of Jesus over their minds, that they will NOT accept any foul thought-attacks as being the final word.  

You are Higher than high! YOU know all things, Precious Lord. Calm and soothe these Righteous hearts.   Re-establish Your perfect Peace within.  

Now move in them so that they will be able to LET the Peace that passes all understanding, rule their minds and hearts at this very moment. Fear, release your grip on these minds, in Jesus Name. 

YOU are The Provider! YOU are LORD!  

YOU are Almighty in this situation. Thanks for Your leading and for giving them wisdom and instruction on what to do next. Open their hearing for Your Divine direction.  

Thank You for Your tender love and mercy as it begins to flow inward and your children are washed by the Water of the Word.   Peace . . . peace . . . peace. 

In Jesus’ Name…Amen


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