She’s on Empty!



Lively singing and clapping engulfed us! Nearly everyone around was fully engaged in the music.   We were visiting a church out of town, and although the music was new to us, it was not difficult to catch on. Just a wonderful day to worship God, spirits were high!

Ornamented with high dollar clothing, expensive purse and boots, the woman next to me was in full motion – whooping and hollering at the top of her voice. Okay – – so she was making her form of a “joyful noise”.  The fact that she kept bumping into me was a bit distracting here and there, but I lived!

Once we were all seated, and the Pastor began speaking, she commenced fanning herself with her hand, as if she were about to faint!   She nodded her head vigorously and rocked back and forth while muttering , “Oh yes” – – – ”MMMM-hmmm!”

The more the pastor spoke about the importance of leading a calm, unhindered life and exercising self-restraint, the more she rocked and agreed.

The admonishment was for people to be alert and watch how we respond to situations so that we are not pressured, or scared, out of our purpose in life.

The woman’s rocking motion intensified! Her head shook and her “MMMM-Hmmm’s” got louder!  She was hilarious and downright entertaining.  I had to work to restrain a laugh.

“Wow”, I thought to myself. “She is one on-fire ball of energy!”

While I am not quite that demonstrative, I realize that there are all kinds of personalities out there. Overall, it seemed like this woman had a handle on the whole wide world!

After being startled by one of Action-Woman’s whoops, I tried to turn my attention back to what was being addressed and take a few notes. With all her rocking, I think I was suffering a little from motion sickness myself!

I said a small prayer for her. Maybe it was more for me, I don’t know….

Just before the service ended, I had a chance to give this woman a hug and spoke a few encouraging words in her ear. She seemed surprised!  That’s when I knew.

A strange feeling crept over me and I felt a gentle nudge inside – – – ”She’s on empty!”

The pastor voice punctuated the moment as he asked if anyone needed prayer. When he elaborated about needing prayer for the removal of bad influences, inappropriate associations, or other hindrances to a peaceful life, the “MMMMM-Hmmmm“ lady about fell all over her son, stumbling past the people next to him as she beat a path to the front!  Startled family members and friends stared at her in amazement!

I chuckled to myself for a moment, and then I was hit with a thought. I had felt a little silly giving her the type of encouragement that I had, but I did it just the same. All things being considered, I guess one can never really know just how much the effect of gracious words might have on someone else – – – even if they don’t “seem” to need it.

As I gazed around, I wondered just how many other people were sitting there looking like they had it all together, but were actually riding along on fumes because they were “Sitting on EMPTY!”



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