I was traveling for work, out on the road


I was traveling for work, out on the road

I stopped for a bite to eat

I was worn out and tired, about to explode

And had to get out of the heat!

Back to the car, I buckled up tight

And braced for the rest of the trip

I needed to go, before I ran out of light

Fatigue had me in its grip

That’s when I noticed, things were all wrong

I nearly started to panic

I was uptight and far from my calm

You could say I was frantic!

I looked and looked for something I’d lost

Right in front of my face!

The more I looked, the more I tossed

And started to run out of Grace!

Anxiety took over and worry was dear

Frenzied to find it was I

The more I thought, the less I was clear

And then I began to sigh,

“Why me? Why me? What have I done

To deserve a problem like this?”

Pity ran rampant, life was no fun,

I forgot every moment of bliss

Then quietly prodded, the sweet Holy Spirit

“You haven’t even asked me”,

“I tried to speak , but you couldn’t hear it”

“I know where you put that key”!

I felt ashamed, I was all out of steam

I had blamed everybody in sight

I couldn’t believe, I was so mean

By now I’d run out of fight.

“God please forgive me, I’m sorry I failed,

To use my faith instead”

And as I prayed, my soul, unjailed

The shadows that brooded, fled!

I looked and looked for something I’d lost

You know, it wasn’t my key!

The more I fretted, the more I forgot

How Jesus has made me free!

Thank God I grew up…and…. Thanks for stopping by, Nancy







Sometimes I feel like I am entering into a fierce battle
with only a slingshot in my hand.

My heart races.
My understanding may not be totally focused.
I might not be able see what’s ahead
…Or to envision an outcome.

I have been provided with weapons, though, and things are becoming more clear.
My spirit is energized.
I live with hope, because breakthroughs DO come.
Light for the moment or situation
Is enough to forge ahead.

My prayers are always heard and, if I am honest,
I can look back and see how God entered in.
My confidence is secure.
The Holy Spirit always has my back.

He holds the decision- maker’s hearts in His hand
And HE turns those hearts at HIS will.
Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, faithfulness, meekness, gentleness

These are weapons.
There is NO law that can stand up against them.
These Weapons of Righteousness are mine.
More powerful than a slingshot, indeed!




Lay down your hurt

Lay down your disillusionment

Lay it all before God


Why are you hanging on to it anyway?

Your reward will be disappointment

And that is nothing to hang your future on!


Say to God – – –

Here, YOU take this and redeem it

You are the ONLY one who CAN help.


Those circumstances that didn’t turn out right – – –

Those people who caused me pain or sorrow – – –

Those years that seem like such a waste – – –

YOU redeem them, Oh Lord !


I lay them down and trust that YOU have my back!

Now show me MY part!

Energize me to look straight ahead and to never mind about the past!


Show me what to do and I WILL do it!

Shield my thought and surround me with YOUR mercy!

Energize me to OBEY and to keep my mind and attention on YOU.


Receive HIS Peace this very moment as you Lay it all down!

In Jesus’ Mighty Name



Inside Your Hugs

a jesus and girl 1

Inside Your Hugs


Inside of your hugs

Where it’s loving and warm

I haste to retreat


Inside of your hugs

Is my favorite place

I fear no defeat


You hug me by Grace

Your love wraps around

It helps me stand


You hug me with all

Of Your Power and Might

You hold my hand.