Listening Skills? or Lack of Knowledge?

Cashier swiping loyalty card for mother in grocery store

Listening Skills? Lack of Knowledge? Or, Is It a Bit of “I Don’t Care”! 

I was one of the few in the line of shoppers checking out in my Local Target last night around 9:45 p.m. Starbucks had closed and the usual hum of the store had all but died down. 

Our little cashier looked otherwise pre-occupied as she mechanically ran product thru her scanner. Putting on my cheer-leader hat, I tried to engage her and lift her spirits.    She had only been working 4 hours, but didn’t seem to care for her job.  At least she was inside, out of the inclement weather! (Other employees were not.) 

She expressed few plans for her future once she graduated. She WAS, however, engaged by the apparent cell phone activity in her pocket.   She kept gazing in the direction of her pocket! 

As I plopped my stuff onto the conveyor belt, I was horrified to see that my bag of flour had been “sliced” by the box-cutting tool. A little poof of flour emerged as I set it down!  Some had already settled on to the belt.  Oh-Oh! 

Calling this to the cashier’s attention was another thing. I tried to engage her, but she just wasn’t listening.   

“The bag of flour is open,” I chided. 

“Excuse me…“I don’t want that bag…I need another one…that one’s cut open,” I continued. 

Nothing! What was on her mind?  She grabbed at the flour, turned it and began to scan.   A blooming flour-bomb Exploded.   She suddenly started back to reality! 

“Oh! That’s what you were saying”, she exclaimed sheepishly.   

Too late. SHE had done the damage, not me.  Flour was all over her counter and her scanner.  She began to madly brush it off her clothes.  Then she started in on the counter and scanner areas just embedding in places it should not be.  All in all, she made matters worse.  I had to wonder about her lack of simple wisdom as well as her lack of employee training !!!   

“Look out for the scanner,” I said. “You don’t want that stuff getting inside there,

or you’ll really have some problems.”  

“Oh yeah”, muttered my husband.   “Got any canned air?” 

There went her cell phone again. Well it seemed she knew a little about one piece of electronics, at least!   Her phone!   

Was she deaf? The girl actually cleaned up her counter by brushing that flour-powder into the cracks where her scanner was located!   I couldn’t believe she had no clue!!!   My husband, who installs, repairs, and maintains all this type of equipment for a pharmacy chain just shook his head! 

When that piece of expensive equipment goes down – and it will –  where will she be?    Probably at home in bed not thinking that SHE might have been the cause of a future problem.    

Apathy. That about covers it.  It IS curable! 

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While I Slept I Had a Dream


While I Slept I Had a Dream


While I slept I had a dream
I saw your face so clear
We were in a courtroom,
A verdict drawing near.

As I watched, you were in shock
The judge about to rule
Your cries and pleadings were ignored
I thought it was so cruel.

The judge spoke out, “You had a chance
To set the world aside,
Now the world condemns you
With it’s arrogance and pride.”

Then slowly rose your Counselor
He said, “I’ll take her place,”
“My life for hers, if she’ll consent,”
“Release her by My Grace!”

The judge considered long and hard
And then his gavel struck
“Done”, He said. “Take him away”
You could not believe your luck.

It wasn’t “luck,” I’ll tell you
LOVE-in-action brought
Freedom with it’s Mercy,
And your Salvation bought!

Now you’re free, what will you do?
New life has come to stay,
Others need to hear there’s hope
Now, you show them The Way!

Nancy Kehr 12/08/11

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Quit Passing on the Pain!



Quit Passing on the Pain!

Quit passing on the pain! So many hearts you’ve torn!
Like fatal force of hurricane, filled with hate and scorn

Quit passing on the pain! You chose the path you’re on
It brought you to a place unkind – Vice’s little pawn

Quit passing on the pain! You’re mired with Satan’s snare
Spewing blame, accepting none, he’ll always keep you there!

Quit passing on the pain! Livid words foment regret
Hate and spite proliferate, and keep YOU in their debt

Quit passing on the pain! You live behind a curtain
God said that we don’t clearly see what’s going on, that’s certain

Quit passing on the pain! Insight is what you lack…..
Shut the door, don’t give it strength or allow it to come back

Quit passing on the pain! The choice was yours alone
Responsibility yours to take, the problems yours to own

Quit passing on the pain! Stand for it no more.
Don’t fault another situation, Sin crouches at YOUR door!

Quit passing on the pain! In this generation, stop!
The lies of decades put to shame, their servant you are not!

Quit passing on the pain! There is no perfect life.
This broken world has left us all disparity and strife

Quit passing on the pain! It’s time for it to cease
Don’t embrace the devil’s nasty lies, let Jesus bring you peace

Quit passing on the pain! Let healing come right now
Put aside the emptiness, before your Savior bow!

So pass along the pain, to Jesus who has died
To end the pain and set you free, He was crucified!

Pass to Him the Pain! Already He endured
The condition of humanity. In Him we can be cured!


Thank you, Father – I Thank You!


 Thank you, Father – I Thank You!

 I don’t like the obstacles and junk I face, but YOU are my strength –
Thank you! 

I hate the pain and grief that plagues mankind, but YOU are my comfort –
Thank You! 

The apologies I was hoping for never materialized, but YOU always have my back
Thank You! 

Harsh words, unprovoked, cut my soul and made me cry, but YOU restore me with Your
Word –  
Thank You! 

The journey might not get easier or the challenges be removed, but YOU make a way for me to overcome –  Thank You! 

There are those broken promises, imperfect people, and rewards that never came; but YOU meet all my needs – Thank You! 

My life might not be what I was hoping for, but in YOU ’ I am alive –
Thank You! 

Others gave up on me, but YOU never did –
Thank you, Father – I thank You!

 Thank you!