Swinging Contest

Swinging Contest
 Our grand daughter Hannah was visiting and we hadn’t seen her for quite some time. We couldn’t believe how she has grown and was quickly changing into such a sweet young lady. She is taller than me; I’m 5’3.”
For fun we took her shopping for some sandals, and she found some with sparkles and heels. She looks much older! What happened to my baby?
After dinner, Randy and I walked 1.5 miles on the Levee with our lovely grand daughter. Strolling on the Levee is a wonderful place to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. While there we saw two HUGE white owls, along with cranes and hawks.  A group of sheep gathered peacefully at the river’s edge. In the distance Coyotes howled. Ain’t nature grand?
Tonight, we took Hannah to a large park with lots of space to teach Hannah to ride the electric scooter…LOL! LOL! (Just a little balance issue).
The evening ended with a swinging contest! To see who could pump the highest and maintain the longest! Us old folks did pretty well!  Hannah asked why she went faster and I replied that we were heavier.
WE didn’t tire easily because we have been building up momentum by walking the levee every evening.
It was a great feeling to realize the incredible adaptability build into our bodies by our Creator.  If only we’ll tap into the potential!
Do you ever wonder about tapping into our spiritual potential? There is so much more in God that we can KNOW if we will only swing into Him more often.
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