The Day I Ate a Moth


Running….running…running! Breathing hard, knew I was already late.

Out of breath and gasping for more, I wasn’t planning to stop until I reached the church.   I couldn’t miss!  I had to get there.   With several blocks left to go, I stepped up my race-pace.  The Red team would be toast once I arrived!

Watery eyes made me squint, and I could hear myself gulping air. My lungs were stinging, but I was purposed.  My numb legs mechanically trekked the sidewalk.  Nothing could stop me now!

Nothing that is – – – – except a huge moth!

Into my mouth it flew and plastered itself to the back of my throat.  I had inhaled this monster-bug!   (Well, maybe technically, they are not bugs.)

Ugggghhhh!   Yuk! Pft!  Pft!  Cough…sputter…gag!  Then, ( wouldn’t you know it) my involuntary response kicked in and….I swallowed it!

I wanted to throw up, but I couldn’t.

While I was still bent over, making obtuse retching sounds, a concerned passerby, tried to help. Saliva drooled to the ground and my voice wouldn’t work to respond.  All I could think of was, “Leave me alone!”

My embarrassment overtook me and, still slobbering and wheezing, all I could do was run.

“Let me help you…..” The voice trailed as I left behind my surprised would-be rescuer.

I didn’t care.

Rounding the corner and out of sight, stopping was finally mandatory. Now I was sick to my stomach and the convulsions hit.  My lunch, the moth, and stomach slime splattered the sidewalk and my shoes.

By the time I collected myself and got to the church, I was a mess. All I wanted to do was find the bathroom.

I no longer cared that I was the star of the Blue team and that they couldn’t live without ME. I no longer cared about winning.  The wind had been knocked out of my sails and I was just glad for a place of respite.

Faintly aware that I smelled like curdled milk, I sat in the back and watched the two Bible teams go at it.

Sure I knew all the answers, but suddenly, it wasn’t so important. I realized that it was just good to have a place where I was safe and could recover. My head and body hurt.

That day I actually HEARD many of the bible passages that had previously become rote.

Even though I was a pre-teen, I got it. God’s Word comforted me that day like nothing else.

And next time I run?   I’ll keep my mouth closed!


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