Prayer for Those in Turmoil

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Prayer for Those in Turmoil

Hi my Friend!!!

I am Praying over you today!

I plead the blood of Jesus over your mind and heart.

I thank God that you are being pressurized by the Word from the inside.

As you drip the life-giving force of the Word into your inner man

like an IV, I pray that your spirit rises up and gains strength.

The enemy has no power over you to destroy you or to keep you in useless frustration.

I pray that you see that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus.

I pray that you let the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart be acceptable in God’s sight and conform to God’s idea of what is pure, lovely, and a good report!

Let Jesus alone strengthen your whole self!

In Jesus Name, AMEN!



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Put It In Drive!

While I was sitting in the driveway waiting for one of my five kids to hurry-it-up-already, I accidentally stomped down on the accelerator. Thank God the vehicle was still in “park!”

My focus narrowed to the revving engine. . . AND the fact that I could have sent myself crashing through the newly painted garage door into all my husband’s power tools and exercise equipment! Yikes!

POWER! All the power of that engine was available. The depressed throttle caused the engine to race.  My heart pounded all the way up to my ears!

Massive horsepower at my command!   Yet, I hadn’t moved an inch!

I forgot all about waiting impatiently in the heat. Spiritual analogies began to come at me – with high-speed intensity!

“That’s right – engage the power!”   “You gotta put it in drive!”

“After all, God’s Word isn’t automatic.”

The words of earlier prayers seemed so childish.

Obviously, I could see that there was God’s part. He created everything, didn’t HE?

Understanding inched over my thoughts. I have a part too. God’s done His part.   His power is always “on.”  His mercies are renewed every morning.  I had just read that, but did I really think it applied to ME?

I sat in a running car. That car was ON, but I wasn’t moving. So simplistic, now that’s the Holy Spirit for you.

Cloudiness of thought dissipated. I had read many promises from the Bible that day. I used to think that because something was in the Bible, it was going to automatically hop out of the pages, get on me and then come to pass!

It was all on God!

Right!   I get it now!    God’s Word isn’t Automatic.  He said I have a MORE SURE WORD than if an angel spoke to me.  Why didn’t I get that concept sooner?

A friend once told me that she believed that her kids would automatically turn to God, since they were being raised in a Christian home.   A kind of “osmosis,” I guess.   Well, I can tell you now, THAT just did NOT happen!

The Word of God is full of Power, but one thing becomes more and more clear.

Unless it gets into my mouth and into my heart …and I begin speaking it, it will remain static and totally unengaged.

Over time, I have become a confident driver. I learned what-was-what, and how to engage the engine’s power to get myself around safely.

Speaking God’s word out of my mouth, equates to “putting it in drive!” That’s the Holy Spirit’s lesson to me.

Above my children’s room, I tacked Bible verses. I looked at them so often, and read them out loud, that they are now a viable part of me.  Even though the kids are older, it’s not hard for me to pray over my children and believe God to bring HIS Word to pass!

One daughter still quotes her verse – “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who deal faithfully are His delight.”

She got that one at an early age!  My gut wriggles and rolls with suppressed laughter when I hear her admonishing younger members of the family with it.

She told me that because I spoke it to her SO much, SHE began saying it. It is now indelibly imprinted in her heart.  It worked too!  Of all the kids, she never became adept at lying.  Her conscious bothered her so badly; she’d fess up in a heartbeat!   Now I am a spectator to her exercise of faith a she embarks on her own journey in life.  Amazing fruit!

Engage God’s power for your own life. His Word will not return void (empty), but it will accomplish what He intended it to accomplish.

The Life’s-lesson? PUT IT IN  DRIVE!





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  Plug In! Let’s GO!

Don’t you get weary

Don’t you get blue…

Remember the JOYS

God has given to you!

Your purpose established

By Almighty God

Cannot be diminished

By the enemy’s prod

When you are tempted

To slacken your pace,

Remember God’s goodness

Remember His Grace!

Like a river, your Peace

With comfort will flow

Uplifting your Spirit,

Your body, your soul!

New every morning

God’s Mercies are there

Energized by your worship

Awakened by prayer!

Tap in to the unseen

For clearer insight

Expect God to show up

  • With Power, With Might!

Nancy Kehr – –  7-26-11



Recover What is Rightfully Yours

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Dear Special One, Today A Word For YOU From God:

Not to be intrusive, but I want you to know that God is leading me to speak to you today.

I pray that you are strengthened in the Power of His Might, that you will know and understand how to put on the whole armor of God. That armor is prayer armor!

God knows what you need and plans to help you recover everything that has declined, faded, decreased or been stolen by the enemy of your soul!   This covers your dreams, hopes, peace, joy, strength, health, wealth or ____________ ( you fill in the blank).

You have asked of God and He is showing Himself strong in your behalf.

Speak that word out loud so your own ears can hears it:   “ Father God, You ARE showing Yourself STRONG in MY behalf!”  Say it out loud again.  Keep saying it and then thank Him.

Keep your focus – Do NOT look around for affirmation from anywhere else. You will be distracted. Only God can affirm you.

Yes, He does use others who hear from Him, but be careful, because not everyone who says, “Thus saith the Lord” is actually speaking from God.

The Lord is surrounding you with those who will build you up and NOT tear you down. Pay no attention to other voices.  Do not consider the past. Those who have stabbed you in the back will ultimately just fade away.   You will look for them and you will not find them.

Lean the whole of your personality on God.  Proverbs. 3:5-6 is your key. If you do not, this will be the result, for the opposite of those verses goes something like this, paraphrased:

          If I don’t trust in the Lord with all my heart

          But I lean to my OWN understanding

          In all his ways I will not be able to acknowledge God,

          So. . .HE cannot possibly direct my path!!   (Don’t let this happen!)

God’s Word is His will – it is His measuring stick for you. Get the level of your JOY up.   God’s Joy in you is strength.

Put your patience to work, and while you are waiting, get busy and be a blessing to someone else – on PURPOSE!   Out of your hurt or out of your own need, ask God what to do and who to bless.  Set your mind and DO the DOING.  

Father God is drawing you deeper into relationship with Him.  He will be tightening your walk.

Suddenly, things that seemed okay at one time will no longer be okay.

Some of your old ways of thinking about your walk with God are changing. How? The Light of His Truth is shining on them and they are conforming to His will.

You ARE a NEW CREATION IN Christ Jesus. Act like one. You are continually being renewed in the spirit of your mind. New resolve is settling in and Revelation knowledge is now rising up!

His Peace is enlightening your inner man, even now as you read. Understanding is coming to you. The direction you need is in The Word.

When God instructed you to work out our own Salvation, He simply meant for you to apply the things of the Spirit to the physical walk.

He meant that the Salvation which is in your inner being must be worked out – from the inside to the outside.

One more thing – if you have any concern about your children – whether young or old – remember that  “all your children shall be taught of the Lord, and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. “

Your own composure is now rebounding and strength is flowing! 

Close your eyes and be quiet. Sit at His feet for a while. Be made clean by the washing of the Water of The Word.  Any form of disquiet has to cease in Jesus’ Name.

Receive and recover what is rightfully yours.  Jesus bought and paid for it with His precious Blood and it IS part of your Salvation – right now – right here – in this time.   Amen.


People, People Everywhere

a coffee 1

They brushed past us, hurrying on their way to the bookstore… …to the coffee cart….to the restrooms… to the parking lot!

A few smiles and hasty “excuse-me’s” were the only limited links of exchange we received.

Getting to know anyone in a large church is challenging, and after we had attended our church for a few months, we were still feeling isolated. We had reached out, given out our phone number, made invitations to our home, to lunch, to coffee – you name it.  No takers.  I attended a guitar class for women and my husband went to the men’s meeting.  People seemed to be wrapped up in their own lives.  It was very odd – nothing was clicking!

After a several Sundays, I decided to begin by making friends with a couple of the greeters. I stood back and observed one Sunday, and although I am not sure just how, they seemed to know or recognize a great number of the people coming into the church.

After discussing things with God, in prayer, an idea struck and I was on a mission! Stopping by a name brand coffee shop, I picked up several $5 gift cards with nice covers. In some small blank greeting cards, I wrote:

Let’s have coffee! Met me at Starbuck’s – I’m buying.

          Be sure to bring your Bible! Can’t wait!

          Love,    God

I prayed over them, and then I tucked a gift card inside, sealed the envelopes and handed some cards to one of the greeters. I let her know what was inside and asked her to hand them out to people who looked like they needed encouragement. The only thing I asked her to say was, “Someone left this for you.

After a few weeks of this, one of the greeters pulled me aside. Excitedly relaying some unbelievable stories and encounters with the people who had received the gift cards, she was almost beside herself! She was happy and breathless all at once. The greeter was amazed at the blessing this small action on my part had evoked in others. The other greeters wanted to help too!

I kept it up with two to three cards a week, for while. One week, the greeter refused to take the cards. She told me she wasn’t allowed to do this any longer.  She looked sullen, eyes downcast; She didn’t offer any explanation, so I didn’t ask.  I noticed one of the pastors watching her.  Hmmmm…..

After that moment, this particular greeter was only stiffly friendly toward me. Needless to say, I was saddened.  What happened?  I don’t’ know for sure. For me, discouragement was hard to avoid.

I came to grips with the fact that even if it was only for a small season, I did what I felt, led by God, to do. The outcome is in His hands.

All in all, I was comforted just knowing that many people had been the recipients of God’s love in the form of an unexpected surprise accompanied by encouragement.

God has Plan B and I will wait for His directive. He always gives me clever plans for making investments in people’s lives.

In the meantime, my advice to anyone else would be not to over-think, otherwise nothing will be accomplished!     Go ahead and do what your hand finds to do!